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Review: Best Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis, or Ping-Pong if you prefer, originated in England near the close of the 19th century when Victorian upper-crust types decided they wanted to play their beloved lawn tennis indoors. Unexpected ingenuity in the process of designing their table tennis table included a row of books standing in a line across the dining table serving as the net, empty cigar boxes used for rackets, and a champagne cork or ball of twine functioning as the ball.

Today, the common table tennis rig is much more advanced but just as simple and straightforward in its design and function. Of course, you'll find many improvements such as wheels for mobility and stronger materials used in their manufacture for outdoor use. However, one thing is still very certain and that is these tables are just as much fun as the ones first developed in the 1800's. For more information on purchasing a table tennis table, check out our comprehensive buyer's guide and our list of the best table tennis tables in 2021, which breaks down all of the important factors that should be considered when making your selection

Best Table Tennis Table

best pro outdoor table tennis table

Kettler Match Pro Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The top spot goes to the Kettler Match Pro Outdoor table. Big enough for four players, the aluminum-sealed surface is waterproof and has a non-glare finish for even the brightest days under the sun. The underside has a layer of puckered aluminum to allow for contracting and expanding under all weather conditions. More aluminum edging around the table safeguards it from wear and tear and the one-inch thick round legs are covered in a synthetic powder coating to protect from scratches and corrosion.

This is a durable, well-built table that's been certified for league play. The Match Pro has also been outfitted with Kettler's Dual Locking Mechanism to ensure the table stays in place and doesn't lock or unlock by mistake, so it's safe around younger children while the oversized casters make it easy to roll the table from one place to the next. There is one major drawback though: the amount of time and effort it takes to build this thing once you get it out of the box. It's not easy by any means, and if you screw up, you've got twice the work to do in fixing the error. But, once you've crossed that hurdle, the table is very easy to unfold and fold back again for storage. This one is our numero uno best pick for a reason; you're getting an excellent product at a great price that is going to last you years.

Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Indoor Table Tennis Table

There are features galore on this table that can do double duty both indoors and out from Killerspin, but the one feature that really stands out is the minimal amount of assembly time that's needed to have it ready. The MyT-O can be ready to play with in about fifteen minutes right out of the box. Once you get it home, simply unstrap it and put on the finishing touches to make it game ready. This table weighs just over 150 pounds, constructed of a white 1 2/5-inch steel frame and combination aluminum/plastic tabletop with repeat roller coating for a multi-layer finish that keeps it weatherproof all year round. The color of the top is a brilliant blue so seeing the ball is easy, even on those bright sunny days.

Just like the other tables on our list, both sides fold up and down for storage (or single-player use) as well as featuring safety lock mechanisms that keep the table secured from collapsing at the wrong time. But unlike some of the other tables we've featured here, the Killerspin comes with four individual levellers so the table remains flat and even, no matter where you decide to place it. If you find a sunny spot on a rocky embankment, the ground may be uneven but the table won't be. Of course, there are a set of three inch casters to roll it anywhere you'd like and they come with individual locking mechanisms so the table won't continue rolling once you've secured it in place.

Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Weighing in at 140 pounds, the TW23 is no pushover. Butterfly has prepared their table for anything you can throw at it, including inclement weather and extreme abuse from players who like to play hard. The top is 3/16-inches thick and made of a synthetic laminate that keeps wetness and condensation from penetrating the playing surface for even bounce on every portion of the table with no dead spots or sagging areas. The sturdy steel frame measures about an inch wide at the legs with an inch and a half thick at the rim rails, while the chassis is welded solid for resilient dependability.

The table can fold up on both sides for easy storage or at just one side for single players to practice their hand-eye coordination; and to be sure the table doesn't collapse, there are two safety levers on either side to keep it child-proof. Best of all, you don't need to remove the net or posts to fold the table for storage; once you assemble every part of the TW23 that is all the set up you'll be required to perform, which is probably for the best since it's going to take you a few hours to get this thing ready for gameplay. You definitely need two people to get this one game ready and luckily it comes with a set of instructions that show you each step in picture form so they're easy to follow. Don't worry about assembling it some place you don't plan to keep it either, the TW23 is equipped with 5-inch wide double-wheel sets for easy portability.

Cornilleau Sport Outdoor Table Tennis Table

These types of tables are a lot of fun to play with, but households with young children may feel uneasy about them using it on their own. Tables can be heavy and when they fold up, and there's the possibility of one of the sides crashing down on someone's head. And let's not forget about those little fingers getting pinched. Cornilleau understands these concerns, so they've created the Sport 250S outdoor table. Outfitted with 16 locking points (8 for when the table is unfolded and 8 to keep it locked tight for storage), the table won't come loose or unexpectedly collapse whichever positions it's in. This also makes the table a perfect fit for any type of uneven outdoor landscape and the all-terrain dual wheels allow you to roll it virtually anyplace.

