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Burn Some Calories with the Best Pedal Exerciser

  1. DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser
  2. Isokinetics Magnetic Pedal Exerciser
  3. Stamina Mini Pedal Exerciser
  4. Stamina InMotion Compact Pedal Exerciser
  5. Footsmart Electronic Pedaler
  6. Buyer's Guide

Pedal exercisers as a whole don’t seem like much but they may be one of the most important cardio machines out there. One may question what could be so important about a machine which is basically a pair of bike pedals. However, it serves two important purposes as a machine for both rehabilitation as well as calorie burning.

Pedal exercisers are especially important because they can serve as cardio machine for paraplegics as they are small and can easily sit on a table. A lot more than meets the eye goes into these exercisers which is why choosing the best is a difficult task. These best pedal exerciser in 2022 were chosen because of their quality materials and manufacturing, quiet and dependable resistance, and compact size for table top and floor use as well as easy storage.

Comparing the Best Pedal Exerciser for 2022

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser - Best Pedal Exerciser Overall

Desk Cycle is one of the most highly touted pedal exercisers out there because it’s perfect in almost every way. The compact design and lightweight frame makes it perfect to fit underneath your desk to exercise while you work or on the table for an upper body workout. The Desk Cycle has the lowest pedal height available on the market which makes it more versatile for individuals of all heights. The Desk Cycle is also designed for maintenance free longevity with high quality steel parts and hard plastic casing which protect the components.

Desk Cycle offers eight levels of smooth, magnetic resistance which is so quiet it won’t interrupt your work or individuals around you. This device has a rather simple console with a twist; while it’s a single screen with few buttons which display only the most important information, it can be mounted on the device or displayed on your desk with additional equipment.

Isokinetics Magnetic Pedal Exerciser - Runner Up

This machine is one of the largest of the pedal exercisers which has its advantages and disadvantages. It may not work for every desk but it’s also heavier which makes it harder to tip. A combination of steel innards, powder coated steel feet, rubber, and high grade plastics make this machine solid and durable.

The feet of this machine are adjustable between 16 and 21 inches to better accommodate multiple user sizes. It relies on a sliding grade adjustable magnetic resistance which is smooth and quiet. Like most other pedal exercisers this pedal excerciser comes with a simple console which tracks your key information and shows them in on an alternating LCD screen.

Stamina Mini Pedal Exerciser - Honorable Mention

Stamina has carved out a niche in the fitness industry by offering well-made, budget minded equipment like this one. The device is lightweight and easy to move yet is very durable thanks to high grade aluminum parts, soft polymers, and a hard plastic casing. The feet on this device are pretty special because they’re designed to comfortable support the feet while being thin enough for a comfortable grip when using it for upper body movements.

This device uses adjustable tension resistance which offers a deeper and more controlled resistance than magnetic-based pedal exercisers. The built-in console offers single button accessibility, displaying only your most important data and is protected from accidentally being kicked or knocked off the device.

Stamina InMotion Compact Pedal Exerciser - Consider

The versatile folding cycle by Stamina folds up for easy storage and transportation and is made almost exclusively of durable, long-lasting steel which makes it perfect for whatever conditions you use it in. The pedals on this device are designed for both upper and lower body workouts with enough width for comfortable foot placement but thin enough for a comfortable grip.

This machine uses adjustable tension resistance which offers a deeper, more controlled workout than magnetic resistance and is almost as quiet. This machine also comes with a standard, single button console which displays all your information during your workout.

Footsmart Electronic Pedaler - Best Pedal Exerciser

The Foot Smart Electronic Pedaler is designed for rehabilitation but perfect for almost every exercise situation. Most of this machine is covered by a hard plastic exterior but the feet are made of durable powder coated steel with non-slip rubber footing. The pedals are definitely meant for your feet but can still be easily gripped for upper body movement. Unlike other devices which use tension or magnetic resistance, this device assists in pedaling with electronically adjustable rotations per minute which keeps you at a steady pace and your heart rate up.

The RPMs can be adjusted between 40 and 100 per minute and this pedaler will run for 15 minutes on its own making it perfect for those with little to no control over their limbs. Since there’s no traditional resistance you don’t need to worry about this machine getting being too noisy no matter what environment you’re in. The machine comes with a simple, screen with single button access to display your need to know information along with a connected controller for controlling the RPMs.

Buyer's Guide

Burning calories with a pedal exerciser when you are working in the office or simply reading the newspaper at your home is an incredible idea. It helps you lose fat in the legs and hips, improve blood flow to the lower limbs, and increase your concentration and focus. But to get the most out of this exerciser, you need to have the best pick. With so many options in hand, making a decision won’t be easy. If you mistakenly pick the wrong product, not only will your money go in vain, but you also won't be able to enjoy all the benefits of a pedal exerciser. Bearing this in mind, we have prepared a full-fledged guide that will help you get the perfect fit.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Using A Pedal Exerciser?

