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Keep Drinks Cold with the Best Ice Cube Maker

  1. Igloo Automatic Ice Cube Maker
  2. VIVOHOME Automatic Ice Cube Maker
  3. AGLUCKY Counter top Ice Cube Maker
  4. GE Profile Opal Ice Cube Maker
  5. Crownful Ice Cube Maker
  6. INOKA Cube Trays Ice Cube Maker
  7. Buyer's Guide

When you want a nice, cold drink on a hot day, you’ll need some ice close at hand. Most refrigerators cannot make ice fast enough if you have lots of people over. This is where a good ice cube maker comes in. If you find yourself in the market for one, use our review as a way to find the best ice cube makers in 2022 for your next party or get-together.

The Best Ice Cube Maker Models of 2022 in Detail

Igloo Automatic Ice Cube Maker - Top Pick

Igloo knows cold and they make a great ice maker as well. If your fridge doesn't make ice or you need some extra firepower when hosting a party, this is the solution for you. This ice maker can make 26 pounds of ice within 24 hours as long as you can keep the water tank filled. You'll also enjoy tastier, cleaner ice thanks to it's 5-cycle cleaning function that happens automatically. It's portable thanks to a nifty handle and has multiple color options to choose from.

VIVOHOME Automatic Ice Cube Maker - Most Portable

Have your ice cubes on the go with the most lightweight and portable ice cube maker you can find on the list. Don’t let the compact design bluff you because this one performs so well that it could surprise you. The lightweight ice cube maker is perfect for indoor and outdoor gatherings and parties, so you never run out of ice cubes again.

It takes a maximum of ten minutes for a new batch of ice cubes ready to chill your favorite drinks. The electric ice cube maker is easy to use and can make up to 26 lb bullet ice cubes in 24 hours. Everything is available on the control panel, so you can adjust the machine accordingly and enjoys tons of ice cubes every ten minutes. The self-cleaning function will auto-clean the machine and drain the dirty water after you’re done using it.

AGLUCKY Counter top Ice Cube Maker - Runner Up

AGLUCKY wants this ice maker to be the center of attention, if you choose the red color option, that is. It also comes in black or white. It looks great in any color thanks to the see-through window on the top lid and easy-to-read buttons where you can turn on and off the machine as well as selecting small or large ice cubes. Just like the Igloo, it can also produce 26lbs of ice in a day. Make this your centerpiece in your home bar!

GE Profile Opal Ice Cube Maker - Honorable Mention

There are only a few things better in life than chewable ice. Go ahead, try to think of something better when you're drinking a cold drink while chewing on some nugget ice. The GE Profile Opal can give you a blissful experience each day of the year. The ice maker looks sleek and modern with it's stainless steel borders, front see-through window, and white power button. The water tank is adjacent where you can clearly see when you need to refill it. Sure, it's expensive but when you want nugget ice in your life, this is it.

Crownful Ice Cube Maker - Contender

Never run out of ice with the Crownful Ice Maker. In as little as 7 minutes you'll have 9 pieces of ice. It features a black-painted lid and stainless steel body with a fan on the side. It's a straight forward ice maker with indicator lights on the top lid. It produces only one size of ice and has a self-cleaning mode to keep your ice tasting fresh. Also comes with an ice scoop and ice basket.

INOKA Cube Trays Ice Cube Maker - Consider

Gone is the old-school blue ice trays and say hello to the pumpkin. Well, it looks like a pumpkin but it works the same way as the ice trays. You fill the silicone mold's inner chamber with ice and overnight you have ice cubes ready to be used. The biggest benefit is you won't be spilling water all over the floor or freezer when trying to balance water-filled ice trays and opening the freezer door at the same time. The spill-free solution is here, in a pumpkin.

Buyer's Guide

Ice cube makers are innovative devices that can make a large amount of ice in less time than your normal refrigerator. Moreover, you can carry them while traveling, unlike your home freezers. But nowadays, almost every product is marked as a top-notch ice maker in the market, which makes choosing the best one a daunting task. That’s why we have compiled this comprehensive buying guide containing all the information you need to select the perfect fit as per your requirements.

