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10 Travel Photography Tips

10 Travel Photography Tips

One of the best ways to remember your travels is by taking photos. When done right, you’ll be able to fondly remember all the memories you made throughout your trip just by looking at them. To really immortalize your trip properly, here are ten tips that’ll make your next vacation one to remember.

Put You or Other People in the Photos

This goes without saying, but if you want to take photos that you want to look at in the future, you’ll need someone to be in it. After all, if it’s just scenery you’re taking a picture of, then you could just look up photos online. To take a photo that’s unique to you, take a selfie or a photo with friends or loved ones. It adds a lot of sentimental value.

Take Photos of Lesser-Known Places

Thousands, probably millions of people have seen the Statue of Liberty, despite not ever having been to New York. That’s because the most iconic statues, landmarks, and attractions have probably an image circulating somewhere online. If you want a photo that you can proudly say is your own, then take photos of something that nobody other than the locals know of. It could be a small cafe that had a delicious local brew, or a restaurant with a unique take on a recipe you’re familiar with.

Take Photos from Unique Angles

If you want a photo that’s different from the usual ones you find online, shoot them at interesting angles. Many people have seen pictures of the Grand Canyon, but few have seen this landmark up-close. Taking a unique angle for a photo really gives a new perspective to it.

Do Your Research on the Place

If you’re traveling, you’ll likely be pressed for time. After all, unless you’ve only gone there to take photos, you’ll probably want to dine, shop, or enjoy other things. Every second counts when on a trip, so if you want to take the best photos possible, be sure to look up the location beforehand. Find out the best spots to take a photo. If it’s a park or museum, look up their opening hours. Do your research before the trip if you can so you have as much time as possible taking those photos.

Check the Weather

The weather can affect your photos significantly, especially if you’re taking them outdoors. Try giving some allowance for photo-taking in your schedule for a few days, so that you can go on another day if the weather’s bad. You can always spend your time on other things while waiting for better weather.

Travel Light

You don’t need to bring fancy equipment with you when taking photos. Often, a monopod or tripods are enough, along with a camera bag and a memory card. You don’t really need a light meter or ring flash for most of the photos that you’ll be taking, and they’ll just be a hassle to carry, anyways. Many professional photographers even make do with their digital camera alone. And as long as you know how to take photos like a pro, you won’t really be needing the extra equipment, anyway.

Be Ready to Wait

The right photo takes time. Some photographers wait at a location for hours or even days on end just for the perfect shot. Of course, not everybody’s got that time, but if you’re somebody who does, a little patience won’t hurt.

Get a Phone with a Good Camera

There may be some reasons as to why you’d prefer not to bring your DSLR camera if you have one. In these cases, you can easily make do with smartphones. Many smartphones these days come with incredibly high-quality cameras that rival even some professional ones.

Learn to Edit and Apply Filters

Simple editing skills can go a long way. By learning how to apply filters, crop, and make a few adjustments here and there, your photo can look a lot better than it was before. If you’re willing to edit photos, then you’ll create pieces of art that really stand out from the rest.

Ask Around

In many places, the locals will know great spots for photos. Don’t be afraid to ask around, as you may find hidden gems that otherwise would be unknown to you and, possibly, the rest of the world.


Some of the best photos are taken far away from home. With the right photos, you can take a piece of the destination back with you, and keep it in your memory for the rest of your life.

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