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Best Window Fan To Keep Your Room Cool

  1. Bionaire Twin Window Fan
  2. Holmes Twin Window Fan
  3. Air King 9155 16" Reversible Window Fan
  4. Honeywell HW305 Twin Window Fan
  5. Lasko 7 Slim Profile Twin Window Fan
  6. Buyer's Guide

One of the first things to consider when choosing a window fan is the size of your actual window opening, and if the model you select will fit. Once you've got this information, you need to make the decision of which window fan works best for you and your family. Do you simply need a fan to pull cool, fresh air into your home or a unit which can simultaneously exhaust indoor air while drawing in outdoor air? Both types of window fans are featured on this list of best window fans in 2022 to make your decision a little easier.

Detailing the Best Window Fan of 2022

Bionaire Twin Window Fan - Best Window Fan Overall

The Bionaire Twin Window Fan with Remote Control fits in any window between 24 and 37 inches wide to exhaust unwanted steam, condensation and odors from a kitchen or bathroom, or reverse the fans direction to draw cool outdoor air into the room. It comes with a remote control that allows you to make adjustments to the fan from any part of the room. Its built-in thermostat turns the fans often on to maintain a comfortable room temperature. The design of the Bionaire twin window fan makes it suitable for both winter and summer use. Its LCD control panel, located on the front of the unit, offers simple, push button operation to quickly set the fan to operate at any level you choose.

Holmes Twin Window Fan - Runner Up

The Holmes Twin Window Fan is designed to fit most slider will and double hung windows, and you can even use it without removing your window screens. The Twins fans can operate independent of each other allowing one fan to exhaust air from the room while blowing air into the room from the other. It features two speed and temperature selections that allow the fan turn itself on and off to maintain the comfort level in your room the grills removed for easy cleaning, and has built-in adjustable side screens to keep unwanted pests out of your home. Use the unit’s one touch electronic control panel to quickly adjust the fans to fit the conditions in your home and outside. Each fan measures 8/2-inches in diameter and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Air King 9155 16" Reversible Window Fan - Honorable Mention

The Air King 16-Inch Storm Guard Window Fan fits any window between 26 1/2-inches to 34 1/2-inches wide, as long as its opening is at least 22 inches high. It features a three speed, 16 horse power motor that is permanently lubricated to minimize maintenance. The fan reverses to exhaust air from inside, or draw fresh air into your home. The design of the fan allows you to close the window during a rainstorm without having to remove the fan. The Air King window exhaust fan is constructed of high impact styrene with plastic blades and a metal front grill. This model only weighs 15 pounds and features a 7 foot long two prong electric cord to allow you to move it from room to room and plug it into any standard 15- or 20-amp electrical outlet.

Honeywell HW305 Twin Window Fan - Consider

The Honeywell Twin Window Fan has a unique design that not only allows you to place the fan in practically any compatible window; it allows you to remove the fan from the window and use it anywhere indoors. This little 8 pound fan is 11 inches long, 7 inches wide and 11 1/2 inches high, making it truly portable. It features three adjustable fan speeds that reverse to allow you to exhaust the air from the room. It also comes with a variable thermostat that operates the fan automatically to keep the room at optimum levels. The Honeywell HW-305 features a rain-resistant motor to prevent damages due to inclement weather and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Lasko 7 Slim Profile Twin Window Fan - Best Window Fan

The Lasko Products 7-Inch Twin Window Fan is a versatile to speed and window fan that features quiet operation. You can manually reverse the fan to keep your area comfortable. Exhaust the hot air out of your during the daytime and reverse it to draw in the cool night air for you sleep. The Lasko 7-inch twin window fan comes with plastic snap-on feet that quickly converts this window fan to the tabletop fan. This 5 pound model measures 4 3/4 inches long, 21 3/4 inches wide and 10 1/2 inches high. It's compatible with most window types including casement, double-hung and sliding windows, as long as the width of the window is no smaller than 22 inches and no wider than 34 inches. The Lasko Twin window fan comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Buyer's Guide

Your typical electric fan may not be an ideal solution during the hotter days. While they do blow air straight to your face, they don’t necessarily always blow cold air, and this won’t change much in hot weather. You’ll need something that takes in cold air and pumps out hot air— but what if you can’t afford to use air conditioning?

