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10 Hairstyling Secrets Every Woman Should Know

10 Hairstyling Secrets Every Woman Should Know

You don’t need fancy hair creams, smoothing serums, or thickening creams to get perfect hair. Here are some tips to easily improve your overall hairstyling routine.

1. Use the Right Hair Products

Whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair mousses, hair spray, or even hair bleach, you need to use the right products that suit you best. If you prefer keeping your hair light, don’t go for products that can end up weighing your it down. On the other hand, if you’ve got thick hair, you don’t really need to factor in weight as much since your hair’s already fairly heavy.

2. Get the Right Haircut

Don’t just get a trim and call it a day. You can get different haircuts that can make everyday life more comfortable. A great example of this would be lightening the weight of your hair if you’ve got thick hair. During the summer or on any hot day, it can be difficult for people with thick hair. By keeping your hair light, not only do you gain more bounce, but it also gives you more breathing room.

3. Learn More about Products

You can definitely stick to the products you’re familiar with but it doesn’t hurt to experiment and try something new once in a while. There are plenty of hair care products out there, and there’s probably a couple at your local grocery store that could seriously improve the condition of your hair. Do your research and find out what products your hair can benefit the most from and try them out if they work on you.

4. Know what Type of Hairbrush to Use

Hairbrushes are more complex than people think. The thickness of your hair determines the type of hairbrush you should be getting. For light hair, you can stick to something like boar bristle since it’s fine enough to keep your hair nice and straight without risking your hair falling out. For thicker hair, however, you’ll have to rely on nylon or some other tough bristle as you'll need it to untangle those persistent knots.

5. Be Happy with your Natural Hair

While it’s great to try out new hairstyles, try embracing your natural hair too. Sure, you may not be rocking those trendy hairstyles, but embracing your own will result in developing a hairstyle that’s yours and yours alone. Sure, you could use curling tongs to have a different look, but it’s also nice to stick to your natural hair every now and then.

6. Choose Styles that Fit your Hair Type

If you want to try sticking to your own natural hair, a great way to do so would be by trying something that suits your hair type. If you’ve got thick hair, for example, you may benefit from trying out ponytails or buns during a hot day. Learn to adapt to what your hair is like, not the other way around.

7. Tease Hair for Volume

If you have light hair and want to add volume to it, then teasing can be a great and easy way to do so. Of course, you need to learn how to do it right, as failing a tease can result in tangled hair, which can be a nightmare to fix.

8. Straighten your Hair Right

A few tips when straightening hair–use lower temperatures for finer hair and higher temperatures for thicker ones. Also, going too slow can burn the hair whereas going too fast won’t straighten it at all. You need to find the sweet spot for perfectly straight hair. Also, be sure to use a quality flat iron spray and flat iron so you keep your hair in perfect condition.

9. Blow-dry Properly

When blow-drying your hair, don’t start off with the strongest heat setting - start off low and slowly work your way up to your desired temperature to prevent your hair from being damaged.

10. Eat Right

This isn’t hair styling per-se, but it’ll definitely help with your overall hair health. Having the right diet, one rich in protein, omega fatty acids, and zinc, will keep your hair nice and healthy for easy styling.

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