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Grab One of the Best Pinot Noirs For Wine Night

  1. Schug Pinot Noir
  2. Willamette Valley Vineyards Whole Cluster Pinot Noir
  3. SeaGlass Pinot Noir
  4. Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir
  5. Greywacke Pinot Noir
  6. Buyer's Guide

One of the most popular red varietals around the world, Pinot Noir is a delicate grape that's difficult to grow. Native to Burgundy, France, there are only a handful of other appellations that are known for producing excellent Pinot Noir. Cooler regions of Northern California, the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the Yarra Valley in Australia, and a few cool regions of New Zealand rival Burgundy for making the world's best Pinot Noirs.

This grape gets its name from the French word for "pinecone," because Pinot Noir grapes grow in tightly-packed clusters. The grapes are light-colored, producing wines that are medium-bodied and often strawberry or cherry red. Though there aren't a lot of tannins in these wines, they can be aged successfully, though it's often difficult to predict how an older Pinot will taste, or whether a particular wine will hold up to a few years in the cellar. Young Pinots are fruit forward, medium bodied wines with extremely soft tannins and bright fruit aromas. Check out these list of best pinot noirs in 2022 below.

Here are the best pinot noirs of 2022

best pinot noirs

Schug Pinot Noir - Best Pinot Noir Overall

Schug is well-known as one of California's premier wine makers. Schug Pinot Noir is our favorite Pinot that's sold by major retailers for less than $20. It's relatively moderate in alcohol content, at only 13.5 percent, which allows the delicate flavors of the Pinot grape to shine through. This wine is fermented in stainless steel and then aged in aged French oak that doesn't lend the wine too many earthy, oaky notes. Instead, the wine has flavors of red cherry, raspberry, and spice, and aromas of strawberry and cherry. The finish is a bit on the acidic side, which perfectly complements this fruit forward, well balanced wine.

best whole cluster pinot noir

Willamette Valley Vineyards Whole Cluster Pinot Noir - Runner Up

An incredibly juicy wine, Willamette Valley Vineyards Whole Cluster Pinot Noir is one of our favorite wines. Though this wine is fruit forward, it's also well balanced by earthy undertones. On the nose, violet, anise, and clean earth back up the pronounced red fruit aromas. On the palate, vanilla and spice perfectly complement fruity flavors of strawberry, cherry, and cranberry. The tannins are soft and acidic, cutting through any sweetness that the fruit flavors lend this Pinot. With a wine this good, you may be tempted to put a few bottles away for a few years but this wine has been designed to be enjoyed right away.

best classic pinot noir

SeaGlass Pinot Noir - Honorable Mention

Fans of the movie Sideways may remember the Santa Barbara appellation as one of best places to grow delicate Pinot Noir grapes, and indeed, there are some exceptional wines that come out of this area. The hills around this seaside community enjoy cool weather, lots of fog to protect grapes from hot summer sunshine, and a terroir that helps keep the grapes light in flavor. SeaGlass Pinot Noir is one of our Pinots. It's bright and light, with lots of acidity and plenty of cherry and strawberry flavors. The nose is fruity and floral, with a sweetness that provides an excellent counterpoint to the acidity in the wine.

Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir '10

Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir - Best Pinot Noir Overall

Made by Oregonian winemaker with a French name, Domaine Drouhin is a beautiful Pinot Noir crafted in the classic Burgundy style. This wine is fruit forward, with notes of both red and black cherry, as well as other soft red fruits. The finish is long and well-structured, though a little on the acidic side, which should help this wine age well over the next 10 years. Once the wine has fermented, it's put up for 12 months in French oak taken from the woods around Burgundy. This gives it some earthy notes that perfectly mimic wines coming out of this French Provence. Since only the barrels with the best wine make it into the bottles, you can be assured that any bottle of Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir is going to be excellent.

Greywacke Pinot Noir.jpg

Greywacke Pinot Noir - Best Pinot Noir Overall

Marlborough is one of the best places in the world to grow Pinot Noir. Greywacke Pinot Noir is a great wine that consistently scores in the 90s with professional wine critics. The nose is slightly sweet, with a big punch of strawberry jam and just a hint of smoke. In fact, this is one of the most aromatic wines on our list. The palate is likewise complex, with plum and cherry flavors and smokey, woody undertones. The tannins are nice and soft, though they still offer plenty of structure. This is a wine that can be enjoyed right away, or put away for a few years.

Buyer's Guide

Pinot Noir is one of the finest and most delectable wines of all time. However, you must pick the right bottle for a delicious wine experience. Here is a detailed buying guide to choose the best Pinot Noir for your table.

What Things to Consider When Buying the Best Pinot Noir?

We have explained all essential pointers to keep in mind when picking the best Pinot Noir.

Age of the Wine

Aged wine is the best one, but when it comes to Pinot Noir, the situation is 50/50. Just like its rustic competitors, a Pinot Noir bottle is best when aged for a decade or so. The most delicious bottles are aged between 8 to 10 years. While it is best when consumed young, aging does bring out those strong earthy and savory notes. There is a vintage of deep-tasting Pinot Noir made from the fruit of cooler regions back in the ’90s.

