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Best Interval Timers to Keep Track of the Time

  1. Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer
  2. Rogue Echo Gym Interval Timer
  3. TITLE Boxing Deluxe Gym Interval Timer
  4. FomaTrade Digital Interval Timer
  5. Buyer's Guide

Interval timers are often small in stature, but their benefits can be numerous. They can be used as a traditional timer, but they are most often used as timers for interval training styles like Tabata and to signify the beginning and end of fighting rounds. Interval timers may seem fairly simple, but not every interval timer can even come close to the best. These best interval timers in 2022 were selected because of the amount of features they offer like multiple sounds or vibrations, durability and convenience in home, gym, and outdoor settings, and ease of use with convenient easy to reach buttons and simple controls.

Best Interval Timer of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer - Best Interval Timer Overall

Gym Boss is widely regarded as the best interval timer on the market, or it was until the unveiled the Gym Boss MiniMax. The MiniMax does everything that the original Gym Boss does plus a little more which makes it the best of the best. It offers up to 25 different intervals which can repeat up to 99 times which is more than 99.9 percent of people would ever need.

This device works as an interval timer, stop watch, and clock to fit all of your time related needs yet remains super small so you can clip it to your waist band without it obstructing your workout. The alarm is loud enough to hear even over the din of the gym and the vibration is enough to get your attention; both combined will guarantee you won’t miss a single set change.

Another added benefit of the MiniMax is it can save up to 20 programs so there’s no need to reenter your parameters every day of the week. What really makes Gym Boss timers stand out is that you can pick a color which best fits your style. There’s also an outer finish to better suit your environment including a glossy plastic finish, a shiny metallic finish, or a rubber finish for those who have a tendency to drop their timer.


Rogue Echo Gym Interval Timer - Runner Up

Rogue consistently puts out the most rugged and dependable equipment on the market and this interval timer is nothing different. It is a large gym timer, meant for a table or a wall and designed for interval or fighting rounds. The Echo has a huge display that can be seen from across the gym with green LED lights to signify the number of rounds and red LED lights to signify the time left in the round.

When it’s not being used as a round or interval timer, this devices doubles as a stop clock or wall clock for all day use. It comes preset with the most popular interval sets in the fitness industry, like Tabata, but also allows you to create up to 10 custom programs at a time to fit all of your needs. The loud alarm that signifies the beginning and end of rounds is so loud you’ll hear it across the room and over your music.

TITLE Boxing Deluxe Gym Interval Timer - Honorable Mention

Long before the Tabata protocol, boxers were using interval timers for both workouts and round times. Title knows what they’re doing and it shows with this ring side timer which features everything you could ask for in an interval timer. It’s super easy to set 2 or 3 minute rounds with rest periods between 30 seconds to a minute. The adjustable ring bell can be heard from across the gym as can the whistle signifying 30 seconds before the end of the round. The red, green, and yellow lights which signify where you are in the round are easily seen from all angles. This device is not exactly portable but it’s durable enough to stand up to whatever being ring side may throw at it.

FomaTrade Digital Interval Timer - Consider

Everlast is pretty well known for middle of the line sports equipment, but their interval timer is something special. The screen displays large easy to read numbers for both the stop watch and interval timing capabilities. 3 alarms and a vibration setting make sure that you don’t miss the beginning or end of a set or rest time.

This tiny device comes with a detachable clip and a loop arm strap so you can clip or hang it nearly anywhere without getting in the way of your workout. One of the best parts about this device is you can put it in lock mode so you don’t accidently change your setting mid workout. The only real downsides to this device is the plastic casing, which although fairly durable, could use some reinforcement. It’s also only available in a bright yellow color. Overall this is still just a solid interval timer that stands tall next to the Gym Boss.

Buyer's Guide

With an interval timer, you can set fixed durations for high-intensity interval training like cardio, tabata, and so on. You can even use it to record the race time. Since it is such a crucial piece of equipment for athletes, sportspersons, gym trainers, and others, settling with a random product is not acceptable. You need to get the best one from the list, and that's where our buying guide will come in handy. Below, we have shed light on everything you need to know about how to find the best interval timer.

