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Best Luggage Scales for Packing the Perfect Bag

  1. EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale
  2. American Weigh Digital Luggage Scale
  3. American Digital Hanging Luggage Scale
  4. Buyer's Guide

A luggage scale is a useful device for both at home and on the go. It’s intended to accurately weigh your luggage so you can avoid paying excess baggage fees at the airport. The good thing is these luggage scales are also lightweight and can be carried anywhere. For frequent travelers, this item is very useful and will save you from unnecessary baggage fees beforehand. I’ve created a list of the best luggage scales in 2022 based on capacity and overall accuracy of the scale.

What are the best luggage scales of 2022?

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale - Best Luggage Scale Overall

With its two-handed design, the EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale makes for easier lifting of heavy luggage. Its high capacity makes it stand out from the rest; it measures up to 110lb. For easy reading, it also has a backlit LCD display. No matter where you’re traveling, this compact and lightweight luggage scale is the perfect accessory. It is auto calibrated, features an auto power-off, and runs off one long-life lithium battery. Customers love that it’s extremely accurate and easy to use. It only takes a few seconds to register the item being weighed. Just clip the strap of this scale to the handle of your suitcase and you’re raring to go.

American Weigh Digital Luggage Scale - Runner Up

Weighing up to 110lbs, this American Weigh Digital Luggage scale has an adjustable strap that can accommodate any handle size. It’s perfect for weighing luggage or other large objects. It’s backed by a 10-year warranty and is powered by two long-life lithium batteries. Its sleek design will make weighing your stuff easy. Customers have noted this is a very accurate weighing tool and is both small and lightweight. For a durable digital luggage scale that makes weighing your bag easy, the American Weigh is a great choice.

American Digital Hanging Luggage Scale - Honorable Mention

For a digital hanging scale you can take with you anywhere, the American Weigh Scale is a great option. It’s built to last and features a built-in 3ft tape measure for your convenience. Made of rugged die-cast metal construction, it’s a versatile scale that also useful for fishing trips. It’s also great for weighing items that are difficult to place on a platform scale. It can weigh in a variety of measurements including lbs, ounces, and kilograms. Customers enjoy that it’s low-cost and gives a reasonably accurate weight measurement as well. It also weighs up to 110 pounds, which is competitive to other brands.

Buyer's Guide

Best Luggage Scale Buying Guide

If you have recently traveled, you are probably familiar with the stress of packing and attempting to stay under a baggage restriction. It is a nightmare! You will indeed be fined a substantial additional baggage fee at the airport if you exceed the limit. However, if your baggage is underweight, you could regret not packing more! Luggage scales are a great option in this situation. There are many on the marketplace, but we will help you to find out which one is the best luggage scale for your requirements.

What are the factors regarding luggage scales to consider while shopping?

Weight capacity

Every airline has a baggage weight limit. Overweight baggage will cost you anything from $50 to $120. The finest baggage scale will tell you how much your suitcase weighs as it rests.

Make sure your luggage scale has a weight capacity that exceeds the limit airline weight. Most airlines, for example, allow up to 50 pounds of checked baggage. Most baggage scales have a load capacity of 70 to 110 LBs, which is plenty for most visitors.

Size and weight of the scale

When selecting a baggage scale, the size and weight are two factors to consider. This is especially important when choosing a scale to take on overseas excursions with you.

Portable versions are extremely light, weighing only a few ounces yet supporting the whole weight of your luggage. Large, bigger, or bulkier scales take up more room in your luggage and contribute to your load capacity, putting more pressure on your spine.

Measurement type

Analog and digital measurements are the two most prevalent measurement kinds. Analog models are favored by certain travelers. These scales are battery-free and come with a gauge containing a number of marks across the face. Every digit represents a different magnitude. You could discover that these models aren't as realistic as you thought, especially as they become older.

Digital scales are popular among modern travelers because they are precise to a fraction of an ounce and feature vivid displays. These display the precise weight on an LED or LCD screen, eliminating the need to struggle with reading the scale and viewing the weight on the marks across the face.

Scale accuracy

It's pointless to buy a scale unless it's accurate. You should also seek ones that are accurate to a fraction of an ounce since this will help you avoid the exorbitant fines and penalties that certain airlines levy for overweight luggage. If the scale isn't correct, you might be charged a lot of money when you check-in for your flight.

Which features of luggage scales are the most appealing?


When purchasing a baggage scale for foreign travel, an important factor to consider is its general durability. Is there a hook securely connected to the bottom of the scale?

Those who live in inexpensive housing may have issues since their case may break during transportation. This is especially true for any travels where you could toss or lose your backpack, such as adventure vacations. You must ensure that both the case and the scale are robust enough to survive your activities at home and on your vacation.

Transportation ease

Is it possible to fold the scales for convenient transport? This is an apparent benefit if they are lightweight themselves.

Luggage scale with kilo and pound measuring capabilities

All of the hand-held digital weighing scales allow you to change the weight unit from pounds to kilograms, ounces, and even grams. On the corner of the display, you may switch/convert and pick your favorite weight units.

What are the types of luggage scales?

You may use luggage scales in a variety of ways. The three most frequent scale types are:

Strap scales

Strap scales operate by attaching a strap to the baggage handles. Depending on the design, it will either click or tie into place. The top of the strap will be attached to a handle, which will allow you to lift and weigh your luggage.

Although some operate automatically, you may have to push a button to receive a weight reading. These types of luggage scales are a great option to travel with.

Hook scales

These scales let you lift your baggage with the hook to receive a weight readout, similar to the strap scales. Hook scales are quick and simple to use, and they can be stored conveniently.

Floor scales

These don’t have any straps or hooks because you will be putting weights on them by placing the scale on the floor. The biggest advantage of this type of luggage scale is the ease of use. You will not be required to lift your heavy luggage for a long period just for the sake of weighing it.

What are the other ways to weigh your luggage?

Luggage scales are the quickest and most convenient method to weigh your luggage. If you can't find one for whatever reason, or if you need a one-time weight reading, there are a few alternative options. These are some of them:

Visiting the post office

Post offices frequently feature trustworthy scales on which to weigh packages. If you're lucky and they are courteous, you might be able to get a fast reading in an office.

Arriving at the airport beforehand

If you are concerned that your luggage may be overweight, arrive early for check-in. Inquire at an open counter whether they can weigh your bag immediately. In this manner, if your luggage turns out to be overweight, you will have time to reorganize.

Make use of a body scale

Stand on the scale and record your weight on it. Then, while holding your baggage, stand on the scale. The weight of your luggage will be the difference between the two readouts.

Best Luggage Scales FAQs

Q: What is the accuracy of digital baggage scales?
A: The majority of these tiny luggage scales are as precise as or better than airport luggage scales. The majority of them have a 10-gram precise accuracy (0.35 ounces).

Q: What tends to happen if your luggage is too heavy to carry?
A: Overweight luggage costs can be far more expensive than standard checked luggage prices. American and United airlines, for instance, impose $100 on every checked luggage between 50 to 70 LBs and $200 for luggage for more than 70 LBs for domestic routes.

Q: What is the max baggage allowance for a suitcase?
A: For most airlines, the load capacity limit for luggage is approximately 50 pounds, along with the restrictions of dimensions of the bags. This limit varies widely depending upon the airline.

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