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Best Medicine Balls for Functional Training

  1. Power Systems Elite Power Medicine Ball
  2. Champion Sports 12Lbs Medicine Ball
  3. SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball
  4. Champion Sports Medicine Ball
  5. Day 1 Fitness Medicine Ball
  6. Reebok Medicine Ball
  7. Buyer's Guide

Medicine balls are one of the greatest tools when it comes to functional training. Their uses are nearly endless and they find their way into fitness programs from basic weight loss to extreme strength programs. There are multiple types of medicine balls and hundreds of brands, which makes choosing the best product a difficult task. The best medicine balls in 2022 were selected because of the high quality of manufacturing, like great stitching and zero seam burrs, being best at what they were made for like bouncing, throwing, or striking, and being available in a large variety of weights.

Detailing the Best Medicine Balls of 2022

Power Systems Elite Power Medicine Ball - Best Medicine Ball Overall

Power Systems has some of the highest quality and innovative fitness equipment you will find anywhere so their Elite Power medicine ball is easy to crown as our number one best. Much like other top tier medicine balls, Power Systems offers the Elite Power in 11 color-coded weights ranging from 2 to 30 pounds. The exterior is hard enough to bounce off any surface yet soft enough so it won’t hurt your hands doing passing exercises.

The texture is unlike any other ball on the market with a sort of cracked glass texture that’s easy on the finger tips but makes gripping in wet conditions easy. There’s also smooth grooves around the ball that help with quick finger placement for fast paced exercises. If you’re looking for the best overall medicine ball for throwing, bouncing, slamming, and catching this one is it.

Champion Sports 12Lbs Medicine Ball - Highest Quality

The champion sports exercise ball has managed to secure a distinct place on the list. The ball is precisely weighted and perfectly shaped to match the highest quality standards. It has smooth-textured leather skin that is gentle on the hand and offers a firm grip for a comfortable experience. Moreover, it bounces smoothly, making it a good choice to use anywhere. Plus, it comes with a budget-friendly price tag in the category of medicine balls, so people who are on a budget can count on it.

The ball is available in eight color and size options within the range of 4-22 Lbs. Apart from a high level of comfortability and practicality, the durability is also matchless. It’s made from premium quality materials and high-grade leather. The leather is put together with reinforced stitching to withstand rough and tough use.

SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball - Runner Up

SPRI never disappoints with their products and they produce one of the best medicine balls out there. The Xerball is designed for maximum bounce and you can even add more air to increase its bounce. This medicine ball is offered in color coded weights from 2 to 30 pounds, increasing in two pound increments. The textured rubber exterior not only helps this ball bounce better, it also helps you grip the ball in wet conditions. The textured surface is also practically seamless, meaning no burrs or seams to catch your fingers or cause unneeded calluses.

Champion Sports Medicine Ball - Honorable Mention

When it comes to striking medicine balls, the Dynamax Elite is by far the best and gives most traditional medicine balls a run for their money. This type of ball is commonly referred to as a striking ball because it’s heavy enough to toss around like a traditional medicine ball, but padded so it won’t hurt too much to punch or kick it. This particular ball was designed by NFL offensive line coaches for training purposes so you know that it is made to take a beating.

The outside is made with high quality materials and then triple stitched so it can take all kinds of punishment without cracking, ripping at the seams, or tearing. This ball is available in sizes from 4 to 30 pounds which is great for diverse workout routines. Additionally, while the outside of this striking ball is rather smooth, it’s still easy to maintain a good grip, even with sweaty hands.

Day 1 Fitness Medicine Ball - Consider

Rogue are a go to company for body builders and athletes alike and they know how to make a durable product. The Rogue Echo Slam Ball was specifically designed for overhead ball slams so it can take a beating without breaking or losing its shape. These balls are offered in weights from 10 to 50 pounds in 5 pound increments for easy weight increases as your strength grows.

The exterior is softer and rubbery but it still offers texture for great grip with thin lines around the ball for enhanced gripping. Protected by a three year warranty, this is the perfect ball for slams but can also be used for throws and tosses.

Reebok Medicine Ball - Best Medicine Ball

Rogue’s soft striking ball is constructed to meet the needs of a serious athlete because of its durable materials and construction. It uses double stitched nylon thread on thick vinyl to ensure a stout ball while the weight inside of these balls is expertly balanced, making them perfect for throwing exercises.

The softness of the ball combined with a special vinyl coating makes gripping the ball easy, even in the wettest conditions. Rogue’s medicine ball is available in 11 weight options from 4 to 30 pounds to better suit each individual’s fitness needs.

