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Store Your Tea Simply and Beautifully with the Best Tea Box

  1. Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box
  2. Lipper International Tea Box
  3. The Bamboo Leaf Wooden Tea Storage Chest Box
  4. Signature Living Bamboo Tea Box
  5. Buyer's Guide

For those of us who drink tea, the question of how to store it is a question that we never quite answer. There's a simple solution that can make the process of storing your favorite tea a little bit easier. A tea box helps you keep your tea in one convenient place. We've rounded up the best tea boxes to keep you organized when it comes to your preferred drink.

What are the best tea boxes of 2022?

Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box - Best Tea Box Overall

If you're looking for a slightly less expensive tea box option, we recommend the Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box. Unlike the Signature Living tea box, this measures a half an inch shorter and does not contain the accessory drawer. If those are not necessary, the Oceanstar is a close second. It sports many of the same features such as bamboo construction, an acrylic glass top, 8 storage compartments, and magnets to keep the lid shut. The Oceanstar is a great pick all while keeping a little more money in your pocket.

Lipper International Tea Box - Best Slim Tea Box

If you don't need 8 compartments or are looking for a slimmer profile tea box, we recommend the 5 section Lipper Bamboo Tea Box. This box offers 5 equally-spaced storage compartments, and the bamboo box design is also unique enough to display other accessories besides tea: jewelry, crafts, and even hardware accessories such as screws and nails. The acrylic lid wraps from the base of the lid and over the front of the box to provide a better look inside the container.

The Bamboo Leaf Wooden Tea Storage Chest Box - Honorable Mention

If premium is what you're after, then consider the Bamboo Leaf Chest Box. Similar to others on the list, this tea box houses 8 individual compartments and a see-through lid. The similarities stop there though. The Bamboo Leaf lets you choose from 3 distinct color choices: Cherrywood, Natural, and Black, with each offering its own unique aesthetic appeal. In addition, the display top is real glass rather than acrylic to prevent scratches. The reinforced L-shaped hinges are much sturdier than the standard 2-way swing design, and they're proudly finished in a gold hue. To top it all off, the bottom is lined in velvet for a premium feel. These additions definitely drive up the cost compared to some of the other tea boxes we've recommended. That said, with a consumer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars at the time of publishing, most owners seem to be very pleased with the quality and feel of the Bamboo Leaf Tea Box.

Signature Living Bamboo Tea Box - Consider

The Signature Living Bamboo Tea Box is our favorite tea box thanks to its unique combination of a rustic, eye-catching design and thoughtful touches. This particular tea box is made out of bamboo, which is a readily renewable material that is well-known for its environmentally-friendly characteristics. The lid swings open freely on its hinges, with a transparent center panel that allows the contents to be visible at a glance with the lid closed. One particularly convenient feature is the built-in drawer that pulls out from under the center organizers; it's designed to accommodate strainers, spoons, infusers, and any other tea accessories that would otherwise be floating loose in a random kitchen drawer. The compartments inside the box are adjustable as well, giving you plenty of flexibility in terms of storage options for tea bags and other equipment. Considering the sub-$30 price tag and robust build quality, this tea box steamrolls the competition and earns our top recommendation.

Buyer's Guide

A hot cup of tea in the morning works as an energy booster for most people. The most wonderful thing about tea is its versatility. It helps you wind down and relax after a long day, can caffeinate you to kick-start your day, and helps ward off signs of fatigue. But what’s the best option to store tea to ensure that it contains the same freshness and taste even after a few months?

Buying the best tea boxes is as hard as deciding on which tea type is your favorite. Tea storage containers come in different styles, materials, and sizes. There is no straightforward answer to the best tea boxes as the choices vary widely depending upon your needs and preferences. However, we have scoured the internet to list down everything you need to consider when shopping for the best tea boxes in 2021 and beyond.

What Factors Should You Consider While Selecting the Best Tea Boxes?

Regardless of how small or large your tea collection is, you want to store the tea in the best possible way. Here are some of the crucial considerations that every tea lover should think of before purchasing tea boxes.

