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Store Snacks and Leftovers in the Best Mini Fridges for Dorms

When students leave home and head off to higher education, they often face a bit of a shock living on their own for the first time, especially in a dorm situation. Lack of space and privacy can make eating well difficult between classes, late-night study sessions, and social events. A mini fridge is an important part of dorm life, even if only to house takeout leftovers.

We've chosen the best mini fridges for dorms in 2021 which combine compact size with decent interior capacity, as well as being budget-friendly enough for a student to easily afford. Since these fridges are often kept near the bed, it's important they’re quiet when on, as well as energy efficient operation. Although style was less important, none of the following selections are likely stick out, making them discrete and compact options for dorm rooms, offices, and similar environments.

Detailing the Best Mini Fridges for Dorms of 2021

Avanti 1.7 Cu. Ft. Superconductor Refrigerator - Best Mini Fridge for Dorms Overall

This basic and compact 1.7 cubic foot mini refrigerator is a great choice for dorms or as a small secondary fridge. The Avanti SHP1700W comes in multiple finishes, including white, black and stainless steel. This affordable mini fridge has adjustable shelves and a rack that can accommodate a two liter beverage bottle. An interior light clearly illuminates all your food items, and the door is reversible to allow for expanded placement options. This mini fridge offers full temperature control and runs very quiet with no vibrations.

Suppentown 2.4 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator - RF-244SS - Runner Up

The Sunpentown RF-244SS offers 2.4 cubic feet of capacity, while being compact enough to easily fit in the confines of a dorm room or other small space. This mini refrigerator uses two slide-out wire shelves and a tall bottle rack to organize its interior space along with a small freezer compartment. A flush back design, reversible door, and leveling legs at the front make it easier to install this fridge in a variety of places without too much effort. The RF-244SS has an adjustable thermostat, and while it only has manual defrost, such a small fridge isn’t too difficult to keep frost-free and clean. Energy Star qualified and affordable, the Sunpentown RF-244SS makes a great choice for a dorm room mini fridge.

Danby Designer 2.6 Cu. Ft. Compact All Refrigerator - Consider

The Danby DAR026A1BDD is a great choice if you don’t want or need the small freezers that usually come in mini refrigerators. This all-fridge model offers 2.6 cubic feet of refrigerator space, and organizes this space using two and a half adjustable wire shelves. The DAR026A1BDD also includes dedicated tall bottle storage and a built-in can dispenser, as well as auto defrost and a mechanical thermostat. This mini fridge features a reversible door and a flush back design, making it easy to install. Energy Star qualified, with touches such as a scratch resistant top, and affordable, the Danby DAR026A1BDD is an excellent choice for a dorm room mini fridge.

Buyer's Guide

Shower caddies, mesh laundry baskets and desk lamps are some of the few dorm rooms must-haves.

But what’s that thing that makes you feel more at home?

Mini fridges!

The perks of having one cannot be matched due to the advantages that come with it like storing leftovers, storage space for snacks and drinks, and quick access to food.

Dorm rooms have limited space and a mini-fridge is the best fit for them.

With the varieties of options out there, picking the perfect mini fridge can be mind-boggling but with the help of this buying guide, it’d be like a walk to the fridge.


Ever wanted to grab a snack but realized you actually need to walk a distance or wait for it to be delivered?

Well, problem solved!

With a mini fridge you do not have to worry about all that and more.

There are so many benefits of having a mini fridge in your dorm room like saving money on eating out.

With a mini fridge, you can keep your groceries fresh for cooking.

Having a compact fridge means you can have access to food whenever you want and you get to stock up on your favorite drinks too!

Now that you have harvested the idea of getting a mini fridge, it is only right if you get the best of the best, I mean no one wants to waste money on a bust right?

In getting the best compact fridge for your dorm, you should consider some factors in order to get the perfect one suitable for you.



Yes, dorm rooms have limited space, that is a known fact but still, some are slightly bigger than others and some have more pieces of furniture.

It all depends on the one you are in.

Some fridges come as free-standing units while others can fit into open storage units or on desks.

Look around your room and pick the perfect spot for your fridge whilst considering power outlets too.

Make sure the fridge you are getting is the right size for the spot and this can be achieved by measuring the space you intend to keep the fridge.

Getting a fridge that is too big or small for a certain space can be quite disappointing.



What type of food and drinks do you want to store in your fridge? It matters.

Some mini fridge models are more suitable for a particular type of drink, like can drinks.

If you are going for one that can store both food and drink, then a model with two or more compartments is the best pick as they have storage by the door to allow you to fit items in different shapes and sizes. You can also do well to get one with a mini freezer store meal or two.

Removable shelves also for easier cleaning and rearranging to fit items when needed.

You can also go for fridges with reversible door hinges if you’re going to be doing a lot of moving.

Worried about the safety of your leftovers and precious snacks? Then get one with a lockable door.


How annoying is the sound of a humming refrigerator? Would say 10 on a scale of one to ten. Now imagine if you are trying to study for a test or you just need to take a nap after a long day of schooling and your fridge won’t shut up, frustrating ey?

This is why you need to check the cooling system before buying a fridge.

An absorption cooling system is the quietest but not quite efficient when it comes to energy.

If you’re more of the traditional type, you should for the one with a compressor, it is great for long-term investments with a low humming sound.

A cheaper version is the thermoelectric cooling system, it is quiet but not the most durable.


A fridge is always plugged 24/7, all year round which consumes a lot of electricity.

Reviewing energy sheet specifications is important especially if your dorm room charges you for electricity usage. Find the right compact fridge that does not take a lot of electricity.


Always go for appliances that offer at least one year warranty in the case of failure and malfunctioning. Warranty is very important and also do not forget to check what the warranty covers. Normally warranties cover crucial parts like compressors and parts of the gas system.


Wherever you are keeping your mini fridge, it should complement your style and room. Go for colors that match your room’s palette or better still, a neutral color. Be stylish even if it’s just an appliance.


When shopping for absolutely anything, you need to weigh your finances and set a target within your budget. Something affordable but also of good quality that wouldn’t overstretch your bank account. What’s the use of an empty expensive fridge?

Overall, efficiency and convenience should be your main priority in buying a mini fridge.


Q: How do I take care of a mini fridge?

Clean your fridge regularly and follow the instructions in the manual. Defrost your fridge from time to time and also unplug if you are going away for a long period of time to preserve energy.

Take out any spoilt food or vegetables immediately.

Q: Do mini fridges consume a lot of energy?

Absolutely not. Mini fridges are the best in saving energy since they are much cheaper to power than standard fridges.

They’re smaller and save you the cost of spending money on energy bills.

Q: Do mini fridges make a lot of noise

It depends on the model of your fridge but normally mini fridges are quieter than most standard fridges. Many of them are completely silent so you would not be able to hear them.

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