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Review: Best Hair Tie

Hair ties are convenient, versatile accessories for keeping hair secure and out of your face. While they are commonly worn at the gym and for casual activities, they can also be useful for creating updos. Hair ties come in a variety of colors and styles, but these simple bands are not created equal. Poorly-made hair ties are flimsy and tend to lose their elasticity quickly or break when stretched. The best hair ties in 2021 featured below were chosen because they retain their elasticity well, are long-lasting, and won’t damage your hair.

Comparing the Best Hair Ties for 2021

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties, Coil Hair Tie

This 8-piece set of waterproof coil hair ties prevents tangling, breakage, and ponytail headaches. They are available in a variety of colors and suitable for all hair types. Kitsch spiral hair ties are gentle on your hair preventing ponytail bumps. These smooth elastic phone cord ties are non-absorbent and waterproof which makes them suitable for swimming or bathing. Kitsch spiral hair ties are hygienic, easy to clean, and easy to remove from wet hair. Although the hair coils are only 1.5 inches in diameter they can stretch easily to the size you need. If they over-stretch, simply place them in warm water or use a hairdryer to shrink them back to their original size. The smooth plastic ensures long-term, reliable, and hygienic hair care.

Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair Ties

Goody Ouchless Black Elastics are designed for the ultimate hold. These hair ties are made to secure your hair in a stylish fashion. Your hair will never slide out of these hair ties, and they won't roll out! Instead, expect your ponytail to stay in place all day. Users insist these black elastics are very durable and they grip hair exceptionally well. If you want elastic hair ties that hold thick hair without the need for adjustment, these slide-proof are worth trying.

Scunci No Damage Multi-Color Elastics Hair Tie

These soft hair ties by Scunci are designed to hold your ponytail tightly without damaging your hair. They don't contain metal parts, so you can comfortably go about your daily activities. These hair elastics also come in vibrant spa shades to complement any style. Users state these coated elastics work great with thick, long hair and they don't require much adjusting. These hair ties stretch to the perfect size and are very long-lasting.

Conair Scunci No Damage Thick Hair Tie

Designed for thick hair, these metal-free hair elastics provide an all-day hold. They keep your ponytail tight throughout the day and won't allow your hair to slip out. These soft elastic hair ties come in a wide assortment of colors, ranging from neutrals to bright shades. Users insist these elastics don't pull your hair or damage it at all. Instead, these hair ties are thick and retain their shape and elasticity incredibly well.

Buyer's Guide

Hair ties are a must-have for every woman out there. If you have long hair, you might have one or two scrunchies adorning your wrist. When you need to pull your hair back from your face, a good quality hair tie is needed. However, with thousands of options available, it becomes hard to know what type of hair ties will be the best choice.

People usually pick up the cheapest hair ties or the ones that look cutest. However, there is a lot more to consider as different types of hair ties serve different purposes. It is always a better idea to choose hair ties by function rather than by fashion to alter the hair game. This detailed guide will pinpoint some important questions that you might have while purchasing hair ties.

What Are Different Types of Hair Ties?

Before heading to the purchasing phase, you should know what the different types of hair ties are. Though various kinds of ties serve the same purpose of pulling hair away from your face, the elasticity can make a huge difference. If you don’t choose the right type, these will pull or tug at your hair, causing damage and fallout. From oversized scrunchies to thin headbands for working out, below are some major types of hair ties when you attempt to move to a low-maintenance style.

Cotton-wrapped Elastics

These are the most commonly used hair ties and are wrapped in cotton. This type of tie offers great grip and doesn’t tug at the hair when you pull them out.

Telephone Wire Ties

These are typically made up of elastic material and create tension when you wrap them repeatedly around the hair. Though these offer less grip than elastic bands, your hair won’t be pulled at the roots while wearing them.


Scrunchies are oversized fabric hair ties that have elastic bands inside. When you need to hold your hair a bit loose, these are your go-to options. Though these are older style hair ties, scrunchies of today have evolved to include cute fashionable patterns.

Bungee Bands

You might consider the appearance of these ties a bit scary at first, but bungee bands are becoming popular among girls these days. These bands come with hooks at both ends to open it up and secure your hair. If you thought that these are a bit harder and more damaging to your hair, you'd be surprised to know that bungee bands are safer than traditional elastics. Moreover, it is a more reliable option to tuck away the ends of your hair for a longer time.

What Factors Should You Consider While Choosing the Best Hair Ties?

The best hair ties won’t pull your hair, resulting in fallouts or breakage. Also, these won’t be so loose so that hair strands will fall out at your face and shoulders. And it won’t be too tight that you may have a headache or a pesky indentation on the hair when remove it.


When you are shopping for hair ties, you must consider the type of material the manufacturer is using. Most of the hair bands are made of rubber because elastic properties are necessary to tie the hair tight. However, there are some other materials that work well for elastic bands. You should know that the material of the elastic band will dictate the extent of elasticity.

Hair Texture

Whether you have thick, curly, thin, fragile, or treated hairs, you should choose hairbands accordingly. There are many different types of hair ties, and each of them is made for a specific hair type.


You will find hair ties in different styles, decorated with different materials to make them more attractive. However, you shouldn’t choose a hair tie with metal decoratives as these can be stuck in your hair, causing breakage and damage.

How To Choose The Best Hair Ties According To Your Hair Type?

Finding out which one will work the best for your hair type is tough. Here is how to choose the best hair ties depending on your hair texture.

Gentle Material For Fragile And Thin Hair

Fragile hair strands can damage easily. Thus, you should use gentle material for all of your hair accessories. Certain materials harm your hair and can cause serious damage to hair that is already exposed to heat and dyes. Satin and silk bands are the best for such types of hair as these won’t pull out hair strands.

Strong Elastic For Thick Hair

People who have thicker hair will need something stronger and more elastic to put their hair up in a ponytail. If you use the wrong type, however, it can leave crease marks and completely ruin your hairstyle. Contrary to this, if a hair tie is too gentle, it will not hold the hair up without sliding or falling. Using a plastic hair tie can resolve all these problems.

Best Hair Ties FAQs

Q: Do Scrunchies Harm Your Hair?

A: Scrunchies don’t pull your hair, so it won't result in breakage and split ends. Scrunchies are actually elastic bands wrapped in fabric, so they won't harm your hair.

Q: Are Satin or Velvet Scrunchies Better?

A: Basically, satin or silk is the perfect material to wrap your hair with while sleeping. The fatter the scrunchies are, the less chance there is of denting your hair. So, satin scrunchies are a good fit for silky hair, and velvet scrunchies suit best for curly hair.

Q: How Long Can Your Hair Ties Last?

A: The material found in hair ties will last forever. In case you didn’t know, hair ties will take around 500 years to decompose when sent to a landfill or thrown away. That said, rough treatment and repeated stretching will cause any hair tie to lose elasticity over time. Once a hair tie is unable to hold your hair in place, it's time to replace it for a new one.

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