Construction material

You are likely to find tea organizers that are made of plastic, wood, and glass. Each of these materials has its benefits and drawbacks. Boxes that are made up of wood protect against dampness, light, and other elements. They're also sturdier and last longer, but the additional weight and higher cost may be a turn-off for some.

On the other hand, tea containers made of plastic are typically lighter in both weight and price, but they can break more easily. Glass organizers have a chic look, but they don't provide the shade necessary to protect the tea on their own. Therefore, you should make sure that the model you are purchasing should meet your organizing needs.


Just like other products, you should consider the organizer’s size because the size of your tea collection will ultimately determine the size of the organizer you need. Fortunately, tea organizers come in different sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

Number of compartments

When you compare tea containers, the most important consideration is the number of compartments that they have to store different types of tea. Small-sized boxed might only have four to five compartments. On the other hand, larger ones can feature up to 12. If you have a lot of tea of the same type, you might not need a container with compartments at all.

Lid type

You will find different types of lids depending on the type of container you have. Glass, plastic, and solid lids are the most common. If you want to show off your tea collection, then glass lids will be the best choice because you can see all tea types at just one glance. Solid lids provide the most protection from the elements, but the drawback is that they don’t let you see what’s inside.

Customizable or not?

A model with several adjustable compartments can help you de-clutter your kitchen space. You can easily organize the tea and even spices with a customizable design.

What are different types of tea storage containers available?

Depending on the construction material of containers, they are divided into the following types:

Bamboo storage containers

These organizers are fun and attractive to present in front of guests and giving them the option to choose their favorite tea variety. This sustainable and durable wood is actually a grass that is naturally bacteria and water resistant to store your tea perfectly.

Glass tea containers

For those looking for an airtight seal and exquisite appearance, glass tea containers can be the best choice. However, they transmit light and are fragile compared to other types. Because light speeds up the fermentation process, you should take care to keep teas stored in these types of containers out of the sun. Still, glass containers are a good option to store tea to enable guests to view all tea types available at a glance.

Silver tea organizers

Silver containers are the among the most luxurious and compelling types of tea boxes. However, as you'd expect from a premium product, you should be prepared to pay more for the look. Also, keep in mind that the silver teaware’s surface can oxidize easily, and will need continuous maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Tin tea organizers

Tin boxes have excellent sealing performance that plays a pivotal role in oxidation resistance. The fragrance of the tea will remain intact with tin canisters having less odor. The temperature inside the tin organizers will keep air dry due to high thermal conductivity and airtightness.

Iron tea boxes

If you want to store loose leaf tea, then iron tea organizers are a big no. Despite the outstanding sealing performance, iron is prone to rust. Tea leaves absorb the smell of their surrounding environment easily, and the smell of rust can irreversibly affect your tea’s quality and flavor once the container shows even a hint of rusting.

Cardboard tea container

These are usually the packaging that store-bought teas come in. As it has a low cost (meaning included with the tea), most people find it a budget-friendly alternative. However, the sealing performance is not-so-good. Unless you plan to consume all of the tea within a day or two, cardboard is not recommended to store tea in.

How Much Does A Tea Storage Container Cost?


You can find tea boxes under $15. Such boxes are usually smaller in size. For instance, plastic boxes are a cheaper alternative.


Then comes tea containers between $15 and $30 in price. These usually have compartments, and the most common material is bamboo, iron, or tin.


High-quality material costs a bit more, and containers over $25 will typically feature sturdier builds. These come with some additional features and are the most aesthetically pleasing ones.

Tea Box FAQ

Q: Where Should You Put Your Tea Storage Boxes?

A: No matter how durable, sustainable, and sturdy the material is, it requires a little bit of proactive protection and maintenance. The foremost priority should be to keep it in a place where it won't get wet or damp accidentally.

Q: How Should You Clean the Tea Boxes?

A: Tea boxes often get dirty and catch dust when kept openly. You can either wipe the box off with a dry cloth or wash it depending on the construction material.

Q: Why Should You Avoid Buying Glass Tea Box?

A: Untreated glass cannot block UV rays and light from passing through it. Thus it can boost the fermentation process and can degrade your teas. You should try to put tea boxes with a glass lid in a dark and dry environment.

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