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The Best Wall-Mounted Mosquito Traps To Make Your House Safer And Prevent Deadly Diseases

  1. BLACK + DECKER Fly & Bug Glue Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap
  2. Faicuk Sconce Fly Light Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap
  3. SPICA Electric Bug Zapper Insect Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap
  4. Buyer's Guide

Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests you can find in every nook and corner of your place. They not only disturb the ambience but also are the major causes of deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. That’s why you need to have the best wall-mounted mosquito traps in 2022 to reduce the insect population considerably. Furthermore, they will help you mitigate the chances of diseases within the house. Since they are wall-mounted, you never have to worry about them getting in the way and easily be installed without consuming a lot of space. Since we have witnessed that these traps are quite effective, we have presented some of the top-quality products to help you pick the best one.

Compare The Best Wall-Mounted Mosquito Traps Of 2022

BLACK + DECKER Fly & Bug Glue Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap - Best Overall

Only a few of bug catchers are designed flawlessly, and luckily, we have come across one of them. This wall-mounted mosquito trapper has a slim and modern design that allows you to install it anywhere, from the bedrooms to the kitchen. Its outer shell can be opened like a flap so that you can clean it from the inside. Also, the flap design will help you easily open the device and remove the glued paper occasionally. In addition, the trapper is equipped with an 18-watt UV lamp tube which creates a subtle glow for attracting and killing the mosquitoes and other flyers. Owing to its sconce design, it can easily lure insects from within an area of about 1500 square feet. On top of everything, this trapper can fit with any interior décor without any hassle, which is why it's pretty popular on the market.

Faicuk Sconce Fly Light Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap - Runner Up

Most wall-mounted mosquito trappers use light to lure the insects and trap them inside. However, not all the products are reinforced with the same light technology, which their efficiency varies a lot. In this mosquito trapper, a new and advanced light technology is used to attract mosquitoes, which is why it's quite sought-after. It is equipped with two thin Philips tubes having an internal coating that increases the intensity of the light waves emitted by the illumination source. As a result, it can attract insects from within an area of 3000 sq. ft. In addition, its external body is made from ABS material which is fire and corrosion-resistant. Hence, even if something is wrong with the wiring and there is an internal spark in the UV tubes, no harm will come to you after touching the external casing. The best feature of this mosquito trapping device is its sconce design, which looks quite stylish and modern. Also, you will find a violet light being emitted by the device, making the ambience quite soothing.

SPICA Electric Bug Zapper Insect Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap - Honorable Mention

When you buy a product for improving the health and safety of the household, you always look for something with the best performance. That's why we have picked this mosquito trapper having a 365Nm UVA FSL bulb. It emits a subtle light that will be enough to attract flying and crawling insects, including mosquitoes. Furthermore, the UVA bulb does not produce any glare or harmful radiation that is dangerous for your eyes and body. You will have a peaceful sleep at night owing to its silent operation. Only a subtle and low sound can be heard after the mosquitoes get trapped inside the cage. It's designed in a way where mosquitoes can be trapped from both surfaces. That’s why it is known for its efficiency and performance. Additionally, you will have a removable undertray that can be detached for cleaning the dead mosquitoes and other insects.

Buyer's Guide

Even though zappers are the most helpful device for reducing the mosquito population, buying the best product from the market can become confusing and daunting. That’s why you need to consider certain factors to find the right fit for all your purposes, like exterminating the pests, keeping everyone safe, and many more. Below, we have provided some useful information that can help you invest in the best wall-mounted mosquito trap.

How Does The Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap Work?

In every wall-mounted mosquito trap, you will find a light tube that generates a subtle violet to bluish glow due to UV radiations. This glow will attract the mosquitoes and other insects towards the interior of the trapping device. Once they enter the trapper, they will either get stuck to the removable glue paper or killed by electric shocks.

What Are The Key Features You Should Consider For Getting The Best Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap?


The first factor you have to consider is the size of the mosquito trapper. Some products have a bulky design with open nets on both surfaces for trapping mosquitoes from all sides. Installing them everywhere can be a bit problematic due to their size. On the other hand, if you want to have a more refined zapper, you can look for one with a sconce design. They are compact and can be installed anywhere.

UV Lamp

Knowing about the nitty-gritty of the UV lamp is imperative to choose the best wall-mounted mosquito trap. While checking this component, there are three sub-factors that you need to focus on:

- The lamp should have higher power output, ranging between 15-watts to 20-watts, so the light emitted can efficiently lure the mosquitoes.
- You have to ensure the UV tube doesn’t glare because it is harmful to the eyes.
- You must check the maximum coverage area of the radiations of the lamp. The more the coverage, the more mosquitoes will be attracted.

Efficiency And Performance

The wall-mounted zapper you choose must be efficient enough to remove flying pests like mosquitoes, flies, and so on. It should also have a higher performance level to attract a maximum number of insects to make the household ambience healthier and safer. In addition, make sure it operates silently so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep during the night.

How To Maintain The Wall-Mounted Mosquito Traps For Better Longevity?

- You need to keep the zappers away from direct sunlight and water since these two factors can damage the UV lamp and the internal circuits.
- Also, you should clean the removable tray underneath the device or replace the glue paper to which the insects attach.

Wall-Mounted Mosquito Trap FAQ

Q: Can I install the wall-mounted mosquito zappers outside?

A: Yes, some products are designed in such a way that you can install them outdoors, like the lawn or the backyard. However, make sure not to install them in a place where they will not be directly exposed to both the sun rays and the rain.

Q: How often will I need to remove the glue paper included inside the wall-mounted zappers?

A: If you have too many crawling bugs and flying insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, and others, you will have to replace the glue paper every three to four days. To know the exact time for removing the glue paper, you can open the upper flap shell and check whether any space is left on the paper or not. If the paper is full of glued mosquitoes and other insects, you will have to remove it and paste a new one.

Q: How do I prevent mosquitoes?

A: The best way to prevent mosquitoes in the first place is to constantly monitor your front and backyards for pools of water, even a bottle cap size. If you do have standing water, besides a pool, dump the standing water since that is where most mosquitoes breed and reproduce.

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