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Protect Furniture from the Elements with the Best Patio Chair Covers

  1. Signature Living Patio Seat Cover
  2. Classic Accessories Veranda Waterproof Cover
  3. Vailge Waterproof Outdoor Cover
  4. Amazon Basics Adirondack Cover
  5. Buyer's Guide

Are you looking to protect your patio chairs from the elements or to keep them from getting dirty? A patio chair cover is a perfect solution. These covers are mostly made of waterproof material to protect the patio chair from rain or moisture, and if you don't plan to use it for a while, the best outdoor furniture covers in 2022 also protect them from color fading from the sun's UV rays.

Outdoor Chair Covers to Protect Your Furniture

Signature Living Patio Seat Cover - Top Pick

Nothing beats relaxing out on your porch in your favorite outdoor patio chair. To help keep your furniture in great condition for long term enjoyment, you need to either store them away or cover them with outdoor covers. The easiest solution is to cover them with Signature Living Covers. They come in a pack of two and can keep your furniture looking new and safe from the elements. Each cover is UV-protected to prevent fading and use high-quality, waterproof materials. They also come with air vents to circulate air and buckles to keep it secure. The only downside is they only come in a tan color.

Classic Accessories Veranda Waterproof Cover - Runner Up

Classic Accessories gives you countless options to protect all of your outdoor chairs from rain, the sun, and snow. Each patio chair cover is made from heavy-duty polyester which is water-resistant and UV resistant. You can keep everything strapped in securely thanks to an elastic hem and buckles. They stand behind their products as well with their three year limited warranty so you know you're getting a great product.

Vailge Waterproof Outdoor Cover - Contender

If tan isn't your first choice in covers, Vailge has you covered by offering a grey color choice in addition to the basic two-tone tan. You can also choose from small, medium, or large sizes to fit whichever patio lounger you have at home. As with the others on the list, each cover has air vents to prevent moisture build-up underneath the cover and the fabric is weather-resistant.

Amazon Basics Adirondack Cover - Consider

Amazon Basics is known for their high-quality, high-value proposition when it comes to products. Their outdoor patio furniture covers are no different. They retain all the great functionality such as UV-resistance, water and snow proof, as well as click-close straps and durable seams to help keep your patio furniture safe from the elements. The downside is that if you have a size other than 36" x 34" x 32", you're better off with one of our other picks that offer multiple sizes.

Buyer's Guide

Best Patio Chair Covers Buying Guide

The fact that you are here, I can easily tell that you are not looking for just any chair cover in the market. Instead, you are looking for a high-quality item that will maintain its elegance for a long time and easily slip into the chair without any hassles, among other expectations. Fortunately, your chair cover taste is already in the market, although it might be hard to identify easily.

Chair covers are made of different materials and designs depending on their uses. For instance, a cover for outdoor use must have non-fade material resistant to UV rays. On the other hand, you will need an indoor cover that easily blends your living room décor. Well, it is true, there are several things to look for in a patio chair cover, but with this guide, everything will be a smooth ride.

What Are The Things To Consider In Outdoor Patio Chair Cover?

Water Repellent

Moisture on clothes encourages the growth of mold and mildew, which produce a terrible odor and unappealing appearance. Besides, humidity and precipitation may get into contact with the furniture, causing them to rot or corrode. Thus, you should ensure that the chair cover you choose is water-resistant to keep off the moisture.

UV Resistant

UV rays weaken the strength of the fibers and also cause the color to fade away. That is why outdoor patio covers are likely to get damaged faster than indoor covers. Thus, if you want your item to last longer, you should ensure that its material is resistant to sunlight rays. A good example is the acrylic material, which is inherently resistant to UV rays and suffers only 3% degradation for ten years. The ultem, PVDF, and PTFE are also UV stable but usually lose their color quickly.


The color of the patio chair cover you choose shouldn’t be a good absorbent of heat. For instance, you should avoid dark colors like black because they have poor light reflection, causing them to absorb heat. Consequently, they tend to be extremely warm on a sunny day.


To further protect your outdoor chairs, you should also consider a breathable material. Such material will easily dry off any moisture which would corrode or rot the chair. Besides, most breathable materials are free from mold and mildew and quite light, making them easy to clean.

What Are The Things To Consider In An Indoor Patio Chair Cover?


Besides durability , you must ensure the patio cover you choose has a soft texture because it gives a soft touch to the skin, which is quite comfortable. Also, indoor chairs are prone to stains and dirt, especially if you have kids. Thus, you should ensure that the material of the cover is stain-resistant and also easy to clean. An example of such materials is synthetic and cotton fibers.


Outdoor covers easily blend with the environment despite their color. However, when looking for indoor items, you need to ensure they match your existing décor and level up its elegance. Also, you can choose universal colors such as black, which adds a dash of class to any décor.

Ease of Use

Lastly, you would frown if you took several hours to fit in the cover or clean it. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that you have a user-friendly item. It means the cover should come with elastic hems or zippers that are easy to handle. Also, stain-resistant and washing machine compatible fabrics are pretty easy to clean

What Are Other Tips To Choose The Right Patio Chair Cover?


To ensure maximum protection of your chairs, you must ensure that the cover snugly fits them. For this, you must measure the size of your patio chair. But how do you do that?

Start measuring the size from the broadest part of the chair, which is likely to be the distance between the arms or the legs. Next, measure the height from the top to the bottom part of the back part. Lastly, get the depth of the chair which is the side adjacent to the width. Make sure to jot down these measurements while taking them.

Tie-Down And Fasteners

Tie-downs are used to tie the covers on the legs of the chair. Consequently, they keep them in place and tight to maintain neatness. Similarly, some covers have fasteners such as buckles which make them easy to fit. They also help in ensuring the cover sticks in place.


Seams are used to make differently designed covers. Unfortunately, they act as a point of weakness because they tear out quite fast. Thus, you should ensure that the seams of the chair cover are significantly reinforced to resist tears.


If you want a comfy and long-living chair cover, you shouldn’t ignore its interior part. Just like the outer cover, the lining should be made of a strong material that is quite soft. Also, it would be better if the interior part was slightly cushioned for more comfort.

How Much Does A Patio Chair Cover Cost?

The cost of a patio chair cover depends on the brand design and the quality of the material. The common market trend is the higher the quality, the higher the price of the item. However, that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to get one. Fortunately, several brands have invested in manufacturing quality and affordable chair covers. Thus with as low as $10, you can get a good chair cover. However, if you need a highly reinforced, durable, elegantly designed cover, you will have to invest $25 or more.

Patio Chair Cover FAQ

Q: Should I cover patio furniture when it rains?

A: It would be best if you left your patio furniture covered. However, you should ensure to purchase a water-resistant cover to not let the rain damage it.

Q: What fabric should be used on outdoor furniture?

A: Most of the outdoor fabrics are made of acrylic, olefin, or polyester. Basically, the material should be UV and water-resistant.

Q: How do you measure patio chair covers?

A: You should measure the width, depth and height of the chair. The width refers to the broadest part of the chair, depth is the adjacent length from the width, and the height is the part from top to bottom.

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