That’s where window fans come in. A cheaper alternative to air conditioning, window fans use the principle of air conditioners and only introduce cold air into your room while taking out hot air, allowing them to effectively cool any hot room. Here’s what you need to know when getting a window fan for your home.

What is a window fan?

A window fan is a type of fan that, as the name suggests, is to be placed by the window. The fan sucks up cold air from the outside and brings it in, and also pulls out hot air in the process. The result is a cooled room that runs on similar principles to modern air conditioning.

Why do you need a window fan?

Window fans are incredibly useful, especially for those who want to keep cool on a budget. Here are some benefits:

They lower electric bill costs

On some of the hottest days, you can’t help but feel the need to turn on the air conditioning. Unfortunately, air conditioning isn’t cheap, and you’ll be spending quite a bit of money using the device. Window fans help cool the air in your room without needing to use the air conditioner entirely.

And if you’re like some people, you may not even have an air conditioner at home. If that’s the case, a window fan is a perfect solution for combating the heat. You don’t have to buy an air conditioning unit at all— just choose the cheaper window fan. These are perfect for those who live in moderate climates who rarely experience consistent high temperatures and don't need to buy an expensive cooling unit.

They’re great for the environment

Air conditioning is one of the largest contributors to energy usage in the modern world, and it’s not hard to see why. Many people just love staying cool in hot weather, and warm in cold weather. During the summer season, though, you’ll want to use a window fan instead, because it helps lower your carbon footprint.

Window fans use less electricity compared to air conditioners, and less electricity means less energy wasted, thus a smaller carbon footprint. So not only are you saving your money, you’re saving the environment, too.

What things do you consider when buying a window fan?

Remember these tips when picking the right window fan for your home.


Window fans are meant to be installed in the window, which means that they should not exceed your window’s dimensions. Luckily, many windows installed these days come with standard sizing, so you can hope to find a window fan that’ll fit snugly in your home. However, in case your window doesn’t fit any window fan properly, you’ll need to make adjustments.

First, pick a window fan smaller than your current window. Then, prepare a frame that leaves just enough space for the window fan to fit in. You want to leave as little open space as possible to prevent the cold air from escaping while also preventing little critters from getting inside. Most window fans have a sliding section that can cover the part of your open window that the fan itself doesn’t cover. This makes it easy to still have a working window fan that may be too small, however, there is not as easy of a solution for a window fan that is too large.


Remember, window fans run on electricity, so you’ll need an outlet to plug it in. Ideally, you’ll have a window that’s placed right beside an existing outlet, so it’ll spare you the hassle of rewiring. If that’s not the case, however, then you have two options available for you.

Firstly, you could install another outlet near the window. This will cost more, but it’ll leave you with a brand-new outlet that is designated for your fan, or you can also use it with other appliances. Alternatively, you could also just hook it up to an extension cord. This is an easy fix, but the extension cord should be properly and safely placed, as you don’t want any loose wiring around the house.

Location within your home matters too. You want to bring cool air in, so try to place fans on the shadier sides of your home. That air will be cooler than a place sitting in direct sunlight. Also, if you have multiple window fans throughout your home, you wouldn’t want them to be competing with each other. Keep one side of your house designated for fans bringing cool air in, and the opposite side for fans that push hot air out.

What is the price range of window fans?

Window fans can cost less than $100, making them a very affordable home cooling solution. The most popular window fans will cost you between $40 and $60, so you don’t need to invest a lot of money in getting your room nice and cool.

How do we choose the best window fan?

Our window fans are chosen based on their dimensions, size, power, and customer reviews. By doing some thorough online research, we firmly believe that these are the best window fans of the year. We look at brand reputation, efficiency, features, and honest and reliable reviews from customers.

Window Fan FAQ

Q: How many window fans do I need?

A: You should at least have two fans so you can have one taking warm air out and one bringing cool air in. Whether you set the two fans on the same unit to different functions or use two units throughout your home is up to you, but you’ll get maximum results by using at least two fans. If you use two units, place them on opposite sides of your home so you get good airflow.

Q: How do window fans work?

A: Window fans take in the hot air from the room and allow cold air to remain inside, resulting in a space colder than the outside air. They can also take colder air from outside and bring it into your home. They work in a similar manner to air conditioning units but use no cooling agents.

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