What Are Some Essential Factors To Focus On While Purchasing The Best Ice Cube Maker?

Construction Material

Ice cube maker should be made of a sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant material as it is constantly going to be in contact with water and moist air. Besides, make sure to select a device that can resist the external environment temperature to make ice cubes quickly. Stainless steel and silicone are the widely used materials for the construction of a quality ice-forming machine.

Ice Forming Capacity

The next and the most crucial factor is to examine the ice forming capacity of the device. Most ice cube makers form 22lbs to 24lbs of ice in 24 hours, which is suitable for cooling around 50 drinks. Besides, they can make 6 to 9 ice cubes in 6 to 8 minutes. You can also decide the size of the ice from small and large.

In case you want a small ice maker for regular use, you can pick one that can make 60 ice cubes within two to three hours. Thus, it is essential to decide your requirements and select your ice cube maker accordingly.


If you often organize home parties or love going to the beach to sip cold drinks, you should purchase a portable ice cube maker. Find a device that is lightweight and compact in size so that you can easily place it in any corner of your car. Besides, it should have a grippy handle which helps you to carry it to various places, including an office, bar, school, picnic, and more effortlessly.


Once the ice cubes are formed, you require some tools to remove them without breaking or spilling them all over the floor. That's why many products come with accessories, including an ice jar or basket, remover scoop, and more that help you remove the cubes safely and maintain the cleanliness of the ice maker.


Make sure to buy an ice cube maker manufactured by a reputed company. Since well-known brands care about their reputation, they manufacture high-quality products to meet their customer's needs. Besides, if you face difficulty installing the device, you can easily get help from customer care and solve the problem.

What Are Some Amazing Features To Look For In An Ice Cube Maker?

Control Panel

Most ice cube makers are reinforced with an LED control panel that allows you to set the quantity and the size of ice cubes, shows the timeline, and has an on-off power button. In contrast, some devices are bolstered with a touch screen control panel, which is also a great option. You can also find a few ice cube makers that can be controlled using smartphones after connecting via Bluetooth. However, we recommend selecting a product based on ease of control instead of fancy features.

Water Outlet

It is crucial for an ice cube maker to have water outlet pipes that can drain the excess water. If the device does not have a proper water removal mechanism, the ice formation process can slow down. It can also make impure ice from stagnant water molecules. So do not forget to check the water drainage system of the ice cube maker before purchasing it.

Auto-clean Process

Apart from draining water, an ice cube maker should be cleaned regularly to prevent any microbial growth. It also keeps the device durable for a longer period. Many ice makers have an auto-cleaning process that maintains hygiene after every cycle of ice formation.

Exhaust Fan

Using an ice cube maker continuously for a long period can heat up and lead to delayed ice formation or a short circuit. That's why many products are bolstered with an exhaust fan to cool them down if they heat up.

How Much Does An Ice Cube Maker Usually Cost?

A good quality ice cube maker is priced in the range of 86 USD to 450 USD. The higher costing devices have more advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, the formation of more ice cubes in less time, classy hardware to match the luxury furniture of your kitchen, and more. Hence, it is suggested to buy a product keeping the quantity and size of ice cubes required and the budget in mind.

How Long Does An Ice Cube Maker Last?

Most of the top-notch ice cube makers come with a warranty period of up to one year. If you maintain and use it according to the mentioned instructions, it can last 2 to 3 years. However, make sure to clean it after reading the washing instructions to avoid any damage.

Ice Cube Maker FAQ

Q: What size of ice cubes can be formed in an ice cube maker?

A: Most ice cube makers can form small as well as large ice cubes. In case you want ice in your drinks, small-sized ice cubes are recommended. However, to keep the drink cans cold in summer, large ice cubes are a better option.

Q: Can I carry an ice cube maker while traveling?

A: Yes, most ice cube makers are designed for indoor as well as outdoor use. Make sure your device is lightweight and has a grippy handle so that you can carry it effortlessly.

Q: How many ice cubes can be formed in an ice cube maker?

A: Most ice cube makers can make 22lbs to 24lbs ice cubes in a period of 24 hours. However, you can also set the device to make only 6 to 9 ice cubes within a couple of minutes.

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