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The Best Hot Rollers For Natural-Looking Curls

  1. Caruso SalonPro Hot Roller
  2. Caruso Professional Ionic Steam Hot Roller
  3. Conair Compact Hot Roller
  4. Remington Ceramic Compact Hot Roller
  5. Conair TS7NR Jumbo Rollers Instant Heat Travel Hairsetter
  6. Buyer's Guide

When curls don’t come naturally, hot rollers are convenient styling tools for creating waves and spirals of all shapes and sizes. Once the rollers heat up, you simply roll your fully dry hair around them and then wait until they are completely cool. When you take the rollers out, you’ll have gorgeous curls that look natural. Unlike curling irons, which can dry hair out, hot rollers often have protective covers that prevent curls from becoming frizzy and fried. The best hot rollers in 2022 featured below were selected because they have earned the highest ratings from users and deliver shiny, long-lasting curls.

Detailing the Best Hot Roller of 2022

Caruso SalonPro Hot Roller - Best Hot Roller Overall

If you want a top-of-the-line set of hot rollers, look no further than Caruso SalonPro Molecular Steam Hairsetter. This set of 30 molecular foam rollers includes six of each following roller sizes: jumbo, large, medium, small, and petite, so you can create natural-looking curls. The exclusive molecular steam haircare system allows to hot rollers to work on all hair types and helps curls hold longer. Users insist these hot rollers create shiny, soft, and bouncy curling with no damage to hair. This hair-setting system also offers worldwide dual voltage for travel convenience.

Caruso Professional Ionic Steam Hot Roller - Runner Up

The Caruso Professional Ionic Steam Hairsetter uses negative ions to generate three times more steam than ordinary hairsetters. This increased amount of steam results in curls that last longer, feel softer, and appear shinier. You'll never have to worry about your curls coming out frizzy or parched. Like the Caruso SalonPro Molecular Steam Hairsetter, this model contains 30 molecular foam rollers in five various sizes ranging from petite to jumbo. Users appreciate the quick results and staying power of curls. However, the ion setting is somewhat loud and annoying, causing this hairsetter to rank lower than the Caruso SalonPro Molecular Steam Hairsetter.

Conair Compact Hot Roller - Honorable Mention

Create lots of volume with these multi-sized hot rollers by Conair. The Conair Compact Hairsetter contains 20 rollers in a variety of jumbo, large, and medium sizes. These hot rollers are color-coded for your convenience and they feature a starter grip patented roller design that allows them to grip hair quickly and securely. Users praise the compact case and claim these rollers create big, smooth curls. Expect these hot rollers to heat up quickly and retain heat very well.

Remington Ceramic Compact Hot Roller - Consider

These soft-grip hot rollers by Remington are perfect for creating curls when you're on the go. It comes with five medium-sized rollers and five large-sized rollers for a total of 10 instant heat rollers. They feature ionic technology for frizz prevention and increased shine, and the cool-touch end rings ensure safe handling. Users appreciate the compact size of the rollers and how quickly they heat up. These Remington hot rollers come in a compact carrying case for convenience when traveling.

Conair TS7NR Jumbo Rollers Instant Heat Travel Hairsetter - Best Hot Rollers

Designed for creating extra-large "glam" curls, the Conair Jumbo Rollers Instant Heat Travel Hairsetter contains five jumbo-sized hot rollers and five super clips. These rollers heat up in two minutes for fast styling and contain stay-cool end rings for easy and safe handling. The flocked velvety roller surfaces make these rollers easier to apply and remove from your hair. Users appreciate the small case, dual voltage, and large size of these rollers. They work great on long, thick hair and produce smooth waves or curls.

Buyer's Guide

Best Hot Rollers Buying Guide

No matter if you have thin hair or thick, coarse hair, at times, selecting the best hot rollers can be quite strenuous. There are a plethora of variations of them on the market, which is where the issue arises. However, all that remains is for you to make the appropriate considerations. To that end, we have compiled a list of all the essential features and factors you should consider when shopping for the best hot rollers.

Which type of hot rollers should you buy?

Hot rollers are classified into six distinct categories.

Ceramic hot rollers

These are non-metallic rollers that are considered the best option for fine hair as these cause less damage to the hair. Ceramic is a reliable option that is frequently used in curling tool construction. Ceramic hot rollers require time to heat up and operate on the principle of infrared energy.

