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Keep the Family Cool in the Summer with the Best Patio Misting System

  1. Pocket Panda Outside Patio Misting System
  2. Orbit Arizona Basic 3/8-Inch Cooling Set Patio Misting System
  3. Eden 95143 Portable Misting Cooling System
  4. Buyer's Guide

In the days of high heat, a patio misting kit is a practical way to keep you and your family cool while enjoying the sun. Spreading around a gentle mist, these kits have become a cool alternative to fans for many homeowners, especially in dry areas, and they have the added advantage of keeping insect pests at bay. There are essentially two types of misters for your patio. The first type uses low pressure water to cool the area, and the people, by gently getting them wet, much like a rainforest. These types are also good for keeping plants hydrated in the general area as well. The second type uses high pressure that creates such a fine mist that it evaporates into the atmosphere before it can be felt. This technique actually cools the air, sometimes by as much as 35 degrees, with no humid residue on plants, humans or animals.

Although ease of installation is a top priority, these best misting system in 2022 were also selected because of their effectiveness and versatility. Price was also considered, but if you need or want a high pressure misting system, then price must be a no-object consideration.

Compare The Best Patio Misting Systems Of 2022

Pocket Panda Outside Patio Misting System - Best Patio Misting System Overall

Versatility is what gets the MistyMate Cool Patio Deluxe Outdoor Mist System on this list. It comes with 1/2-inch braided hose which means that you can use it "as is" from your hose pressure — which will cool the air about 20 degrees — or you can attach an optional high-pressure pump, with optional brass fittings, for about a 30-degree cooling effect. This kit comes complete with 30-feet of hose, and enough nozzles and mounting brackets to satisfy your needs. Although not a true high pressure mister, when the optional pump is installed in the line, this is as close as you'll get at a relatively inexpensive price.

Orbit Arizona Basic 3/8-Inch Cooling Set Patio Misting System - Consider

Nothing fancy here, the Orbit 30060 Arizona Outdoor Misting System Basic 3/8-Inch Cooling Set is about as basic as you can get, with built-in mister nozzles on a 3/8-inch hose. It comes complete with hangers, it expands up to 50-feet, attaches to any standard garden hose and is ready to use right out of the box. It is also inexpensive to boot, and can be installed by virtually anyone with a little do-it-yourself experience.

Eden 95143 Portable Misting Cooling System - Also Consider

With its 1/4-inch poly tubing rated at 75 PSI, the Mist Zoon Outdoor Patio Cooling Water Mister Kit is one of the highest low pressure systems out there, depending on the water pressure output from your hose. A supplied 75 PSI of water pressure going through 1/4-inch tubing increases the pressure at the nozzles. It is so effective that it will cool the area by 30 degrees, and it is the second lowest price misting kit on this list. It uses easy to attach clips to secure the hose, and this portability allows it to be attached almost anywhere. It will cover between 12 to 14 feet with 6 nozzles, and readily attaches to a standard hose.

Buyer's Guide

The scorching heat of the summer can feel like absolute torture. While your home’s cooling unit can make things bearable inside, what about when you want to go out? Nobody likes to be cooped up inside their house all the time. Especially not during the summer when the sun’s making the outdoors look like a scene right out of a movie. Verily, you need to get your hands on the best patio misting system you can find. This clever piece of technology can make your days much more pleasant than they would be otherwise.

If it’s getting hotter in your area, you’ve probably already seen hoards of ads by misting system companies online. Ironically, this doesn’t make the choice easy at all. In fact, customers are left scratching their heads over which one really is the best patio misting system out of the lot. You need something that’s neither too expensive nor too shabby in quality. Safe to say, buying such equipment is always a great idea but that doesn’t mean it can be made within seconds.

Why the best patio misting system can be life-changing

Keeping cool on your own can seem like a daunting challenge when the sun is glistening right over your head. That’s why patio misting systems exist in the first place. They help you enjoy the warmth without making you feel like you’re sitting inside a sauna. If you’re still hesitant about buying a patio misting system, don’t fret, there’s no way this will be a bad investment.

The best Patio Misting System: Why should you spend your money on it?

It’s an excellent heat buster

Don’t you just love stepping into a cold shower on a hot day of summer? Imagine if you could experience the same feeling without actually having to take a bath every time you sat outside. A reliable misting system can regulate the temperature of your patio without requiring you to do anything besides sit and relax.

It’s affordable

As a homeowner, you already know that a cooling system costs thousands of dollars, enough to burn a gaping hole in your pocket. Fortunately, a patio misting system doesn’t do that. It is much cheaper and rather affordable. So, if a tight budget is your problem. Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about going over the limit.

It wards off bugs

There is nothing worse than the feeling of constantly trying to swat flies buzzing around your face. If you live in an area where such insects are plenty, a patio misting system can alternate as a great insect repellant. The water spritzed out prevents bugs from biting at your skin and even protects the food you’re eating from contamination.

It’s easy to install

Unlike other patio systems, misting equipment is very easy to put into place. You can either install it yourself, ask a friend to help, or pay for professional assistance. But don’t worry about the time because it won’t take longer than a day or two to set up. Depending on the size of your patio, it might not even take more than a few hours.

How to buy the best patio misting system for your house

There’s a lot you need to consider when it comes to buying a misting system for your patio. While it isn’t as expensive as an air conditioning unit, you still want to ensure that your money is well spent. Needless to say, an informed decision can only be made when you keep all the important factors in mind. To fully reap the benefits of your smart investment, analyze all available options and weigh their pros and cons before investing your money into a product. Simply put, the best patio misting system must have befitting features that support your unique needs.


There are plenty of different size options available these days, after all, not everybody’s patio has the same dimensions. Size is highly subjective which is why you’ll need to be careful while assessing the length of the product. A pro tip would be to measure the dimensions of your patio before buying a misting system. You can easily view the system's size online or ask a salesman in-store to help you out.

Spray pressure

Not many people understand that the wrong pressure can automatically lead to wasted money. You don’t want to be sitting outside with a low-pressure mist barely doing what it’s supposed to. So, check the details mentioned by the brand and make sure you get the right fit.

Number of nozzles

The best patio misting system must include an ideal number of nozzles to cover your outdoor area. Some of the most reliable varieties come with a dozen nozzles, however, their price is also higher. Regardless, there is no point in buying a misting system when it isn’t even capable of cooling your patio. This factor is, thus, the most crucial of them all and you should never make the mistake of overlooking it.


Q: What is the cheapest patio misting system in the market?
A: Good patio misting systems are generally over $20 in most cases. However, the level of variation and number of nozzles can increase the price which is why you should buy something that gives you the best bargain.

Q: Do I need professional assistance to install my misting system
A: Fortunately, that’s not a requirement. It’s pretty easy to do it yourself but a professional installation saves you both time and effort.

Q: Can a patio misting system cool down my greenhouse?
A: Yes, absolutely! This equipment isn’t just supposed to cool humans. If you have a greenhouse in your outdoor area, installing a misting system can be a great idea to keep all the greenery fresh and alive.

Q: Will 5 nozzles be enough for my patio?
A: If your patio is relatively small, you might just be alright with 5 nozzles. However, keep in mind that this number is nowhere near enough for larger patios. So, make sure you get the ideal number of nozzles before buying a misting system.

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