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Keep Yourself Bite-Free With The Best Mosquito Killer

Mosquitoes are blood sucking insects that need a meal of blood before they can breed. Only the female sucks blood as the male flits around harmlessly gathering nectar from flowers to eat. Mosquitoes are most active at dusk, but they roost on the undersides of vegetation leaves, so a hike on a nature trail or a stroll out to the garden will disturb where they rest, and they will come looking for food. Although mosquitoes are a valuable link in the overall food chain of nature, their bite has spread many debilitating and deadly diseases throughout recorded human history. Originally breeding in swamps and stagnant pools of water, they are just as comfortable breeding in water collected in old tires, standing water in buckets and cans, and virtually any place where water accumulates and remains for a few weeks at a time.

First and foremost, a mosquito killer must be effective and cost will be no object. Ease of use will be considered, and the best mosquito killer in 2021 will also give you the most bang for the buck as well.

Best Mosquito Killer Worth Considering in 2021

Raid Fly and Mosquito Killer - Best Mosquito Killer Overall

The best mosquito killer available, the best bang for the buck product, and a product that even keeps mosquito away for hours after it is used, that's Raid Yard Guard Mosquito Fogger. Nothing really comes close to this as a mosquito killer, and it uses a combination of pyrethrin based ingredients to get the job done. By spraying this fogger in and around the underside of hanging plants and leaves, it kills the mosquitoes where they roost. The ingredients stay in place for hours to prevent mosquitoes from returning. Yard Guard Fogger is fairly inexpensive and can be had either singly or in multiple packs. Although introducing toxins into the ecosystem may not be the most environmentally friendly way to kill mosquitoes, there can be no argument that this is the most effective and efficient method to kill those pests, bar none.

Summit Chemical Bits Mosquito Killer - Runner Up

One of the best and most environmentally friendly ways is to kill mosquitoes at their source, and using Summit Chemical Mosquito Bits will do just that. This is a quick-acting mosquito formula made with a bacteria that kills mosquito larvae where they live. Sprinkle a handful of the Bits in any standing water where mosquito larvae are present, and within 24 hours, they will all be dead. This fast acting bacteria will bloom quickly, kill the larvae and die off. It works best if you know mosquito larvae are present, and for continuous control, you'll have to sprinkle weekly. Although highly effective and eco-friendly, it only kills mosquitoes where they are born and live as larvae, before they become adults.

Summit Chemical Dunks Mosquito Killer - Honorable Mention

When you want to use an environmentally friendly way to control mosquitoes for the long haul, Summit Chemical Mosquito Dunks are the way to do it. These are cousins to the Summit Mosquito Bits, but they are made to release mosquito killing bacteria for 30 days straight, and each dunk will treat over 100 square feet of standing surface water. This is an excellent way to keep ponds, brackish water and large pools of standing water from being infested with mosquito larvae. They are non-toxic to all other animals, are safe to use around kids and pets and they are even rated for use in organic gardens or waterways. Although they will not kill adult mosquitoes, they will eliminate mosquito larvae from the standing water where mosquitoes breed.

Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Power-Vac Mosquito Control Unit - Mosquito Killer - Consider

For a high-tech mosquito killer, check out the Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Power-Vac Mosquito Control Unit. Just plug it in, turn it on, and it will attract mosquitoes over a one acre distance, vacuum them onto a collection tray and then dehydrate them until they have expired. It uses heat, light, scent, color, shape and motion to attract mosquitoes, and the scent pack can be replaced once it loses its effectiveness. It is completely non-toxic, safe to use around kids and pets, and will not harm the environment in any way. The bulb is easy to replace, it uses low voltage wiring for operation and the collection tray is easy to remove for cleaning. This is not an inexpensive unit, but if high-tech is your game, this is the mosquito killer for you.

Blue Rhino Bite-Guard Insect Trap and Mosquito Killer - Consider

If you want one of the most unique ways to rid your area of mosquitoes, try the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Eliminator. Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 gas that virtually every warm blooded animal secretes when they exhale a breath from their lungs. The SkeeterVac converts propane into CO2 gas that effectively attracts mosquitoes. Once they are in range, the powerful propane fueled vacuum sucks them up and deposits them onto sticky paper. They die quickly from dehydration, and in this way, mosquito infestation can be controlled. Since there is no electricity needed, this unit is portable and will work anywhere, as long as it is supplied with a propane tank. It covers up to one acre and uses easily replaceable and inexpensive sticky paper as the capture medium.

Buyer's Guide

How To Find The Best Mosquito Killer For Your House

Insects are living creatures and thus people have different ways to get rid of them. Some of these ways can sound more gruesome while others can be hazardous to the overall environment. The big question still remains! Which option would suit your surroundings the most?