Production Region

This may seem unimportant if you were to buy a packaged mango juice at the mall. However, with Pinot Noir, the situation is different. Originated in France, it is now produced in several other parts of the world. If you want a high-quality wine experience, then we suggest you pick a bottle from any of the following countries/states:

. France
. California
. Oregon
. Australia
. New Zealand
. Italy
. Germany


People who have had Pinot Noir keep coming back for more. Extracted from the finest quality of red grapes, it gives away a combination of fruity and earthy flavors. It is dry alcohol with silky tannins that leave a delicious aftertaste. The taste of this red wine depends upon:

. Age of the bottle
. The region it was grown and preserved
The flavors are:
. Fruity flavors such as raspberries, cherries, and strawberries
. Earthy flavors such as oak, mushroom, and forest floor


Since it is extracted from the red wine grape, the initial flavor is quite sweet. However, this sweetness comes from the fruit. Pinot Noir is usually served dry to prevent it from tasting like grape candy. This is why it has a lower calorie and sugar content than most other wine options.


The climate in which grapes were grown and wine was preserved also matters a lot in the buying decision. Initially developed in the colder farms of Europe, Pinot Noir is now being produced in warmer regions such as Oregon as well.

. Pinot Noir grown in warmer regions such as Australia and California is fruitier and more vibrant. You can quickly identify different fruit flavors.
. A bottle from the colder regions like Europe has a dense and more earthy flavor. You will feel a strong taste of things like oak wood and forest floor with a dense aftertaste.

Alcohol Content

Usually considered a dry wine, the alcohol content of Pinot Noir depends on where it is grown.

. Bottle from warmer regions can have 13.5% to 15% of alcohol content
. A bottle from cooler areas can have 12% to 13.5% of alcohol content
The wine is usually considered food-friendly and light-bodied. Along with this, the fruity flavor notes make it an absolute favorite among new and old wine drinkers.

What is the Flavor Profile of a Pinot Noir?

Although a very dry wine, Pinot Noir has a few different flavor profiles that give you a variety to choose from. The flavor of your wine depends on the climate where the grapes are grown, along with the method the wine was preserved. You can choose between these flavor profiles:

Unoaked Pinot Noir

A more vibrant and fruity Pinot Noir:
. Lighter and sweeter feel upon sipping
. More acidic
. Flavors: Honey and tart

Oaked Pinot Noir

A more American flavored wine for those who want the best of both winter and summer flavors.
. Earthy and wintery while being light
. Warmer flavor notes
. A citrus flavor that changes to a leafy flavor

Vin Gris/Pinot Noir Rose

A fancy edition for those who like to end each celebration with a sparkle.

. An exciting and refreshing flavor
. Edging towards fruity notes
. Wine changes color when it comes in contact with grape skin

How to Serve Pinot Noir?

Considered a delectable, you must serve it at the right moment with the right pairings at the optimum temperature to experience the best Pinot Noir.


Considered a light wine with a fruity flavor profile, Pinot Noir can be enjoyed at pretty much any event where you expect a delicious meal. Formal dinners, holiday parties, weddings, birthday parties, and graduation parties are all significant events to serve it straight from the bottle.


Pinot Noir is best enjoyed when cool. To yield maximum flavors from the bottle, consider chilling it at 55 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple of hours before the event.


It is a decadent delectable that will always be a popular hit among people. Pair it with some good-quality luscious chocolates, and this will be a perfect gift for anyone from your loved one to someone at the office.

Is There a Specific Type of Pinot Noir for Each Meal?

The fruity flavors pair well with any kind of snack, giving you an elegant but yummy aftertaste. It also goes well with red meat to balance the heavy meal with a lighter wine.

The earthy flavors of aged Pinot Noir are more celebrated informal dinners or date nights featuring leaner meats such as chicken and fish. The rustic flavors add layers of taste to your meal, making it a scrumptious finish to a perfect night.

Final Thoughts

Pinot Noir is a highly-regarded choice for wine lovers worldwide. Also regarded as "The Heartbreak Grape", this fruity wine adds volumes of flavor to any event or meal you are having.

Grown and brewed in a few wineries worldwide, it comes in two different flavor notes: the ripe and succulent fruity taste from less aged Pinot Noir and the earthy and dense notes from the old one. You can enjoy it in any event but make sure to chill it before drinking. To have the best Pinot Noir, you need to understand its flavor, regions, age, and temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does Pinot Noir come from?

A: The classic version was first brewed in the wineries of France, but it has been evolving for a while now.

Q: Why is Pinot Noir more expensive than most other wines?

A: It is made in very few wineries from bunches of red wine grapes, which are very hard to grow.

Q: How many countries is Pinot Noir grown in?

A: It is grown in 10 countries worldwide: France, Moldova, USA, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

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