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Best Head Harnesses for Athletes

  1. A Head Strap Fit for Hercules Head Harness
  2. Harbinger Leather Neck / Head Harness
  3. Spud Inc. Neck/Head Harness
  4. APT Super Deluxe Head Harness
  5. Buyer's Guide

For the casual exerciser, a head harness might seem like a silly piece of equipment but bodybuilders and athletes know how important this piece of equipment can be. They help build up muscles which serve the very important purpose of protecting your head and neck from injuries. That said, you don’t want a head harness that’s going to break mid-rep. These best head harnesses in 2022 were chosen as the best because of the amount of weight they can hold, tough, durable materials that hold the weights in place, their ability to adjust easily to fit different sized users, as well as comfortable to wear from all angles.

What is the best head harness of 2022?

A Head Strap Fit for Hercules Head Harness - Best Head Harness Overall

It would be bold of Iron Mind to name a product after the most mythical strong man of all time without backing it up. This incredible head harness can support a staggering 1,500 pounds thanks to its aluminum frame and nylon strap. Not only is this the strongest head harness you’ll find, it’s also the most comfortable.

This harness features a soft cloth head wrap guarantees a comfortable fit every time without ever digging into your head while the aluminum frame also keeps the nylon straps from pressing against your face. An easy to adjust strap system allows you to quickly change the harness to fit head sizes between 20 and 26 inches. Lastly, this device was specially designed to be able to work your neck from all angles, leaving no room for weakness or injury making this the king of all neck strengtheners.

Harbinger Leather Neck / Head Harness - Runner Up

It would be a mistake to not mention a leather head harness and you won’t find a better one than this model by Harbinger. This harness is fully adjustable to fit all users and it’s specifically designed to work your neck in all planes. Unlike some other leather head harnesses this one is specially designed to work anterior, posterior, and lateral neck muscles.

This harness is constructed with tough leather and a steel chain which supports up to 50 pounds, though some owners swear they have put 90 pounds or more on it. The inside of the harness is padded with a synthetic wool for maximum comfort around the head so it won’t dig into your skin like other leather head harnesses.. If you are dead set on using a leather harness, this is definitely the one to go with.

Spud Inc. Neck/Head Harness - Honorable Mention

This Spud Inc. harness comes out of nowhere as one of the best pieces of functional training equipment you’ll ever use. This harness works best with posterior and anterior movements, but it can be used with lateral movements as well. Its simple design is very effective, featuring a nylon head strap with thick stitches holding a steel chain. Spud Inc. doesn’t provide supply a max weight for this harness, but rest assured it’s more than you’ll need considering they suggest you can pull a sled with it. The nylon strap isn’t the most comfortable, but it does the job especially since it uses industrial strength Velcro to perfectly fit any sized head.

best APT Super Deluxe Head Harness

APT Super Deluxe Head Harness - Consider

There is something to be said for the simple design of a nylon strap and a steel chain since it’s easy to use, and can hold an amazing amount of weight. This harness can support over 100 pounds of weight with no problem and will probably last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it. Heavy duty Velcro and a padded interior make this one of the best fitting and most comfortable head harnesses on the market today. One unique feature that makes the APT Super Deluxe stand out is D-rings in the front and back making it safe, comfortable, and easy to work your neck from all angles.

Buyer's Guide

A head harness is essential for a variety of people and athletes. A professional athlete, a bodybuilder, an engineer, or even anyone that wants to keep fit will most likely need to get one at some point. Of the numerous benefits that it poses to athletes, it aids in developing muscles that guard both the head and neck from injuries, which can later be detrimental to their daily performance. When looking to purchase a head harness, you need to look out for certain factors to ensure that you are not buying from a manufacturer that is oblivious of the requirements that the equipment ought to possess. Hence, this is a detailed guide on what you need to look out for in a head harness before buying one.

What do you need to consider before buying a head harness?


One important thing to look out for before purchasing a head harness is the amount of cash you're willing to spend. The prices of head harness to a large extent varies depending on the quality you are willing to get. Head harnesses that have nylon components are bound to be cheaper than those made with leather, As for the leather, it comes in different qualities that are considered when determining their prices. If you have enough money to spend on it, consider getting the high-level head harness. But, if what you seek to use it for is minor neck exercises, then the low-budget harness would sure work out fine.


A good head harness must reduce the force on the head by distributing the weight. It should be large enough to accommodate many users' various head sizes and shapes or have the ability to be adjusted for different head sizes. It should be easy to strap on, comfortable to wear, and easy to adjust the weight.


Since you will be attaching weight rims, carrying, and moving them, it is imperative to consider how durable whatever head harness is. Some harnesses can only work with a certain weight capacity. Hence, if by chance you attempt to use them for a task more challenging, the harness may not work well. So, it is essential to consider if the harness can actually pass the test of still retaining its utility under intense or heavy use. Ensure that the harness is made out of durable material.

Shock Absorption

An essential characteristic of a good head harness is its ability to disperse weight so that it does not overburden the neck or the head. The harness must be fixed to its shell to withstand weight and shock without removing it from its position. There should be some sort of padding so you can stay comfortable and safe.


It is vital to ensure that whatever head harness you're looking to buy should be well padded with a heat-resistant foam that is about 10mm to 15mm thick and at least 4 centimeters wide. In addition to this, if you do not have the financial ability to buy a harness made with quality leather components and choose to opt for one with nylon components, you must be prepared to change it constantly. We advise a period of two to three years.

A Firm Grip

A good head harness must have the capacity to grip its user's head in a firm yet very comfortable manner. A head harness with a slack grip will likely result in an accident. Likewise, the harness's grip on your head must not make you uncomfortable and unable to complete your workout. That is why it is more advisable to buy a head harness that is made of leather and has plenty of padding.

Different head harnesses have their uses and differences, so we understand it may be difficult to choose one to purchase. Numerous factors need to be put into consideration before purchasing this equipment. Some of these factors, which have been comprehensively explained in summary, are weight limits, durability, utilization, and size and fit. Regardless of how tough getting a harness may seem, if you follow the guides here you will get the perfect harness that you desire.


Q: Are all head harnesses made the same?

A: No, there are different types of head harnesses that serve other purposes. To get one that suits whatever you wish to use it for, it is essential to consider the workload required of it.

Q: How much does a head harness cost on average?

A: To a large extent, the prices of head harnesses differ, but it would be safe to budget between $30 to $120.

Q: How do I get the right head harness size?

A: Some brands may offer size charts that can help with picking the right head harness for your head dimensions. It is, however, always the best choice to buy an adjustable head harness.

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