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The Best Garden Hoses to Adequately Nourish Your Plants

  1. Flexzilla HFZG5100YW Heavy Duty Garden Hose
  2. Bionic Steel Flexible Garden Hose
  3. Whimswit Expandable Garden Hose
  4. Giraffe Hybrid Heavy Duty Garden Hose
  5. Briggs and Stratton 8BS50 Premium Garden Hose
  6. Fildanco Flexible Pocket Expandable Garden Hose
  7. Buyer's Guide

Plants need water for proper growth. And for garden owners, getting the plants and flowers adequately watered is a hurdle you’ll have to scale daily. Garden hoses solve this problem by helping you reach every part of your lawn or garden with water.

Unlike watering cans, garden hoses are less laborious to use – you do not have to worry about refilling a water hose. Once connected to a spigot, the water simply needs to be turned on and the hose gives you total control over how much water your plants get. While there are many garden hoses on the market, we have filtered through them all to bring you the best garden hoses in 2021.

Detailing the Best Garden Hoses of 2021

Flexzilla HFZG5100YW Heavy Duty Garden Hose - Best Overall

Flexzilla garden hoses are made from sturdy materials that make it able to stand the test of time. It has an abrasion-resistant exterior that keeps it looking new and aluminum fittings that are super strong. It won't leak or kink and is available in multiple lengths so you can choose the best size for your yard.

  • Durable yet lightweight
  • The hose is safe for drinking water
  • It is made of hybrid polymer

This hose is extremely flexible and lightweight, allowing you to carry it through your yard and weave it through bushes or around trees so you can get water anywhere. It has zero memory so it won’t kink, coil, or twist — it will lay perfectly flat where you need it. Aside from being made of light and flexible polymer, the hose is also lead-free, which makes it safe for drinking water.

Bionic Steel Flexible Garden Hose - Runner Up

The Bionic Steel garden hose holds up well under heavy use. It is a lightweight, all-terrain hose that can withstand diverse weather conditions. It is available in four lengths up to 100 feet long and weighs just over 10 pounds at its longest length option.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Resistant to heat and ice
  • The outer layer eliminates kinking

This hose really lives up to its name. The commercial-grade stainless steel construction is insanely durable and ensures the hose doesn’t become punctured, rusty, or start to leak. The steel also holds up well to extreme weather, meaning you can leave it outside all year round — in intense heat or cold — and it will still work well. Kinks are perhaps one of the most annoying downsides of hoses, but thanks to its interlocking flex design, this hose avoids kinking entirely. This design also allows it to be coiled easily for more organized storage.

Whimswit Expandable Garden Hose - Honorable Mention

The Whimswit garden hose can reach every corner of your garden thanks to its maneuverability and array of nine different spray patterns such as jet, shower, mist, and more. The hose contracts after use and even comes with a hose hanger for easy storage.

  • Weighs under 5 pounds
  • Features a hybrid latex and polyester construction
  • Once expanded, the hose extends to 100 feet

Expandable garden hoses, like this one, are perfect for when you’re tight on storage space and need something that is easy to maneuver. This hose measures about 33 feet in length when collapsed but triples to 100 feet when the water is turned on. Expandable hoses have the advantage of being kink- and twist-free and being lightweight; this hose weighs under 5 pounds. The polyester and latex materials are durable and the hose comes with replacement rubber couplers. Plus, the carrying bag and storage hook are very convenient for storing your hose during any season.

Giraffe Hybrid Heavy Duty Garden Hose - Contender

This hose offers the full functionality of a garden hose at an affordable price. It weighs very little, depending on the length, and has a comfortable grip handle.

  • Available in multiple lengths from 2.5 feet all the way to 100 feet
  • Lightweight for its size
  • Easy-to-grip connector sleeves

The Giraffe Hybrid hose is available in seven lengths ranging from 2.5 feet to 100 feet long. It has a three-layer design consisting of polymer and reinforced polyester to provide strength, stability, abrasion resistance, and durability. Despite its many layers, this hose is still flexible and won’t kink. It’s lighter than rubber options, weighing just over 13 pounds for the longest option. This hose can withstand weather during any season, with temperatures ranging from as cold as -40 degrees to as hot as 150 degrees. Also, the handle is comfortable and rotates easily for easy connection to the spigot.

Briggs and Stratton 8BS50 Premium Garden Hose - Consider

As with the others on the list, the Briggs and Stratton garden hose is made of heavily reinforced materials that enhance its durability. The hose’s male and female couplings are coated with nickel for extra strength and resistance to damage.

  • Made of heavy-duty rubber
  • Nickel-coated couplings for added durability
  • Available in multiple lengths

This hose is heavy-duty. It has a flexible and tough rubber coating that won’t crack, even in extreme temperatures. The hose can even pump hot water up to 200 degrees. It has industrial-grade reinforcements for optimal strength, meaning this hose will last you a long time, even with tons of use. The nickel couplings resist corrosion while the rubber washer ensures a leakproof seal. With lengths of 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, or 100 feet, you are sure to find a hose perfect for your lawn or garden.

Fildanco Flexible Pocket Expandable Garden Hose - Consider

The Fildanco garden hose has a triple-layer core design that makes it leakproof. It is lightweight, which allows you to easily move and store it.