Buyer's Guide

Medicine balls are made to serve as replacements for free weights when engaged in resistance exercises. Also, they can be passed between partners and thrown to and fro. Before buying the best medicine balls, read through our comprehensive guide for the best tips and tricks.

Types of Medicine Balls

There are three core types of medicine balls: wall ball, traditional medicine ball, and slam ball. Standard medicine balls are weighted and smooth, and they are made using plastic, leather, or rubber. They are usually the smallest among the lot.

Wall balls are generally made to be thrown against the wall, which is why they can absorb a large amount of impact. This type of ball is usually softer than the traditional medicine ball, and it is easier to handle and catch. You can get these balls in weights ranging between 2 and 50 pounds.

The third type of medicine ball is the slam ball, which is thrown repeatedly against the ground. This type of ball is the hardest of the lot, and the exterior is made using thick rubber. Also, they are made with minimal bounce.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Medicine Balls

Here are a few things you should consider before you buy any of the best medicine balls out there.

· Ball material

Most medicine balls are made using genuine leather, rubber, or synthetic leather. The earlier medicine balls were made using leather, and they were also resistant to weather elements. On the other hand, synthetic leather balls were not quite durable, but there has been considerable improvement with technology creating more challenging balls. Textured rubber balls have since been assumed a more popular option because they give the best grip for exercises.

· Ball style

The ball style is one of the most vital factors you should consider because it plays a massive role in determining the result. For instance, handled medicine balls are not ideal for wall or slam balls. The grips on these types of balls make them suitable for non-release exercises. Wall balls are pretty popular with Cross Fit enthusiasts.

· Ball size

Medicine balls are designed in different shapes and sizes, which means your choice will hinge on what you want to use the ball for. Remember that despite medicine balls being small, they aren't always light.

You can use more petite balls for speed training, while you may use others for weight and strength training.

· Ball weight

The weight of the ball is another significant factor you should consider when hunting for a medicine ball. The weight will dictate how quickly and well you achieve your objectives. However, the ball shouldn't be so heavy that you begin to struggle when using it and cause injury to yourself.

If you are thinking of a lightweight ball, search for one with a weight range between 2 and 5 lbs, as that is best for beginners and aerobics. If you want to engage in intensive exercises, you need a ball that ranges between 20 and 50 lbs.

· Ball durability

No matter how carefully you use medicine balls, they can become deformed with time. However, most brands out there take steps to ensure that the chances of deformation are reduced therefore prolonging the lifetime of the products. Some brands even make balls with reinforced or double seams to give them greater rigidity.

· Price

There are several balls out there with different weights, textures, and levels of quality. The price you will pay for the ball will ultimately hinge on the quality and weight you want to buy. However, when scouting for a ball, don't be too conscious of getting a cheap ball to ignore quality. The good news is that you can get an affordable but decent ball just like the ones contained in the review of this article.

· Warranty and reviews

With so many choices out there, it can be a bit confusing to find the perfect ball for your needs. However, if you want to minimize the risk of buying the wrong ball, you should focus on balls with sterling reviews. It would help if you got reviews of the past users of such balls online and offline. Also, only buy the ball if it comes with a product warranty.

Advantages of Using a Medicine Ball

The advantages of using this ball are numerous, and while working out with the balls, you learn to combine endurance, strength, and cardiovascular training all in one movement. Some of the benefits of using a medicine ball include:

· Strength

The ball’s weight will help you build strength within your core while engaging in exercise. Also, when the ball is used to replace a kettlebell in activities like lunges, you will be building strength in your lower body.

· Heart fitness

There are several vigorous activities you can engage in using a medicine ball. Such activities can provide you with an excellent way to boost lung and heart fitness.

· Functional fitness

When training with a medicine ball, you will be working with your entire body instead of an isolated part. Different actions carried out using a medicine ball are a reflection of daily sports activities.

· Burning calories

The medicine balls can be used to burn a lot of calories, which helps the body remain fit.

· Hand-eye coordination

When you are involved in many reps of catching and throwing the ball, you will improve your eye-hand coordination.

Best Medicine Ball FAQs

Q. Which muscles can medicine balls focus on?

A. You can engage in different exercises using the medicine ball, and various types of exercise are aimed at other groups of muscles. You may use the ball to work on your shoulders, abs, triceps, and biceps.

Q. What medicine ball exercises can I try out?

A. Some of the exercises you can engage in include overhead slam, bicep curls, shoulder press, and weighted superman.

Q. How can I use a medicine ball to improve my abs?

A. Some of the techniques you can use to boost your abs using a medicine ball include Russian twists, medicine ball crunches, toe touches, and mountain climbers.

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