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7 Tips To Care For Your Hair

7 Tips To Care For Your Hair

People have asked me so many times throughout my life what the secret to my full-bodied hair is. I always tell them the same thing - a lot of work! Maintaining a healthy head of hair is easier said than done, whether you are a woman or a man. In fact, if you’ve got medium-length or long hair, making sure you look respectable quickly becomes a gargantuan effort.

If you want to make sure your hair care routine is as simple and stress-free as possible, make sure you follow these 7 tips to care for your hair.

Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is one of the most important tools you have for making your hair look fabulous every time you leave the house. Blow drying serves to mold your hair into a certain style. The hair dryer/brush combination is a match made in heaven. You can shape your hair while removing moisture after a shower. This causes less frizz in the long run, creating lush locks with relatively little effort.

Keratin Treatment

If you struggle with unruly frizzy hair, a keratin treatment could be exactly what you need. These treatments don’t straighten your hair per-se, but they do add shine, smoothing it down, and making it more manageable. The keratin in question is a coat of protein that is then applied to your hair and left to do its magic. It is best to seek professional help for this sort of procedure as you can easily damage your hair if you're not careful.

Hair Smoothing Serum

If you used oils in the past to try and care for your hair, you’ll understand how hair serums work. However, serums are usually much lighter in both texture and weight, which makes them handy for a wide variety of hair types and styles. These serums are usually made with lots of nourishing extracts which keep your hair healthy, make you look radiant, and keep all the dreaded frizz away without making your hair look too greasy.

Hair Treatment Masks

Hair treatment masks are a form of deep conditioning which is used to heal damaged hair. These products are usually rich in ingredients like natural oils, which are found in much heavier products than your run-of-the-mill conditioner. You can leave the hair mask in for as little as a few minutes or up to 12 hours.


You shouldn’t have to be reminded about shampooing your hair, especially if you’re old enough to read a blog post. However, we’ll cover the basics anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Shampoo is a specially designed formula that usually comes in liquid form. It is used to clean your hair and remove excess dirt. You simply apply the product to your wet hair, massage liberally into the scalp, then rinse it out in the shower. It could not be any easier!


The ol’ hair-cleaning one-two - when you wash the shampoo out of your hair, you replace it with conditioner.

Hair conditioner is a product that helps with overall appearance and manageability. The conditioner works by reducing the friction in your hair, allowing for easy brushing and combing. Combine a good conditioner with a tangle teaser brush and you’ll never get tangled knots again!

Hair Relaxing Balm

If you have curly hair, you’ll know all about those days when your hair has decided enough is enough. You try as hard as you can to salvage your look, but your hair just will not cooperate.

This is where hair relaxing balms work significantly. If you can’t seem to control your hair, apply some hair relaxing balm. These products are made with proteins, emollients, vitamins, and natural oils, all of which do a fine job of taming your frizz.

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