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Best Dip Belt to Help Hold the Weight

  1. De Rigueur Dip Belt
  2. SPUD INC Yellow Dip Belt
  3. Body Solid Nylon Weight Lifting Dipping Strap
  4. Buyer's Guide

While all dip belts are fairly simple pieces of equipment  there are subtle differences that separate the good from the bad. If you’re just starting to add weight to your chin ups, dips, or other elements of your workout routine, consider a less expensive belt which holds a little less weight but is well constructed. On the other hand, if you’re an avid weight lifter, you’ll want to look for a heavy duty belt which suspends serious weight and accept all kinds of punishment. To better understand how to choose the right dip belt, we’ve put together a helpful buyer’s guide and our list of the best dip belts in 2022 provided below.

Best Dip Belts Worth Considering in 2022

De Rigueur Dip Belt - Best Dip Belt Overall

The De Rigueur dip belt is unique among other dip belts out there because of its size and materials. It’s a little bigger overall but there’s a nylon strap instead of a chain so it’s lighter and easier to fold up and take with you anywhere you go. The wider back and softer material on the belt portion of this equipment make it easily the most comfortable belt on the market.

Even though the strap isn’t a steel chain, this belt can still handle loads over 1000 pounds. This isn’t a one size fits all model and may not fit perfectly for individuals with slighter frames. Some people believe that the strap system (versus a chain) makes changing weight between sets more difficult but once you get the hang of it you’ll see it takes about the same amount of time.

SPUD INC Yellow Dip Belt - Honorable Mention

There are two types of lifters out there; lifters that think any old dip belt will work, and lifters who know that you need a belt like Spud Inc’s. This is a thick nylon belt connected to a steel chain by D-rings with a carabineer on each side. Spud Inc. does not offer an actual weight limit for this product but from the look and feel of it there is no way that you would ever be able to max this belt out. Though the belt nylon is thick, it’s still soft and malleable which gives it a comfortable fit throughout your workout every time. Double carabineers make changing out the weights super quick and the one size fits all build makes it easy to put on and take off between sets.

Body Solid Nylon Weight Lifting Dipping Strap - Consider

This may not be a traditional dip belt, but that’s part of the beauty of it. This dipping strap by Body Solid allows you to turn a weight belt you already own into a dipping belt as it negates the issue of needing two belts (as well as making it super easy to travel with). Comfort isn’t an issue since it slides over your existing belt, and getting the strap on the belt is a cinch. The strap is made with heavy duty nylon with a D-ring stitch into to connect a loading pin. The only downside to this strap is it has a max weight capacity of only 50 pounds, but that’s still a decent amount of weight and a fair trade off for how convenient this strap is.

Buyer's Guide

Dip Belt Buyer's Guide

Although most dip belts look alike, the little differences from one to another can mean a lot in the weight room. You want a belt which grow with you and your evolving workout routine, made with a material to complement your lifting style, and fits comfortably around your waist by itself as well as with some weight hooked on. Plainly put, a good dip belt will hold the amount of weight you need and the connection system to keep it securely in place. Lastly, this isn't a time to be a cheapskate because paying a higher price means a longer lasting belt with a no-nonsense manufacturer's warranty.

Dip Belt Types

Nylon Dip Belt

Nylon dip belts have been growing in popularity because of their snug fit and their surprising weight capacity. These thin profile dip belts made with this flexible material wrap around the hips better and can safely accommodate weights in the hundreds of pounds.

Leather Dip Belt

Before nylon hit the scene, leather dip belts were the standard and many weight lifters still swear by them as they support more than enough weight for most individuals. Leather can endure all kinds of wear and tear while offering a comfortable fit because they're usually padded with faux sheep wool or similar material.

What to Look For


Most belts will be a “one size fits all” which is perfect for most individuals unless you have a slighter frame. If you’re more on the skinny side, there are a few adjustable belts out there which will offer you a comfortable fit. It’s always a good idea to try the belt on with a little weight attached before you make a final decision.

How Does the Weight Connect?

With most dip belts, the weight will hang from a chain connecting at either one or both sides; preferably it will connect on both sides using a carabineer connecting to D-rings sewn into the belt. This makes it easier to dump the weight at a moment’s notice or add and subtract weight between sets. Certain dip belts are specially designed to connect to weight pins and there are a few rarely encountered belts out there with fabric straps used to secure the weight plates.

Weight Capacity

In general, a dip belts weight capacity isn’t a huge issue unless you’re in need of something which can handle extreme weight loads. Most belts will support enough weight for the average lifter, but always check the weight capacity regardless; the last thing you need is to buy a belt you’ll grow out of shortly after purchase.

Price and Warranty

Dip belts are an item which follow the rule of  “you get what you pay for” to a T. The more expensive the belt is, the more likely it will be the only belt you ever need to buy. Even if a superior quality belt does break on you, it will likely have a decent manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.

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