  • A pedal exerciser will help you concentrate on your work because it will release the tension from your limb muscles.
  • It is best for short-term workouts where you won’t have to follow any routine.
  • Blood flow to the limbs and fingers will be improved so that the muscles don’t suffer from oxygen debt.
  • A pedal exerciser will also keep your knees healthy and mobile and help you lose weight by burning more calories.

What Aspects Should You Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Pedal Exerciser?


A pedal exerciser can be used at many places like under the desk, in the lounge room, gym, living room, libraries, and more. Even though most of them have compact and small shapes, you still need to consider the size based on available space. For example, if you have a very small area between the couch and the center table at your home, get a small pedal exerciser that can fit in between the furniture pieces and allow you to rotate the lower limbs effortlessly. Similarly, if you have a dedicated workstation with huge legroom at your office, then you can go for a medium to large-sized exerciser.


Unlike other workout equipment, the pedal exercisers are small and can be carried from one place to the other. However, its ease of portability will depend on two main subfactors. Firstly, you should check its weight to understand whether it is easier to carry or not. Usually, the weight of a pedal exerciser ranges from 14.5 pounds to 24 pounds. Another thing you should consider is its carry handle that must have the potential to withstand the load and not break or snap open midway.


Every pedal exerciser comes with a certain range of resistance. It is defined as the force you have to apply with your hips and legs on pedals to move them in the dedicated direction. If the resistance is high, you need a lot of effort to push the pedals, even by an inch. So, it's important to consider this factor before investing in a product. Different exercisers will have varied resistance levels(eight levels mostly) that can be adjusted with a rotating knob. Based on this, you can perform warm-up exercises, light cardio, endurance training, and muscular toning easily.


You must check whether the pedals have enough surface area for proper foot placement or not. Shorter pedals won't accommodate your feet properly, while larger ones will occasionally cause your legs to slip. Besides, the pedal straps need to be checked. The Velcro bands will hold your feet in place and allow you to exercise without disturbance since they are strong and sturdy. You can also find a non-slip pedal surface in some of the pedal exercisers. This will prevent your foot from slipping now and then.


A pedal exerciser can make noise while working out due to the resistance setting. If the resistive force is high, you need to push the pedals more, which generates a squeaky sound. This will break your concentration from work and also disturb others. That's why you need a product that can operate silently.


When you work out with different pieces of equipment in the gym, you will find how stable they are. Most times, we believe that they are fixed to the ground. But that's not the reality. The key reason behind their impeccable stability and balance is that their legs are covered with rubber sheets. The rubber itself is a thick material that offers an exceptional amount of frictional force. That's why the legs of most pedal exercisers are covered with this material. Thus, they are more stable and safer to use.

Display Screen Metrics

When selecting the exerciser, you need to focus on the metrics being displayed and the level of accuracy in calibrations. For example, one product may display metrics like calories, distance pedaled and time taken to reach the goal. On the other hand, another pedal exerciser can display the RPM along with calories burnt and distance pedaled.

How To Use A Pedal Exerciser For Best Results?

  • Always choose a sitting piece of furniture having standard height so that you won't have to bend your legs to use the equipment.
  • Keep your feet on both pedals and tie the Velcro strap properly to secure them properly.
  • Switch on the LCD screen that will record all the pre-set metrics and display them.
  • Adjust the resistance as per your requirement using the knob. Make sure to start with warm-up resistance mode and then increase it gradually.
  • Now you can start pedaling in the clockwise direction. If your exerciser offers bi-directional pedaling, you can move your legs in the anti-clockwise direction also.

How Much Does A Pedal Exerciser Cost?

The average price of a pedal exerciser ranges between $75.99 to $189 approximately. If you want to improve blood flow to the legs or ease the pain in the muscles, you can choose a less-priced product. But for muscle toning and intense workout, you will need a pedal exerciser having multiple advanced features. Hence, you should be ready to spend around $180.

Pedal Exerciser FAQ

Q. Can I move my legs in both directions while using the pedal exerciser?

A. No, you cannot move your legs in both directions while working out with a pedal exerciser. The standard movement direction is clockwise. But some products also offer bi-directional movement, allowing you to rotate the pedals both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Q. Can I keep the pedal exerciser directly on the floor?

A. Even though the legs of the exercisers are covered with rubber pads, it would be best to place them over a carpet or rug, which will prevent any floor damage.

Q. How long should I use the pedal?

A. If you want to ease the muscle pains in your legs or improve the blood flow, half an hour will be enough to satisfy your body’s needs. But for endurance and muscular toning, you need to use it for at least one hour.

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