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Move Air With Ease: Best Pedestal Fan

  1. Lasko Space Saving Pedestal Fan
  2. Air King Pedestal Fan
  3. Deco Breeze Oscillating Standing Fan
  4. Dyson Silver Bladeless Pedestal Fan
  5. Sunpentown 14-Inch Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan
  6. Comfort Zone 16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan Model CZST161EB
  7. Buyer's Guide

With so many pedestal fans to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? You might start by taking into consideration of the best pedestal fan in 2022. First where the fan will be located? For example, if you need a pedestal fan for a large family room, make sure the model you choose is large enough to move the air from one side of the room to the other. You should also check to see if the fan runs quietly so it doesn't interfere with conversations or your favorite TV show, its maximum height, and if it oscillates back and forth.

Here are the best pedestal fan of 2022

Lasko Space Saving Pedestal Fan - Best Pedestal Fan Overall

The Lasko 52-Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan has a unique design unlike that of traditional pedestal fans. Rather than use a round fan head, this Lasko model encases the fan in a 14-inch diameter housing. This Lasko model adjusts up to 52 inches, making it 12-inches taller than most other pedestal fans. The directional louvers on the front of the fan move up and down, as the fan oscillates to move large volumes of air across the room. This oscillating pedestal fan features a multifunctional remote control that allows you to change the fan speed from across the room. It also features an electronic timer that automatically turns the fan off up to 7 1/2 hours from the time you set it. This fan also tilts up or down to further target the air direction, and it comes with a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Air King Pedestal Fan - Runner Up

The Air King 18-Inch Commercial Grade Oscillating Pedestal Fan features a three speed, 1/20 horse power motor that is permanently lubricated to reduce the noise of the fan. This pedestal fan can move 1,970 cubic feet of air per minute when set on high. You can lower the fan to 37 inches or raise the fan up to 53 3/4 inches, giving you the ability to target the air where you need it most. This Air King pedestal fan has a 20 1/4-inch diameter footprint, making it ideal for areas with limited floor space. This model features a metal front grill with a plastic, impact-resistant, rear grill. It oscillates up to 90 degrees and can be locked in any position to direct the air to one location. This Air King fan is provided with a one-year limited warranty.

Deco Breeze Oscillating Standing Fan - Best Oscillating Fan

The first impressive feature of the Deco Breeze Oscillating Standing Fan is the telescopic neck which allows the fan’s height to be adjusted from 37 to 48 inches (94 to 122 cm). This variation in height lets you use it for different purposes and places. This fan’s oscillating head is round and has a diameter of 16 inches (40 cm). This head also tilts easily to cover a wide range of space. When turned on, powerful and quiet 45-watt motor drives the fan. In addition, you can easily select how fast you want the fan to turn, with its three speed options – Low (900 RPM), Medium (1100 RPM), and High (1280 RPM). Finally, because the fan's body is made of gleaming, solid stainless steel, it provides a unique blend of durability and aesthetics.

Dyson Silver Bladeless Pedestal Fan - Honorable Mention

The Dyson Bladeless Pedestal Fan uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify the amount of air up to 18 times more than the air surrounding it. The Dyson fan does not use blades; it draws the air up through its base and uses the same technology found in turbochargers and jet engines to generate a powerful airflow. Unlike other pedestal fans that only feature three speeds, the Dyson bladeless pedestal fan offers a variable air speed control on both the base of the fan and on its fully functional remote control. Its height easily adjusts up to 55 inches; its head oscillates 90 degrees and can be tilted either up or down 20 degrees. This Dyson pedestal fan comes with a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Sunpentown 14-Inch Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan - Consider

The Sunpentown 14-Inch Oscillating Standing Fan features three fan speeds, and has the ability to move 1,695 cubic feet of air per minute when placed on its highest setting. You can set the fan to oscillate or lock the fan head to focus the air in a single direction. Raise the fan from 29 inches to 37 inches and adjust the angle of the head up or down for optimal air movement. This Sunpentown oscillating standing fan comes with a remote control featuring a seven hour timer-off function and sleep mode. The assembled fan weighs 9 pounds, making it easy to move from room to room, and comes with a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Comfort Zone 16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan Model CZST161EB - Best Pedestal Fan

The Comfort Zone 16-Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan features three speed push button controls to easily manage the fan speed settings. Adjustable up to 53 inches tall, this pedestal fan is ideal for cooling bedrooms living areas. Its whisper quiet operation won't interfere with conversations, your favorite television show or your sleep. This fan has a fully adjustable vertical tilt function, and 90 degrees of oscillation to deliver airflow to every corner of the room. This Comfort Zone pedestal fan comes with a preassembled, quick folding base, making it easy to store without disassembling the fan. Since this pedestal fan only weighs 8 pounds, you can quickly move it from room to room.