How Many Types Of Interval Timers Are There?

The interval timers are mainly classified into two types based on how they have been programmed.

1. A box-style timer is mainly used in boxing matches where you will get pre-set timing options like three minutes, thirty seconds, one minute, and so on. You can set the time using a switch. Once it is over, an alarm will go off, and the corresponding light bulb will glow.

2. In a digital timer, the intervals can be set on your own choice. They are programmable, and hence, you will have complete control of all the modes.

What Parameters Should You Consider To Pick The Best Interval Timer?


If you want to have an interval timer for personal use, going for a smaller-sized product will be a more feasible idea. Small timers can be carried everywhere without a fuss, like running, working out outdoors, jogging, and so on. But the same can't be done with the large timers you usually see at gyms and in fighting arenas like a boxing ring, a karate arena, and more. Furthermore, they are mainly used at places where many people can view the time easily.

Mounting System

The mounting system is very crucial to consider because, just like a normal clock, you also need to keep this timer somewhere. If you want to have this device for yourself only, you can look for a product that can be clipped to your dress or worn as an amulet around your upper arm. However, you will have to stop between the exercises to check the time by either bringing your arm forward or detaching it from your dress. A wall-mounted interval timer can solve this problem because you can view the time in between your workout sessions without having to stop in between.

Alarm Sound

Every interval timer is designed to produce sounds when the clock stops. Different products generate different kinds of sound. For example, a digital timer can have a beeping sound, whereas box-style products can produce bell ringing tunes. So, you need to select the right product based on the kind of sound that suits your requirements. Also, the loudness and shrillness of the tunes need to be taken into account. If a timer needs to be kept in a large room or hall, the sound should be loud enough to be audible to everyone. Similarly, for a smaller area or personal use, the loudness shouldn't be much because that can disturb your concentration.

Display Size

As different timers have varied display sizes, you must choose the product carefully. An interval timer meant to be kept in a gym, a training area, or an indoor playing court should have a large display so that everyone can see the clock. On the other hand, products with smaller displays are designed for personal use.

Remote Controller

Operating an interval timer with your hands is not possible when it is mounted on a wall or kept on a table. So, you need a remote controller to set the time, change the timer settings, switch on the power, or change the display effortlessly. Another important factor that needs to be considered is the remote controller's range because it will determine the maximum distance from where you can control the timer.


Some interval timers will only allow you to set workout time and rest time, like 5 minutes for exercises and 30 seconds for a break. However, you can also find products that have multiple modes—a timer, a clock, and a stopwatch. In the timer mode, you can set particular durations for exercise and break while the clock mode will show you the current time. A stopwatch mode will be helpful to calculate the time taken to reach the endpoint in a race, like swimming, running, and more.

How Can You Use The Interval Timer?

  • After you switch on the device, the zero on the extreme left will blink. It means that you can change its value for setting the time.
  • On the screen of an interval timer, you will find four zeros divided into two pairs by a colon.
  • The left side will denote minutes, while the seconds will be displayed on the right side of the colon, just like a clock.
  • To set the alarm, you need to press the “alarm” button and then set the time.

What Is The Average Cost Of The Interval Timer?

As there are two types of interval timers, their price varies significantly. Usually, the cost ranges from $10.99 to $129.99. If you are going for a simple digital timer used mainly for recording the race time, it will cost around $10.99 to $13. On the other hand, the boxed-styled timers are the costliest since they have an alarm system, LED bulbs, and several other features.

Interval Timer FAQ

Q. How can I wear the interval timer around my neck?

A. For wearing the timer around your neck, you need to use a lanyard. However, it can be used only with a digital timer because you need a closed hook to slide the lanyard.

Q. What are the ideal times I should set in the interval timer for practicing core exercises?

A. Core exercises are intense, and hence, you need to set the times in the interval timer properly. You can keep the workout time up to 5 minutes for each set and a resting period of 1-minute maximum.

Q. Can I operate an interval timer using my phone?

A. No, you cannot operate the interval timer with your phone. However, some products can be controlled by a remote.

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