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Maintain an Organized Kitchen With the Best Magnetic Knife Holders

  1. Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder
  2. Cucino Magnetic Knife Holder
  3. HMmagnets Magnetic Knife Holder
  4. wooDsom Magnetic Knife Holder
  5. Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Holder
  6. Buyer's Guide

If you’re someone who's an avid chef, then sooner or later you’re going to have to invest in a proper storage space to stash all your precious utensils. Sure, drawers and knife blocks work just fine, but if you want to keep your knives in the best shape possible, free from any scratches and untimely dulling, then you need to get your hands on a high-grade knife holder. This will not only allow for more precious countertop real estate but will also keep your kitchen looking neat. If you happen to have children in the house, it becomes important to keep the blades out of easy reach to stave off any unwelcome accidents. Similarly, a mounted magnetic knife holder will give effortless access to a multitude of utensils at once, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. However, before buying a knife holder, it’s important to consider a handful of pointers to purchase the best one. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best magnetic knife holders of 2022, explaining all the perks in thorough detail.

Detailing the Best Magnetic Knife Holders of 2022

Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder - Best Overall

Not only is this 16-inch heavy-duty magnetic bar awesome for metallic kitchen utensils, but it can also be employed to deposit various other items like toys, arts and crafts supplies, and even jewelry. This incredibly versatile magnetic strip can stick to just about any metallic surface, whether it be your wall, refrigerator door, workshop, or garage, Ouddy has got your back. All the essential hardware is pre-included inside the package to ensure a smooth installation process. Moreover, the premium stainless steel plates impart functionality, while at the same time, maintaining a stunning metallic appearance to furnish your kitchen with a luxurious look. The powerful and robust magnetic strip maintains a perfect grip on all your favorite essentials while keeping itself firm and rust-free for years to come.

  • The strong magnetic properties offer optimal durability
  • Versatile and secure nature ensures a stress-free experience
  • Convenient to clean and store
  • A manual guidebook is not included

Cucino Magnetic Knife Holder - Easy Installation

This magnetic knife holder from Cucino blends traditional design with cutting-edge technology in a way that is truly unique. Simply pressing this adhesive magnetic knife holder into the wall is all that you need to mount it. Strong 3M self-adhesive tape covers the entire surface of the backplate, ensuring an effortless attachment. The magnetic wall-mounted knife holder is meant to secure everything and anything that is made of metal. In addition, the holder has plastic tabs that detach it from the magnetic strip, allowing for drilling into a wall or attached with an adhesive strip. It features a hygienic grade of stainless steel construction and only takes one swipe to make it look brand new.

  • Effortless installation without tools
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Slightly heavier stainless steel

HMmagnets Magnetic Knife Holder - Runner Up

The HM magnetic knife holder includes a 17-inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar that is extra-strong and provides a heavy-duty magnetic pull. The magnetic bar is double-sided, which allows the knife holder to easily be mounted on flat surfaces such as refrigerator doors and kitchen walls. HM magnets are also reputable for their marvelous customer service along with their elegant and contemporary design. The knife holder is compatible with any set of knives, including chef’s knives, butcher knives, cleavers, and even bread knives. This is especially handy if you like collecting different brands of knives and have a diverse collection to store in your kitchen. Additionally, you’ll also acquire a pack of hardware for effortless at-home installation. This includes multiple screws, anchors, and a pre-made stencil for accurate wall mounting. Overall, the HM magnetic knife strip is a brilliant option that offers both versatility and functionality, making it a considerably practical purchase.

  • Optimal 17-inch extensive length
  • Double-sided magnets for improved versatility
  • Compatible with both refrigerators and walls
  • Costly magnetic knives holder
  • The material itself is fairly thin

wooDsom Magnetic Knife Holder - Honorable Mention

This 16-inches walnut-colored wooden magnetic knife holder is one of the best of its kind. Not only does the wooden surface provide a stronghold for the knives to latch on to, but it also works to keep the blades sharper for longer. A unique feature of this particular set is its incredibly long length that ranges from 8-inches up to a prodigious 36-inches. If this extensive range still doesn’t meet your sizing demands, then you can even get the magnetic strip custom-made, to specifically suit your individual needs. The 100% natural wood is completely antibacterial to prevent germs from getting in contact with your utensils. Besides this, the magnetic bar also contains no chemical finishes. However, the Woodsom magnetic knife holder can only be mounted onto cabinets and walls and is not compatible with refrigerators as the holder doesn’t contain a double-sided magnetic strip. If you prefer the wood look, this is your knife holder.

