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Best Paint Scrapers for a Smooth, Paint-Ready Surface

  1. Warner Soft Grip Paint Scraper
  2. Allway Tool Inc. Paint Scraper
  3. Hyde Tools Paint Scraper
  4. Allway Tools Extendable Paint Scraper
  5. Warner 805 Tool 5-Inch Pivot Head Paint Scraper
  6. Buyer's Guide

The most important part of any paint job, whether you are painting your house, a Ferrari, or the Golden Gate Bridge is surface preparation. Everyone wants to concentrate on that finish coat, but if you don’t have a good surface underneath it, your great paint job is going to look like garbage. Even worse, if you are repainting an older structure, and haven’t removed all the old, loose paint, your nice new paint job is going to fall right off.

Scraping off old paint is hard, tedious work; maybe that’s why people don’t really like doing it. Nevertheless, it’s important. A good paint scraper will make a lot of difference, as you will be able to get the job done faster and easier. Trying to scrape paint with a putty knife just makes the job harder, so the investment in a scraper is well worth it.

Although water-based paints are dry to the touch in less than an hour, they continue to “outgas” for up to six months. So they aren't fully dry until that process has finished. That’s why wallpaper companies recommend waiting six months before putting wallpaper over new paint. Once the paint is dry, the process really doesn't end. Dry usually means as dry as a product is supposed to get, but then there’s dried out. Paint that has been too long on a structure gets dried out. When this happens, it begins to crack and peel.

This damaged paint must be removed before applying new paint. Otherwise, the new paint is just sticking to something that’s going to fall off the wood underneath. That’s where paint scrapers come in. Before applying paint to old structures, especially old wood structures, it is essential to scrape off this old paint.

A good paint scraper is made to take lots of abuse. It’s amazing how many people think that a paint scraper is a hammer, when they see a loose nail. Not only that, but the constant pressure of scraping is hard on the tool. While it may not look like it, paint is abrasive, and will dull a scraper blade. For this reason, the best paint scrapers usually come with carbide blades. That’s even better than having good quality steel or easily replaceable blades, although those are both good options.

I especially like tools like this when they have ergonomic handles. When you've got a tool in your hands for hours, you want something that is going to be comfortable and not cause any blisters. A nicely contoured handle makes a lot of difference. Even better is a nicely contoured, padded handle. Check out our list of the best paint scrapers in 2022.

The Best Paint Scraper Models of 2022 in Detail

Warner Soft Grip Paint Scraper - Best Paint Scraper Overall

This scraper features a carbide blade for that will be usable for a long time without going dull. The same scraper can be used for both scraping substrates and cleaning paint off windows. It has a soft handle, which I really appreciate, for operator comfort. At the same time, they've put a knob over the business end of the tool for two-handed scraping in tough situations. Warner is a paint-tool specialist, and it really shows in the design and craftsmanship of their tools.

Allway Tool Inc. Paint Scraper - Runner Up

This scraper is almost a twin of the Warner 10020 scraper. So what's the difference? Warner is a better known company with a solid reputation among professional painters. However, this is an excellent tool with all the same features for the Warner unit. I would have no qualms buying Allway's scraper if I didn't have a Warner available.

Hyde Tools Paint Scraper - Honorable Mention

Hyde Tools is another paint-related tool specialist. I've picked their multi-bladed scraper as my number three choice, even though most people don’t have much use for a contour scraper. However, if you ever work on turned wood railings, furniture, moldings, or Victorian homes, you’ll definitely need one. These are a little hard to find, but definitely worth looking for. I think Hyde produces the best contour scraper around with a good collection of high quality stainless steel blades.

Allway Tools Extendable Paint Scraper - Consider

Although this tool doesn’t have a carbide or even a stainless steel blade, it’s still an excellent tool. The blade actually has four edges, so that when one goes dull, it can be traded out for another. There are a lot of scrapers on the market with this same basic idea, but Allway has added a few nice features to this one. First of all, remember what I was saying about people using their scraper for a hammer? Well, Allway knows about that too and put a metal hammer pad at the bottom end of the handle. That way, you can hammer to your heart’s content without dinging up your handle. Unscrew the hammer pad, and you've got a threaded socket for attaching your scraper to an extension handle, which is a great option when you've got to scrape something that’s just a little bit out of your reach.

Warner 805 Tool 5-Inch Pivot Head Paint Scraper - Best Paint Scraper

This scraper is not for the weak at heart or the weak of arm. The 5-inch wide blade will take off loose, peeling paint faster than anything else on the market. But I’ve got to warn you, it will take away your strength just about as fast. The only thing I could say against this unit is the blade isn't carbide or reversible, so when a blade goes dull, you've got to replace it. On the other hand, you’ll be working so fast that you’ll probably have the whole neighborhood scraped clean by the time it goes dull.

