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Add Some Class and Style to Your Kitchen or Bathroom with the Best Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispensers are a great accessory to have in your kitchen and bathroom. The reasons for buying a liquid soap dispenser run the gamut from being more sanitary than bar soap to serving as a decorative item. They come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, chrome, and glass. When choosing a soap dispenser, consider both the durability of the dispenser as well as the decorating scheme of the room it will be placed in. I’ve chosen the best soap dispensers in 2021, appeal to a variety of styles and preferences, but ultimately they are quality products that will look good in your home.

The Best Soap Dispenser Model Models of 2021 in Detail

Progressive International Acrylic Soap Dispenser - Best Soap Dispenser Overall

This soap dispenser has the added benefit of dispensing body lotions as well as soap. Constructed of both acrylic and stainless steel, this dispenser has a rubber base that is non-skid, so it’ll stay in place. Its extra long sprout is convenient for lathering brushes or pumping directly into the sink. Customers enjoy that it’s clear plastic, which allows full view of soap level. Its pumping action is also smooth, so you don’t have to worry about clogging. The only potential drawback to this soap dispenser is there aren’t a variety of colors to choose from.

InterDesign Plastic Liquid Soap Dispenser - Runner Up

Constructed of durable stainless steel, this soap dispenser is rust-resistant. It has a clear, plastic pump, which allows you to chose the color of the soap to match your décor. Whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, this soap dispenser works wherever is convenient for you. Customers noted this soap dispenser is easy to fill and love that it’s clear so you can see the soap level. There were also no issues with clogging, and it looks great in your kitchen or room wherever it’s needed. The only potential drawback to this soap dispenser is that it may have problems with rust.

Cameo Lotion and Soap Dispenser - Most Quiet

With an elegant bronze finish, this finely crafted soap dispenser will dispense the right amount of liquid for you. It has a unique look and will fit well with interiors that are similar in style. It contains a non-skid foam base, allowing you to easily dispense liquid without the worry of it sliding. Customers love that these are made of thick metal, are sturdy, and perfectly match the oil rubbed bronze faucets common in some interiors.

KitchenAid Liquid Soap Dispenser - Consider

This soap dispenser is easy to use with its soft, oversized pump. It includes a soft, non-slip base to allow you to focus on dispensing liquid without worries. You can easily use this dispenser with liquid dish soap or hand soap. Customers love the high capacity of this dispenser and note that it’s very well made. It easily dispenses a large amount in one pump.

Buyer's Guide

When searching for a dispenser to be used in your kitchen, you need to be armed with the right amount of information. In this guide, we will answer some critical questions regarding the best soap dispensers, and we will give you tips that should make your choice easier.

What are soap dispensers?

Soap dispensers are a device which can be used to pump soap directly to your hands or dishes at the push of a handle. Proper dispensers are programmed to dispense the exact quantity of soap needed with each push. Some of the kinds of dispensers include foam dispensers, manual dispensers, and automatic dispensers.

· Batteries

If you want an auto soap dispenser, you should know that batteries will power it. Ensure to check if the product comes with a battery. Any of the top brands will make their dispenser come with batteries. Ensure to buy a dispenser that comes with good battery timing so there won't be a need to replace the batteries repeatedly. There is a brand with batteries that last up to 10,000 hand wash which literarily translates to at least three months of the machine dispensing soap.

· Capacity

Another critical factor you should consider is the dispenser capacity which is measured in ounces. Go for a dispenser with at least seven ounces of capacity. A dispenser with a value lower than this is not ideal because there will be a need to fill the dispenser bottle. Go for a robust, durable, and large enough dispenser that will do a decent job holding as much soap as you need per time.

· Sensor

Also, be observant about the sensor of the auto dispenser you intend to buy. You will do well to ensure that the sensor is intuitive so that it will dispense soap as soon place your hand under the sensor.

· Brand name

Although you may not need to worry much about the brand name of a soap dispenser as you will be with a faucet, wisdom still demands that you only buy from a respected manufacturer.

· Customer reviews

Reviews from past and current users of the soap dispensers will help you have a fair idea about what to be expected from using the device. The reviews will tell you how much soap is dispensed, how reliable the model is, and the types of soap brands it can handle.

· Wall-mounted or freestanding

Selecting a wall-mounted or freestanding dispenser largely depends on what you are searching for. The freestanding dispenser is perfect for use in the kitchen. However, the wall-mounted dispenser is ideal for commercial use due to hygiene reasons.

· Automatic or manual

You can opt to choose between manual and automatic dispensers depending on what your needs are. The manual dispensers do not use batteries and also do not come with a hand sensor. This type of sensor is used by pressing a sensor. Auto-dispensers, on the other hand, come equipped with top-quality technology. They come with infrared sensors, and the soap gets automatically discharged by simply placing your hands under it. They may be electrically, or battery powered. Before choosing this, make sure it comes with IPX4 protection.

· Dimension and design

Where you intend to mount the dispenser is quite essential. The space will dictate the amount of shampoo or soap you can place and the period it will last. Note that the dimension should be selected depending on where it will be used.

Also, some dispensers are made with a battery compartment which is found at the base. It would help if you had a dispenser that is designed correctly so that the batteries don't get wet because it is not watertight.

· Material used

If you feel the cheapest dispensers are the best, you may be wrong. You may purchase a plastic dispenser which is generally affordable, but the quality may not be guaranteed. There is a wide range of quality soap dispensers for customers who are fans of elegance. You may select from bronze or glass dispensers if you don't mind forking out some extra cash.

· Sensitivity

Anyone who wants to wash their hands will want it done quickly, which is why you need a dispenser that comes with excellent motion detection. But while searching for a motion-sensitive device, you don't need the sensitivity to be too much, especially if there are kids who will use the dispenser

What makes soap dispensers so important?

Here are a few reasons why you should get yourself a suitable soap dispenser.

1. It gives your faucet a facelift

If you find an excellent dispenser that coordinates effectively with your kitchen faucet, it will give your kitchen the facelift it deserves.

2. Convenience

If the soap comes in a dispenser that is mounted close to the faucet, you will find it easy to wash your dishes without needing to search for the soap each time you need to use it.

3. It helps regulate soap use

You may find it difficult to use liquid soaps if you don't have a dispenser. With a soap dispenser, you will have an accurate amount each time.


Q: What is the lifespan of auto-soap dispensers?
many of the auto-soap dispensers out there can use up to four AA batteries which can last up to ten thousand hand washes before you have to replace them. This means that if you wash your hands ten times each day, it will take at least three months for the battery to run down.

Q: What’s the best way to prevent clogging?
Some of the best dispensers require that you use thin soaps, or the pump will get clogged up, which means you will have to unclog after using it. To prevent it from getting clogged, you may dilute soap in water to make it thin for free discharge.

Q: What is the best type of soap to use?
Liquid and foam soaps are the best options with soap dispensers. You may even opt to mix detergents or soaps with water.

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