  • Extremely lengthy magnetic bar
  • Lacquer-free and antibacterial wooden surface
  • Ability to adjust the size by getting it custom-made
  • Cannot be mounted on a refrigerator door

Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Holder - Contender

This 10-inch long magnetic knife holder rack by Modern Innovations is by far the most portable option on our list. However, despite the small size, this magnetic bar does not disappoint when it comes to the functionality and durability of the appliance. This utensil holder is available in a dazzling silver color that makes your kitchen instantly more elegant and luxurious-looking. The strong magnetic fields generated by the bar make the knives stick securely to the strips’ surface. Not only is this a hundred percent rust-proof in nature, but it’s also relatively inexpensive compared to its counterparts. Upon purchasing this knife holding bar, you’ll get all the essential mounting hardware along with step-by-step instructions for a stress-free installation process.

  • 10-inch long small-scale knife holder
  • Contemporary stainless-steel display
  • 100% rust-roof magnetic bar
  • The size is not ideal for storing numerous utensils

Buyer's Guide

What are the Benefits of Owning a Magnetic Knife Holder?

Efficient Storage

Not only do magnetic knife holders promote effortless and efficient knife storage, but they also maintain the quality and sharpness of your knives. With a magnetic holder, you can easily access your knives whenever the need occurs without the hassle of opening drawers and cabinets. Besides enhanced organization, magnetic knife holders are also incredible preservers of valuable countertop space.

Improves knife longevity

Every cook requires a collection of extra-sharp knives in their utensil arsenal. A magnetic holder will ensure your knives stay nice and razor-sharp year-round. Not only will these bars keep your knives free from unwanted scratches and grooves, but they will also improve their overall endurance by preventing them from rubbing against each other.

Minimizes Accidents

Unlike stands and drawers that keep the knives within reach of small children, magnetic knife bars ensure a worry-free environment by locating the knives far from reach, eliminating all major knife accidents, especially when children are involved.

How to Mound a Magnetic Knife Holder

Installing a magnetic knife holder is a piece of cake. People often get intimidated by the process, but with the proper instructions, you’ll get the bar up in no time. Most magnetic knife holders come with their respective mounting hardware, however, you may need to arrange the equipment yourself in case it’s not included. Simply lay the bar against your desired surface and mark the drilling areas with a pencil. Continue to make the proper holes before inserting the screws. To finish, tighten the screws nicely and attach the rack using the slots at the back.

What are the Different Magnetic Knife Holder Sizes?


Anywhere between 24 and 36-inches is considered a large size for magnetic knife bars. This can accommodate around 8 knives at once and is optimal for commercial use.


This size ranges firm 10-18 inches and also contains the space to house up to 8 knives and is usually the ideal option for beginners and first-timers looking to invest in a decent magnetic knife holder piece.


These are only around 8 to 6 inches and harbor around 6 knives at a time. This compact size is an excellent option for less spacious kitchens where space is limited.

Where Should you install a Magnetic Knife Holder?

When it comes to mounting your knife, there are a variety of locations you can choose from. A common area people prefer to lodge their knife holders is above the stovetop. Not only is it quite spacious, but also relatively unused. Another great option is the inside of a cupboard, if you don’t want your knives out on display, then storing them on a knife holder inside a cupboard is your best bet.

Magnetic Knife Holder FAQ

Q: Can I hang my knives upside down?

A: While you won’t see any immediate adversities by facing the blade upwards, still, hanging the knives with the blades facing up is the most secure option as it prevents any accidental cuts and makes it easier to grab the handles.

Q: Can I mount my knife holder behind the sink?

A: The wall behind the sink is a perfect location for hanging a knife holder. Not only does this make the washing and drying process more convenient but also keeps the knives out of children’s reach.

Q: Does a knife block catch germs?

A: Interestingly, yes. If you stash the knives inside a wet block, then bacteria may start to grow. This is why it’s crucial to let the holder dry completely before storing your knives.

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