Buyer's Guide

Are you in search of ways to get that old paint off? Search no more. This piece contains the ultimate paint scraper buying guide. In this best paint scraper buying guide important questions like how to choose the best paint scraper, and factors to consider when choosing a paint scraper will be answered.

What is a paint scraper and why do I need one?

A paint scraper is a tool with a flat steel blade attached to a plastic, wooden, or metal handle. This tool is used by both professionals and DIYers to remove wallpaper or paint that isn’t adhering properly to a surface.

How to Choose the Best Paint Scrapers?

To choose the best paint scraper capable of handling the intended project, these questions need to be answered.

What type of paint scraper do I need?

There are various types of paint scrapers available today. The type you need will depend on the peculiarity of the project. Here are a few of the most common types of paint scrapers.

Basic Paint Scraper

As the name suggests, the basic paint scraper is a simple tool comprising a flat blade attached to a wooden, plastic, or metal handle. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Examples are triangle, oval, or rectangle-shaped paint scrapers. These shapes make each of them ideal for projects specific to the shape of the blade.

Single Edge Paint Scraper

Every basic paint scraper is single-edged because they require you to angle the tool to scrape off the paint.

Double Edge Paint Scraper

This type of paint scraper is ideal when you need to scrape off large areas covered with paint at a go. They are recommended for beginners

Hook Scrapers

Hook scrapers are the best when you are dealing with difficult to remove paint.

Blade Scraper

The blade scraper comprises several blades which can be removed and replaced at will. They can be razor blade scrapers made of metal or plastic blade scrapers. Plastic blade scrapers are helpful in handling delicate surfaces.

How much will the best paint scraper cost me?

The price of the paint scraper is also a crucial buying question. The cost of the paint scraper and your budget will determine your purchasing power. Always buy the best quality paint scraper. Wooden handle paint scrapers are the preferred choice since they are comfortable and durable. An average paint scraper costs $13.99.

Multi-functionality and specialty

Your paint scraper should be multifunctional. So, whether you want to open a can or smoothen compounds, choose paint scrapers that should be able to handle the task.

Lastly, consider specialty paint scrapers for special projects. These paint scrapers are perfect for removing paints from complex profiles that may prove difficult for regular paint scrapers. A typical example of such profiles is crown molding.

Once you have answered these questions successfully, you can then move on to looking at and features that make a paint scraper worth considering.

What are the Features to look out for when buying a paint scraper?

The paint scraper Handle(s)

When deciding on what paint scraper to buy, pay attention to the handle of the paint scraper. The best paint scrapers feature a wooden handle. This is because wooden handle paint scrapers are more rigid than plastic ones. They are also more comfortable to hold than metallic handles.

You should also opt for handles that allow the use of your two hands to work. This way, you wouldn’t need to worry about one hand getting fatigued.

Size and shape of the Paint Scraper

The size of the paint scraper and the shape of the blade will also play a vital role in your buying decision. For large walls that need paint taken off rapidly, choose paint scrapers with large blades. Narrow blades are for small projects and tricky or tight to reach corners.

Also, pay attention to the shape of the paint scraper. The shape will help determine how fast you get the work done. Chose curved blade scrapers for corners, cabinetry, and crown molding.


The material used in the manufacture of the paint scraper determines the quality of the tool. The best paint scrapers have a blade made from Stainless steel. They are durable and will not rust easily. Carbon steel is also a good choice since they are tough.

Pro tips on how to maintain your Paint Scraper

As essential as buying the best paint scraper is to complete your project successfully, even the best paint scrapers will become worn out if not properly maintained. Here are some valuable tips on how you can prolong the life of your paint scraper.


Always handle your paint scraper with care. Avoid applying unnecessary force when using your paint scraper. Use it correctly, and it will serve you well.

Use the correct paint scraper on the appropriate surface. Avoid using specialized paint scrapers on surfaces where a regular paint scraper should be used. Scrapers intended for wooden surfaces should not be used on concrete surfaces.


Can I paint over peeling paint?

No, do not paint over peeling paint. Peeling paint can leave behind cracks and holes. One of the significant causes of paint peeling is improper preparation of the surface before painting.

To achieve a professional and smooth finish, you will need to;

  1. First prep the area.
  2. Next, remove the peeling paint.
  3. After this, you will need to patch the wall and sand patch the area in question
  4. Lastly, apply a primer before painting.

How do you make paint easier to scrape?

To make paint easy to scrape, using one or more of the tools listed below should be considered:

  1. A wire brush will remove raised, peeling, or blistered paint.
  2. A manual paint scraper might also be required to make the paint easier to scrape.
  3. A heat gun will also be able to get the job done quickly.

Do you have to scrape all the paint off before painting?

No, you do not need to scrape off all the paint before painting. Only scrape off the affected areas.

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