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Bake Some Treats in the Best Wall Ovens

  1. Maytag 30" Single Electric Wall Oven
  2. KitchenAid Wall Oven
  3. Summit 24" Gas Wall Oven
  4. Buyer's Guide

Choosing a wall oven can be a daunting task with so many choices and variations to choose from. They are quite an investment, especially if you do not already have a cabinet opening to accomodate one, but nothing quite matches the aesthetic appeal and class that a quality wall oven brings to a kitchen. This series of lists of the best wall ovens in 2022 is designed to help you narrow down your perfect choice. First time buyers will also benefit from our buyer’s guide which we’ve included below.

Note that if you're looking for a gas or electric range rather than a wall oven, our range buying guide is available here.

Here are the best Wall Ovens of 2022

best Maytag 30" Single Electric Wall Oven

Maytag 30" Single Electric Wall Oven - Best Wall Oven Overall

This electric wall oven offers 4.3 cubic ft. of capacity inside its single oven compartment. The Maytag measures 27 inches in size, and is designed to make installation an easy process with plenty of flexibility. This oven offers true convection performance, as well as convection conversion so you don’t need to guess at how long things need to bake for. A power preheat feature makes preheating the oven much quicker, and temperatures are precise and consistent. Oven racks are on ball bearings to make them slide smoothly and avoid spills, but the Maytag has a one-touch self-clean feature should any spills occur. Other features include delay bake and Sabbath mode. With a 10 year limited parts warranty and good overall performance, this Maytag oven is a good overall choice for a single electric wall oven.

best KitchenAid Wall Oven

KitchenAid Wall Oven - Runner Up

The KitchenAid KOSE500ESS electric wall oven offers a generous 5.0 cubic foot capacity of space with true convection cooking. This 30-inch oven has multiple high-end features, ranging from extra sturdy oven racks to a striking blue oven interior. The KOSE500ESS uses roller racks for easy sliding of the racks to avoid spills, while a self-clean feature helps to take care of any messes that may occur; a hidden bake element also makes any necessary manual cleaning up easier. Convection conversion is included to eliminate the guesswork while switching over to convection from traditional baking. Touch controls are easy to use and a control lock feature has also been included for safety. The oven offers auto shut-off, Sabbath mode, bread proofing, delay start, a temperature probe, and more of the features that you’d expect from a pricier model such as this. The KOSE500ESS is easy to use, and offers excellent performance and sleek styling.

Summit 24" Gas Wall Oven - Honorable Mention

The Summit, like many gas wall ovens, is compact in size at 24 inches and a 2.9 cubic feet interior capacity. This simple single wall oven doesn’t have many real features, sticking instead with basic performance and a budget-friendly price tag. This oven does include an oven window and oven light, as well as a separate broiler drawer below. Hassle-free electronic ignition and a combination of digital and knob controls are easy to use, and a clock with timer feature are also included. As to be expected, this oven has only manual cleaning. Despite being somewhat more “old fashioned”, the Summit works well, is simple to use, and is exceptionally budget-friendly.

Buyer's Guide

Wall ovens give your kitchen a customized, high-end appearance thanks to their flexible placement options and also serve as companions to separate kitchen cooktops. Their height level makes it easier to observe food while it’s cooking as well as retrieving contents without the strain of bending over. Typical oven sizes are 24, 27, and 30 inches in addition to the 36 inch “pro style”.

While they typically aren’t budget-friendly to purchase or install, some wall oven/cooktop combinations do cost less than ultra high-end ranges. While basic models are available, spending more gains you larger capacities, higher-end finishes, and more special features.

When choosing a wall oven, it’s important to first know your needs, budget, and most importantly your  installation measurements. Once you’ve established your household’s needs and installation requirements, it’s easier to find the best models which fall within your budget range.

Wall Oven Types

Electric Ovens

These ovens use electrical heating elements as opposed to gas and often include multiple special features. They generally provide consistent temperatures and even cooking results versus gas ovens. Because of their popularity, a wide variety of electric ovens are available, ranging from affordable to high-end units.

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens generally aren’t as desirable due to their reputation of having less consistent temperatures which may result in uneven cooking results. While this might not always be noticeable when cooking the average meal, cooking which requires additional precision might suffer. If you have gas hookups, be prepared for a smaller selection of ovens to choose from with most options being predominantly lower-end models.

Convection Ovens

These units use a fan to circulate a balanced amount of hot air throughout the oven so food cooks faster and more evenly. A regular oven simply adds a fan to the conventional setup of a heating element at both the top and the bottom. Other ovens have what is called “true convection” which adds a third element near the fan; this creates an even more uniform temperature throughout the oven, perfect for tasks such as delicate baking. Convection capability is available with both gas and electric ovens.

Oven Capacity

Manufacturers continue to find ways to get more and more capacity out of oven spaces, resulting in a wider range of options. Although wall ovens often have small capacities, this can be made up for with the installation of double wall ovens. Ovens with exceptionally large capacities do tend to cost more, and some people may find this added size unnecessary if they already have a double wall ovens setup.

As a general guideline, two to three cubic feet is perfect for one or two people, three to four cubic feet is good for three to four people, and four or more cubic feet of space is recommended for households with four or more individuals. Of course, there is room for variation based on your intended usage.

Oven Features

As with many modern appliances, wall ovens come with many features and customization options.

Since features vary widely from oven to oven, the most important thing is ensuring the controls and basic settings are easy to use.

Oven Racks

Look for an oven with multiple racks which are sturdy and adjustable. Some high-end models have racks designed to effortlessly glide out to reduce the risk of spills or dropping food.

Safety Features

Many ovens offer safety features such as automatic shut off or a door lock for households with children.

Additional Options

Most ovens have multiple settings and options such as self-cleaning, ceramic or enamel coating, steam cleaning, delayed start, bread proofing, and much more.

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