Don’t worry, we’ve set a list of criteria which can help you find the best mosquito killer. It is important however to understand the different ways that are common for getting rid of these miniature creatures.


This is probably the most common solution to any insect related problem. Bug sprays use a mixture of chemicals and pyrethrin based ingredients to suffocate the mosquitoes. This can instantly and effectively kill the creatures.

Traps and Zappers

Another way that has gained significant acceptance in recent times is the use of UV light zappers. These equipment radiate heat energy that attracts different kinds of bugs and zaps them when at a close distance. Although very common, these traps are more effective for other bugs such as moths.

Chemical Methods

These are more environment-friendly techniques to get rid of all the hassle. You can find these solutions in the form of simple bits or high-tech control units. They radiate certain bacteria/chemicals that are hazardous for mosquitoes.

We really recommend going for one of these three solutions. Repellents such as oil, lamps, and other creams can be effective in keeping the mosquitoes away, but are not a permanent solution to your problem.

Features Of The Best Mosquito Killers

Bug control has led to the development of various measures and products. It is a huge business associated with loads of money and hence you should be aware of the kind of product you’d ideally want for the house. We recommend looking into the solution keeping the following set of criteria in mind.

Radius and Effectiveness

If you have a bigger house with wider rooms, you’d require a solution that can cover more area. We usually recommend using a control unit or other chemical bits in this case. The best units will radiate chemicals/energy at a radius of upto 1 acre. This can attract a larger number of mosquitoes and effectively kill them all at once.

Solution Used

The ingredients of a spray and the radiations of a unit determine how effective your solution will be. A good spray would use pyrethrin toxins that can dehydrate and suffocate the insects. Similarly a control unit can use various bacteria radiations, or the source of light and heat to attract and then kill the bugs. Be very careful when buying UV Light zappers as poor quality lighting will not be effective in attracting and zapping mosquitoes.

Ease Of Use

Some electric equipment can be very hard to install and maintain. They create a further hassle of figuring out the installation process and regularly replacing the smell or light deck. This will make your life harder! Therefore opt for products that provide the most effective and simple solutions.

Toxins and Smell

This problem is usually common for sprays. Some of the chemicals released can be very toxic for the surroundings. This will not only pollute the environment, but can also cause health hazards if not handled with care. Therefore opt for non-toxic solutions, especially for places with little children. Some sprays can also leave a foul smell behind which makes the entire room unpleasant. You certainly don’t want such an uncomfortable solution for your house!

Effective For The Area Being Covered

The best mosquito killer for indoors would be different from that for open surroundings. For instance if you have a standing source of water in the front yard, you can introduce insect growth regulators that will demean the growth of larvae and hence keep the surroundings free of any blood sucking nuisance!

Price Range

Your budget is obviously very important to keep in check. The solutions for mosquitoes can be very cheap or high-maintenance depending upon the method you’ve decided to use. Killer sprays and chemical bits are the best low-budget means to use! The latter is also non-toxic. More high-tech solutions are suitable for wider spaces. There is no right price to determine here, it’s rather a case of which product provides the best value for your money!

We highly recommend opting for eco-friendly solutions. These measures might cost some extra bucks, but will play a greater role in preserving our precious environment!


  1. What do professionals use to kill mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can be killed in a number of ways. The most appropriate method varies from one scenario to another. A spray would work just fine near plants, whereas a UV light zapper would be ideal for the porch. Traps are also generally effective indoors.

  1. Do bug zappers work?

Zappers are eco-friendly means to control the spread of mosquitoes in your house. They have been adequately shown to reduce the insects in smaller areas. However, when placed in open surroundings, they might not be as toxic for female mosquitoes. We suggest going for a high-quality product that uses proper lighting and works instantly.

  1. Are mosquito sprays toxic?

Unfortunately many mosquito sprays use ingredients like picarthin and can leave behind a foul smell. They are also toxic to harmless creatures and the general surroundings. Although very effective in killing bugs, these liquid bottles should be handled with care.

  1. Do yellow lights attract more mosquitoes?

No, in fact yellow lights are generally more effective in keeping mosquitoes, moths, and other annoying creatures away. White savers will attract more os such creatures during the monsoon season. You can install a yellow LED light on your patio and see the instant difference.

  1. Will mosquito traps actually work?

Traps are generally the most cost-effective and non-toxic means of getting rid of mosquitoes. Some people complain about the inefficiency of these equipment. However, if placed in the right position they prove to be quick solutions for your bug-related issues! We also suggest aiding the process with a spray or chemical bits in the long run.

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