Tourmaline hot rollers

If you want frizz-free hair, tourmaline rollers will be a great choice as these cancel out the effects of positive ions on the hair. Moreover, it works efficiently to retain the natural moisture of the hair, preventing them from breakage and heat damage.

Titanium hot rollers

Titanium hot rollers are lightweight, durable, and efficient at transferring heat. Additionally, these type of rollers maintains heat for a longer period and are ideal for coarse hair.

Foam rollers

If you want curls that last, you should use hot foam rollers. They help retain the moisture in the hair for a longer period of time, allowing the curler to stay in place for a little longer as well.

Wax hot rollers

As with hot foam rollers, wax core hot rollers are used to extend the life of curls. These hot rollers are capable of maintaining a greater temperature for a longer length of time than other materials or traditional rollers do.

Velcro hair rollers

These are used to create a variety of hairstyles and work the best for people with a bit of wavy hair. You can conveniently place them on your hair no matter how long or short your hair is. Moreover, you don’t need a third hand to clip on these hot rollers. However, you must allow ample time for them to cool before removing them.

How to choose the best hot rollers?

Consider temperature indicators

The majority of hot rollers have three basic heat settings – low, medium, and high – but some have up to 12 adjustable temperature settings. Choose your heat settings carefully based on the type of hair you have. If you have thin hair, it is advised to use low heat settings to prevent your hair from damage. However, pre-heating the rollers is recommended if you have thick, coarse hair.

The number of rollers

Depending on the brand you choose, you will get a varying number of hot rollers in a package. However, it is always prudent to invest in a set of hot rollers that includes at least ten rollers of varying sizes for maximum curling versatility.


During your hunt for the best hot rollers, you will come across different sizes – large, medium, and small. It is imperative to choose an appropriate size of the roller based on the size of the curls you want. Large rollers produce loose waves, medium rollers produce curls with loose ends, and small rollers produce tight, bouncy curls.

Heat technology

If you are opting for a hot roller for hairstyling, you must know that these are heated in one of the three ways:

  • It takes approximately 5-10 minutes for conduction rollers to heat up.
  • Steam technology is the second heating method, which takes ten seconds to warm the rollers' foam surface.
  • It takes as low as eight seconds to heat the rollers via induction technology.

How are hot rollers categorized based on the style of heating?

Dry Heat Rollers

Similar to rechargeable batteries, these heat rollers operate by being "charged" in their heating unit, which is plugged into an electrical outlet. Typically, they come with a steel or other metal case as metals are known to conduct the heat more efficiently to keep rollers hot for longer.

Steam Rollers

Steam is used to heat these wet hot rollers (as they are commonly referred to). They operate similarly to the standard hair steamers found in salons but are much more portable. These durable rollers are made of premium-quality foam that helps to retain the moisture of your hair while curling.

Rollers with a wax core

What distinguishes them is the presence of wax in the roller's center. As a result, they are able to hold heat for a significantly more amount of time. They are ideal for curls that are difficult to tame.

How much do hot rollers cost?

This will now depend on your requirements and the capacity of your wallet. In general, the cost of hot rollers ranges from $30 for standard and basic models to $300 for advanced modern hot rollers equipped with professional technology. The quality and bounce of the curls will be determined by the type of hot rollers used.

Purchase some low-cost hot rollers that will simply give your hair a few loose curls, and you will save money. Rather than that, opt for something that will impart some natural curls to your hair. Avoid overpaying on rollers and other such items that have affordable options. Ascertain that all purchases are within your budget.

Best Hot Rollers Buying Guide

Q: Should I use heated rollers on wet hair?

A: You want it damp enough to style but not so saturated that it cannot dry and retain its curls. Rolling your hair in the front is the first step. This method requires that your hair be divided into parts that are as wide as your roller and turned inwards so that your hair is constantly on top of the roller.

Q: How long should heated rollers be left in?

A: If you want a particular style, you can leave the rollers in your hair for up to 10-15 minutes. Once you have tightly rolled your hair on the roller, leave it until the hot roller is completely cooled. By doing so, you will get the desired bounce as well as long-lasting and defined curls.

Q: Is it advantageous to choose hot rollers rather than a curling iron?

A: Because hot rollers do not reach dangerously high temperatures, they cause less damage to your hair. Hot rollers are gentle on the hair and make it softer. By using a curling iron on a regular basis, your hair will be more prone to damage as most of the curling rods operate at high temperatures of up to 450 degrees.

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