  • Incredibly affordable price per foot
  • Weighs just a few pounds even with longer lengths
  • Collapsible for easy storage

This hose is one of the lightest on the market: the longest length weighs just about 2 pounds. It can be purchased in 25-, 50-, 75-, or 100-foot lengths and quickly expands when water pumps through it. Because it is so light, watering a large lawn or garden is much easier with less fatigue. This hose can be easily coiled or hung on a hook after use. Plus, the hose will not twist, kink, or tear. The hose itself has a handy on/off valve to shut off the water without needing to return to the spigot.

Buyer's Guide

Garden hoses are extremely useful tools. Apart from their obvious usefulness in watering lawns and gardens, they can be used to wash vehicles, patios and decks, and other pieces of equipment or outdoor furniture. Considering the array of options available, settling for a particular garden hose may prove to be a difficult task. Even with our review of the best garden hoses, you may still have doubts.

This buyer's guide will clear any concerns you may still have and help you choose the best garden hose. We discuss the critical factors to ponder before purchasing a new garden hose and have included a frequently asked question section where answers are provided to buyers’ most common questions about garden hoses.

What to Consider Before Buying a New Garden Hose?

As stated previously, there are many garden hose varieties to choose from. These hoses have subtle and not-so-subtle differences that differentiate them. This section explains the things you may need to consider before buying a garden hose.

Type of Material

The first factor you need to consider when buying a garden hose is the type of material used to make the hose. The type of material often affects the hose’s durability and flexibility. Rubber hoses are very common, but materials such as steel, polymer, vinyl, polyurethane, or polyester are also used. Rubber hoses are often heavy but very durable. Vinyl hoses are cheaper but highly susceptible to kinking. Garden hoses made of polyurethane materials are usually lightweight, and polymer hoses are flexible and lightweight, too. Steel hoses are typically durable and kink-free.

Expandable garden hoses are a hybrid in terms of materials. They are made up of a rubber tube that is covered by a stretchy fabric. They are ultra-light and very easy to store since they contract once they are no longer in use.

Therefore, you should consider the type of material that suits your needs and budget. If carrying the hose around will be tedious for you, opt for a hose made of lightweight materials. If you need something more heavy-duty, perhaps a rubber hose is your best bet.


Perhaps the most critical thing to consider is the length of the hose. If you buy a hose that is too long, it will be a burden in the long run; on the other hand, a short hose will not adequately serve your needs. Therefore, you need to get the optimal length for your yard space.

Garden hoses are available in various lengths; hence, you should measure the distance between your spigot and the farthest end of the garden to choose the ideal length of the garden hose. It would be best to buy a hose that reaches slightly farther than the farthest end of the garden.


A garden hose’s diameter determines the quantity of water the hose can carry, so a larger diameter will yield more water. Common diameters for garden hoses are 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, and 3/4-inch. There are also smaller diameters like 7/16 inches. You choose the diameter based on the size of the garden and how much water the plants need. Garden hoses with a 5/18-inch diameter are the most common for garden sizes while 7/16-inch hoses are ideal for smaller gardens and lawns.


Your garden hose will be carried and dragged over distances and corners. The hose’s flexibility will determine how well the hose will navigate these corners and bends. Hoses that are not flexible enough kink easily, becoming quite the nuisance. These kinked areas eventually become burst sites. Thus, it would help if you looked out for hoses that are flexible enough to go around corners without kinking.


The couplings should also be considered before buying a garden hose. Couplings are the ends through which the hose is attached to nozzles, sprinklers, and spigots. Couplings are either made of plastic or metal. Plastic couplings are not durable; they are usually found on less expensive hoses. Metal couplings are made of materials like brass or nickel and are more durable, therefore making them less likely to leak or break.


By strength, we are referring to the hose’s burst pressure. Burst pressure refers to the pressure at which the hose will get ruptured; it is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Depending on your gardening needs, a hose with higher burst pressure may get your job done easier. Be sure to check the hose’s strength before choosing one.


Extra features that make usage and storage easier should also be considered before buying a garden hose. For example, a hose hanger will help you to adequately store the hose after use. Some hoses don't include any extras, not even a nozzle, so pay attention to these details.

How to Take Care of Garden Hoses?

If you do not take proper care of your hose, it will eventually get damaged irrespective of the quality. Below are useful tips to help you take care of your hose and ensure it lasts long.

- Ensure that the hose is adequately drained after each use.
- Keep hose in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
- Never allow your hose to stay tangled – always untangle it.
- Garden hoses are best stored in a hanging position.

How Much do Garden Hoses Cost?

Various factors affect the price of garden hoses. Length, burst pressure, and type of material are some of these factors. On average, low-end garden hoses cost between $10 and $45. The price of high-end hoses is between $50 to $200.

Garden Hose FAQ

Q: Can I leave my garden hose out in winter?

A: Leaving your garden hose outside all winter leaves it susceptible to damage because water expands when it freezes. When the water inside the hose expands, the hose can burst. Some hoses can withstand extreme temperatures, but not all, so be careful.

Q: Is it safe to drink water from a garden hose?

A: You should not drink the water that comes out of a garden hose or give it to your pet to drink because the water could be contaminated by lead and other toxic substances from the material used to make the hose. However, if you are worried, there are select garden hoses (usually lead-free ones) that are certified to be safe for drinking water.

Q: Is hose water the same as sink water?

A: Essentially, they are the same. However, the means of transporting the two is where the difference lies. The pipes that transport sink water are designed to avoid contamination and ensure that the water is safe for drinking. The hoses that transport hose water can contaminate the water and make them unsafe for drinking. Hoses that are specifically lead-free are safest to drink from.

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