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Best Led Light Strips for Your Home

  1. HRDJ 65.6ft LED Light Strip
  2. REEMEER Led Lights for Bedroom
  3. L8star Smart LED Light Strip
  4. PHOPOLLO Bedroom Color Changing LED Light Strip
  5. Buyer's Guide

LED light strips are a perfect way to add accent lighting to a room or even behind your TV without using an excessive amount of electricity. LED light strips are easy to handle, come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be programmed into millions of colors. This accessibility, coupled with these lights' creative illumination, and ability to as much or as little of the strip as possible makes them an easy and efficient way to accent your home.

What Is the Best Led Light Strips of 2022?

HRDJ 65.6ft LED Light Strip - Best Overall

HRDJ light strips can turn any room into a magical, light show. You can customize the lights in many different ways. Choose from 16 million colors in the app you can download from the Google Play or App Store. The app can also control the timer, style, and even how the lights can match the beat of your favorite music. You'll have almost 67ft to use separate into 4 spools. They are quite easy to stick on thanks to the sticky tape attached to the strip. It also includes a handy remote control when you don't feel like pulling out your phone or you don't have it nearby.

REEMEER Led Lights for Bedroom - Easy Installation

Whether you are looking to create a festive look around your house or are simply interested in improving its ambiance, these LED lights from REEMEER are a good option for you to check out. They feature a conventional LED strip design complete with self-sticking adhesive on the back. You can stick them on any smooth surface without much difficulty. However, remember to clean the area before applying, otherwise the lights will give away after a few uses and you'll need to apply adhesive again.

This color changing light strip supports triple operation modes - manual control, remote control, and the Lotus Lantern app. Plus, it also has a built-in sensitive microphone that enables the lights to change color in sync with the music beats.

L8star Smart LED Light Strip - Runner Up

The L8star LED light strip is another favorite of ours if you don't need as much length. This one comes in a more modest 50ft, as well as other options of 16.4, 21.3, and 32.8ft. Many of the features found on on our top pick are included in here as well such as a music mode where light dances to the beat, a timer so you don't have to manually turn off the lights, and an app to control and change the colors. Keep in mind that if you have the light strip exposed rather than hidden, you'll see individual dots. It's better to hide the light strip so you'll get the accent color without looking directly at the strip.

PHOPOLLO Bedroom Color Changing LED Light Strip - Honorable Mention

If you're looking for a more conventional LED light strip, then this PHOPOLLO LED light strip should be the perfect option for you. The 65.6ft light strip comes with a strong adhesive that will stick to any surface in your room without giving way. The strip is long enough to light up a large room without any trouble. While this LED light strip is traditional, it does come with a remote that you can use to change colors and adjust brightness. There are 20 colors available so that you can choose your favorite shades whenever you like. You can use the remote to adjust brightness, light modes, and different colors. If you wish to cut off the LED strip into parts, you can cut along the cutting marks to divide it into as many pieces as you like. With 28 dynamic modes, you can choose the perfect setting for the evening. You can also create your own DIY color by mixing other colors.

Buyer's Guide

You will find many types of LED light strips to choose from. Depending on your usage, you might require a specific type of light for your house. This buying guide for the best LED light strips will help you choose the right LED lights for your use.

Why should I invest in LED lights?

LED (light-emitting diode) lights are one of the most efficient lighting technologies of today. It is energy-efficient and help reduce your electricity costs. Besides being eco-friendly, these lights are more durable, last longer, and do not heat up as much as other lights. You will notice that LEDs also provide better lighting overall.

How to choose the best LED light strips

There are some factors that you must consider before buying the right LED light strip for yourself. You must focus on these details to ensure that you're getting the right product for yourself that will meet all your requirements.


One consideration should be the length of the LED strips. It depends mostly on how you will use them. First consider the room or space you'll put them as well as if the light strips can connect additional strips. Most can be cut so you can purchase a longer length than you need and cut to your desired length.

Color Pallete

Many LED lights come in up to 16 million different colors and provide you with the option to make your own colors as well through an app on your phone.


The best option is to go for lights that provide multiple brightness settings to choose from. In this way, you can adjust the brightness according to your taste and mood without any limitation.

Remote Control

Sometimes it's just more convenient to use a remote control for your light strip rather than your phone. Your phone might be charging or the WiFi is down. A remote is a simple way to adjust your light strip.

LED Light Strip FAQ

Q: Are LED lights flammable?

A: All lights emit a certain amount of heat. LED lights produce light at a lower temperature though, hence the possibility of catching fire is minimal. They are a great alternative to incandescent bulbs if you are worried about heat.

Q: Can I leave LED lights on for a long time?

A: Since LED lights consume less energy, they can run for a long time without overheating or getting damaged. The low heat temperature of LED lights makes them perfect for leaving on overnight. However, it would be ideal if you only left the lights on for as long as you needed them. Otherwise, you will be wasting energy and, in the process, your own money too.

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