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Review: Best Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are a surprisingly versatile piece of exercise equipment which can be used in all sorts of training programs. However, that's the same reason why every fitness company under the sun comes out with their own version of this popular piece of gym equipment. All this does is make it difficult to choose an exercise ball which will meet and exceed your specific workout needs. The best exercise balls on this list were chosen because of their weight capacity of at least 300 pounds, manufactured with thick, puncture resistant materials like PVC plastic, as well as their ribbed, non-slip texture for a firm grip. These best exercise balls in 2021 also come with manufacturers warranties which offer piece of mind you'll likely never have to pay for another ball, little extras like instructional DVDs, and weighted bases which keep the ball in place during your workout.

Comparing the Best Exercise Ball

DYNAPRO Exercise Ball

Enjoy a rewarding and fun time exercising using this eco-friendly and anti-burst ball in your chair, home, and gym.

If you are looking to get ahead in your journey to improve your health, the DUNAPRO exercise ball is the perfect tool for you. Each box comes with an exercise ball which inflates with the help of an accompanying hand pump. This ball can be used in fitness training such as Pilates and yoga. One other unique feature of this ball is that it is made from a hundred percent recycled material with a thickness of about 2275 micrometers giving it good resistance to sharp objects on the floor. The ball comes in a non-slip ribbed body which stays put when it contacts the skin. The matte surface makes the ball easy to hold without slipping when used. You get to choose from four sizes which are 75cm, 65cm, 55cm, and 45cm.

Fitter First DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball

Fitter First is more known for their sports specific gear than they are for their exercise equipment, but that doesn't keep this from being a sweet balance ball. It's made from a synthetic material which called Duralon and can sustain weights up to 1100 pounds. Instead of traditional ribs it uses wide indents in order to keep users from slipping and keep the ball in place.  Unfortunately this ball does not come with any extras but you can add a pump and a ball holder for an additional price. The Duraball Pro is offered in six different sizes which can meet the needs of just about any individual out there.

BOSU Ballast Exercise Ball

Bosu changed the entire game when they introduced the original Bosu Ball. Interestingly enough, they didn’t develop the ballast ball until after the Bosu Ball which means there was time to make their traditional exercise ball extra special. The thing that really makes this ball stand out is a second weighted ball inside the ballast ball which keeps it in place during your workout and between sets. Unlike other balls which are covered in ribs, this ball is has grooves which work just as well prevent you from sliding off the ball while being a little more comfortable the standard ribs. The burst proof material can hold users up to 300 pounds and the ball also has added benefits as well including a foot pump, work out DVD, and the ability to stack without the need for a ball stand.

Power Systems VersaBall Stability Exercise Ball

Power Systems is one of the most recognizable names among gym owners and personal trainers thanks to their biannual magazines filled with awesome gym-quality products. This particular ball comes in four different sizes to fit most body types and it's available in five different colors to fit your personal style. The thick PVC material supports more weight than you will ever need and is designed to deflate slowly if the ball is ever punctured. The ribbed outside prevents users from slipping and keeps the ball from rolling too far away between sets. Unfortunately, the air pump is sold separately, but it does offer a tape measure to ensure the ball is properly inflated and there's also the reliability Power Systems products are known for in general.

Black Mountain Exercise Ball

First of all, this ball from Black Mountain doesn't mess around with its maximum weight capacity of one ton; this means that a 300 pound body builder could bench 1,700 pounds on this ball without issue. The PVC and latex material is thick without being sticky and features ribs around the ball to make sure you don’t slip off of it during your workout. Black Mountain is so sure about this ball that they offer a lifetime warranty for home use. What’s more, the ball comes with its own pump, a handy exercise guide. and it's offered in five different sizes to meet the needs of most individuals.

Resist-A-Ball Stability Exercise Ball

This exercise ball offers you great physical resistance during a workout as well as being puncture and rupture resistant. The ball is made from a thick PVC material which is nearly impossible to puncture and designed to hold up to half a ton of weight in a gym. It is offered in three different sizes which is a small selection, but most users will be able to find a ball that fits their height. The ribs are small so they'll keep you from slipping and prevent the ball from rolling too far away between sets without digging into your back during a workout. Unfortunately, this ball doesn't automatically come with any extras, but you can purchase multiple exercise ball training videos from the Resist-a-Ball site.

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