Buyer's Guide

The weather in tropical regions can be extremely hot and humid, so investing in a cooling device like a pedestal fan may be highly beneficial. They may simply be used in any room of your home based on your changing needs because they only require a power outlet to function. Here is a thorough guide about the best pedestal fans.

Which factors about pedestal fans should you consider?

The size of the room

People often neglect this factor while buying pedestal fans. However, it is crucial to consider your room's dimensions to choose a pedestal fan that would perfectly fit the available space.

If this consideration is overlooked, you risk purchasing a fan that is too small for your room. Additionally, you may spend a significant amount of money on a powerful fan only to discover that it is too large for your small room. That's why you must accurately measure your room to get a precise square foot area for which you will need the fan.

Is it directional or fixed?

If you're purchasing a fan for a small room that requires spot cooling, the fixed head feature will suffice. If, however, you intend to use the pedestal fan in a shared space, the directional head is preferable. It's ideal for larger rooms because the tilt-back and oscillation features let you direct the inside air at various angles.

Adjustable height

You can also find some fans with a built-in height adjustment feature, enabling you to alter the height to target a specific area. An air circulation system that circulates the air inside a certain space is facilitated by moving the stand up and down. Keep your eyes peeled for this important factor because it's quite helpful.


To match your home decor, the pedestal or tower fan is available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Though all pedestal fans look the same, not all of them are manufactured using the same technology or component.

No blades or blades?

A bladeless fan is simple to maintain and a perfect choice for someone having young children. Pedestal fans with blades might collect dust over time, so make sure removing and cleaning the cover isn't a hassle.

Which features of pedestal fans can be used to differentiate them?

Level of noise

Check how much noise you can endure before purchasing the pedestal fan. Those who are sensitive to noise should look for one with whisper-quiet speed settings.

Remote control

This is for the convenience seekers who wish to control your fan with a single button press. Remote access is a lifesaver. So why not take advantage of it by purchasing a pedestal fan with this feature?


If you have kids or pets around, looking for a fan that comes with a timer to switch it off after a certain time is a wise decision. This feature is useful and works like a magic for those who are in the habit of leaving the fan on frequently.

Speed settings

The majority of pedestal fans have three speed variations to be used for different types of setting. However, some have more than three alternatives. If you want greater control over how cool your room is, get a fan with many speed settings. The higher the air volume that the fan moves, the larger the space.

Which is preferable: pedestal or tower fans?

It all boils down to where you'll be using the fan and whether you want direct or indirect airflow.

Pedestal fans are fans that sit on a (typically) height-adjustable stand and can be used to guide air to a specific location in the room, such as directly into your face, across the surface of a bed, or tilted up toward the ceiling for an indirect breeze.

Unlike other types of fans, tower fans have a rectangular air output that is relatively closer to the floor. On the other hand, their upper half can blow air at a reasonable height, and some have louvers to direct air flow upward or downward. Generally, they are the ideal choice for a large living area.

How can you take care of the maintenance and safety of pedestal fans?

First and foremost, ensure that your fan is placed on a level floor. The finest surfaces for keeping the unit steady are hardwood floors, tiles, and other comparable surfaces.

They are not designed for use at workstations or in elevated spaces; instead, desk fans are available. Otherwise, it may fall over, damaging the fan and possibly injuring you. It is possible to use them on rugs, although it is not advised.

Make sure you have the right power source (frequency, phase, and voltage). The fan motor will be irreversibly damaged if the power supply is wrong, and a short may occur.

You should also ensure that there aren't any water sources near your fan. If you plug it in near a sink or have any cups/buckets with liquid in them near the fan, it will short-circuit (the safety feature) and perhaps catch fire.

Furthermore, do not store the fan in a humid environment or in a location where it may become wet, such as the garage.

If you aren't going to use it for a long time, unplug it and ensure the cable isn't in the way of anyone. If someone trips, not only may they be injured, but the fan could be permanently damaged.

Best Pedestal Fans FAQs

Q: Is it okay for me to keep a pedestal fan outside?

A: Leaving it outside is not a smart idea, especially in inclement weather, as it can cause harm to the fan and be a risk for your family. Though a few fans can be used outside, you should look for weather-resistant features to make sure that you are investing the money in the right product.

Q: Is a pedestal fan as energy-efficient as an air conditioner?

A: Obviously not. One of the reasons you should invest in it is because of this. You will not only save money but also contribute to environmental protection.

Q: Is it necessary to assemble a pedestal fan?

A: Yes, most of them require assembly, but you don’t need any special tools or professional help to put it together. It takes only a few minutes.

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