Cornilleau has doubled up on the safety precautions with their DSI system, which enables anyone to open and shut the table with the use of one simple handle. The 250S is equipped with a slate top and no-glare resin laminate surface coating, which makes it ideal for play on sunny days. For organizational convenience, there are two attached ball and paddle racks for easy storage of all the playing essentials. Keep in mind, the table isn't cheap, but you'll have peace of mind knowing the little ones will be safe when they want to play outdoors. Best of all, the Sport 250S will be the last table you buy for quite some time, since it comes with a three year warranty on the table itself and a ten year warranty on the top.

Sponeta S2-72e Table Tennis Table

You may not have heard of Sponeta, but they manufacture multiple lines of table tennis tables for all levels of expertise, featuring both indoor and outdoor models. The S2-72e is part of their Gameline series which is best-suited for recreational use by the casual player and in the case of this table, you're getting a package perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

First of all, it's one of the lightest tables on our list with a weight of around 112 pounds. This comes from the materials they've used in constructing the product including a powder-coated alloy frame with a thickness of just 1.4 inches. The table-top surface made of melanine resin-coated particle board that's just 4mm thick and has been weather-proofed against dampness to keep the table from warping.

Setup is easy and doesn't take much time to complete. When you're ready to play, the table gives you the option of playing with two or more players in standard position or single player by folding up one of the sides. When you're done, fold up the other side and you can easily store the table upright against a wall or storage area without taking up much room at all. An easy to use locking mechanism keeps both sides of the table securely locked in place whether in storing or playing position and all you need is the single drawbar beneath the surface to unlatch the table the next time you want to use it.

Cornilleau Competition 540 ITTF Indoor Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau is a French manufacturer of some of the world's best table tennis products. Their ITTF 540 table not only complies to ITTF standards, but the French Table Tennis Association has deemed it suitable for professional tournament use. If you're serious about the game, this table should be one to consider bringing home. Using a steel undercarriage assembly that employs 16 locking points to secure the table fully in playing and storage positions, the 540 is also suitable for wheelchair play allowing chairs to lock in place at each end. A single release handle lets you open and close the table with ease and storing it is as easy as folding it up and rolling it away. The tabletop of the 540 employs Skiltop coating to keep gameplay consistent along the entire surface so the ball reacts uniformly at either end with a thickness of just 22mm on a table frame that measures 50mm in height. This table is entirely mobile using twin wheels with brakes to keep the unit from rolling away and each leg comes with a leveler at the end so you can keep the product flat on uneven ground.

Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table with Outdoor Accessory Bundle

This table has a 7/8 inch thick, weatherproof sealed aluminum composite tournament top surface for a steady bounce, an blue anti-reflective UV, scratch, and fade resistant coating for a better view of the ball. Along with that weatherproofing, the table has been infused with Kettler's proprietary ALU-TEC Climate-Control underside to help control expansion and contraction of the table as a result of changes in the weather or temperature, making it ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Set up is among the easiest on our list with Kettler's double-lock mechanism, a single person can unfold the table flat for regular play or one side up for play back mode. When it's time to put it away, the Dual-Lock safety features keep it from coming loose, and an anti-tilt trolley has four rolling casters and diagonal safety brakes for safe maneuvering. If you are one of those types who is always losing stuff, the table has storage areas for paddles and balls. The Top Star XL comes in at 9 x 5 feet making it regulation tournament size, so those wheels and folding capabilities are likely going to come in handy if you plan on using this one in the living room or on the back patio.

Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

The folks at Killerspin are selling this table on the idea that it only takes eight nuts and bolts to have the table out of its box and ready to play. But more than that, the MyT5 has a load of great benefits. Their Repeat Roller Coating on the surface provides a sixteen layer finish on a 16mm-thick medium density wood table to ensure uniform repeated bounce from the ball. A locking system keeps each side of the table securely positioned, and it can be used in three positions, just like the other tables on our list. The table's heavy-gauge metal frame keeps it firmly secured in place, so it won't shake or rattle when players bang into it or dive for that drop shot.

Butterfly TR26 Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table (Green)

Since 2001, Butterfly has been the official table of the U.S Open and National Championships of Table Tennis; so when considering the TR26 Playback Rollaway, you are getting a product that's top notch and sure to perform better than most other brands. The 3/4 inch-thick wood table top is scratch- and chip-resistant, fortified by a synthetic laminate with a surface that will afford both players an even matchup that relies on their skill to prevail instead of inequities that might be present as a result of poor table design. The heavy steel frame keeps the table anchored and stable, with square legs and locking lever to keep the table in place no matter whether you have it set up in playback or storage positions. The TR26 requires some minor assembly and once you're done the table proves easy to fold and unfold, much like the other picks on our list. Although it's made by one of the leading companies that provides tournament compliant tables to the big events, the TR26 is designed for home use only. It is not compliant with ITTF specfications, but that probably won't matter to you unless you're training for professional competition. Those of you who just like to play a spirited game in the rec room will be more than thrilled with this Butterfly.

Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

The JOOLA Inside is a great recreational table. Equipped with a 5/8 wood composite playing surface, resin apron and powder-coated steel undercarriage for durability and support, this indoor-only table is lighter than some of the other tables we've listed and requires minimal assembly. Once it's all put together, you've got a table built for fast-paced, consistent playability and ball response. Aggressive players who like offense will particularly enjoy this table. Two-piece construction allows it to be used as a single table or two free-standing tables and comes with a set of wheels for simple mobility. Open it up for hours of fun and when it's time to stop, simply fold the table over and you can roll it away to wherever you want it stored.

Buyer's Guide


Table Tennis Buyer's Guide

Table Tennis, or Ping-Pong if you prefer, originated in England near the close of the 19th century when Victorian upper-crust types decided they wanted to play their beloved lawn tennis indoors. Unexpected ingenuity in the process of designing their table tennis table included a row of books standing in a line across the dining table serving as the net, empty cigar boxes used for rackets, and a champagne cork or ball of twine functioning as the ball.

Today, the common table tennis rig is much more advanced but just as simple and straightforward in its design and function. Of course, you'll find many improvements such as wheels for mobility and stronger materials used in their manufacture for outdoor use. However, one thing is still very certain and that is these tables are just as much fun as the ones first developed in the 1800's.

Table Types

Indoor Tables

Indoor table tennis tables are made of some type of wood, usually Masonite, which is a strongfabricated wood similar to particleboard (a material you'll also find in many table tennis tops). To prevent warping, you're looking for the table surface to be at least 3/4” thick with thicker surfaces up to 1” which last longer and provide even better bounce on your ball. However, the real quality of your table isn't found in the wood or the thickness alone as there are a variety of resins, finishes, and material densities that help provide the real long-lasting resilience of a strong, sturdy table top.

Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables are manufactured to withstand the elements. The tables are still made of wood or composite materials, but they also utilize an aluminum or plastic component to keep the surface from warping under the hot sun or persistently wet conditions. These tables often have weather-proofing laminate finishes and additional elements which are coated to prevent rust (such as the chassis beneath the table).

You can obviously use these tables indoors but you're going to pay extra for the protective materials that make them suitable for use outdoors, so decide on where your new table will be used before you buy. If you plan on moving it from indoors to outdoors, then it makes perfect sense for you to invest the extra money.

Table Components


The frame is the chassis the table-top rests upon, including the under-carriage and the legs. Obviously, this needs to be sturdy and stable, but thicker legs don't necessarily give you both. Take a look at a few models and investigate the thickness of the legs and, more importantly, the material they're made from.

You're also looking for galvanized or resin-coated steel, and outdoor tables should have some kind of powder or weather-proof coating to keep them from rusting. A good leg thickness is usually somewhere between 1 3/4” to 3 1/2”, and also check out how many contact points there are between the frame and the table-top. The more which are present, the more stability you're going to get.


You have a choice between a stationary table and one which can be moved from room to room. If you’ll need to maneuver the table around the house, or from inside to outside, you're going to want casters or wheels on the table frame.

Rolling one of these tables around can be a challenge depending upon its weight so a set of larger wheels will afford you more convenience than a smaller set will. You also want to make sure the casters lock so the table stays in one place while you're playing and it doesn't roll away. However, if you only have one place to put this table in your home then you don't need the casters which will reduce the price of your table.


Many tables fold up to allow for space-saving storage. If you don't plan on keeping the table in one place or wish to put it away after you're done playing with it, then you'll want a table that can fold up. This feature usually affords you a “practice” mode of game-play in which one player can use the table by themselves, hitting the ball against the vertical side of the table.

When purchasing a table that folds up, make sure there’s no gap between the two sides when the table is in practice mode. Another thing to look for is the way the net maneuvers when the table folds. Is the net removable or does it stay on the table when it's folded? Be sure to check, because net brackets can become damaged with sub-standard tables or simply user error.

Some Assembly Required

You'll find tables which require no assembly, partial assembly, or total assembly when you get it home. Some retailers offer assembly services, but only you know how mechanically inclined (and patient) you are when it comes to these things. Improper or incomplete assembly may result in damage to the table and injury to you or other players. Choose wisely, if you don't want to put any time into building your new table; instead, find one that’s ready to go straight out of the box.

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