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Best Wine Aerator to Upgrade Your Wine Nights

  1. Rabbit Wine Pourer and Aerator
  2. Williams-Sonoma Bottle Top Wine Aerator
  3. Soiree Bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator
  4. VinOair Wine Aerator
  5. Le Creuset Simple Pourer
  6. Buyer's Guide

Wine aerator's gained popularity in 2007. They are typically attachments with a hole in it that provides aeration to open bottles of wine. For some wine drinkers, aeration isn't necessary. To those who are wine aficionados, it is a great way to drink it. The aeration process is simply exposing the wine to air with the expectation of allowing the complex and intricate flavors of the wine to be more pronounced. With these picks of the best wine aerators in 2022 you will discover more about the benefits of wine aeration. These aerators were selected because they could be easily attached to the wine bottle neck or have a separate pour through feature, have an attractive design and are durable.

Best Wine Aerators Worth Considering in 2022

Rabbit Wine Pourer and Aerator - Best Wine Aerator Overall

The swish action of this aerator is unlike any other which is why it made the top pick. The Rabbit Swish On-Glass Aerator allows you to aerate and entertain at the same time. This one comes with a rabbit swish aerator that you place on the top of your wine glass. The rabbit swish is equipped with a very fine mesh that removes sediments. While pouring through the rabbit swish mechanism, your wine will aerate creating the look of a wine shower inside the glass. This dramatic process will entertain your guests and provide them with a robust glass of wine. Hand washing is preferred.

best Williams-Sonoma Bottle Top Wine Aerator

Williams-Sonoma Bottle Top Wine Aerator - Runner Up

This beautifully designed aerator will make your wine burst with flavor. The Williams-Sonoma Bottle Top Wine Aerator is constructed with durable, mouth blown glass. It's easy to aerate each glass of wine with the multi-directional sides which optimizes aeration and allows for mess free pouring for any side. Once placed inside the neck of the wine, the silicone gasket ensures a tight fit, sealing in freshness. No need for glass swirling, have already aerated wine poured immediately into your glass.

Soiree Bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator - Honorable Mention

This fine quality aerator is combination of high performance and unique style. It is crafted with a borosilicate strengthened glass blend along with a 5-ring gasket designed to fit almost any type of wine bottle. It fits directly onto the bottle and as the wine flows through, it aerates it into the glass. This aerator will allow you to experience wine with more in depth flavor. The well designed aerators shape ensures that oxygen can easily get in and mix with the wine. Hand washing is preferred.

VinOair Wine Aerator - Consider

This amazing aerator does it all. It has a stylish design that fits over your wine bottle. The tip has a unique quill pen look that allows you to pour your wine through the aerator without spills. The VinOair Wine Aerator does a phenomenal job creating an atmosphere that provides optimal oxidation. That oxidation yields maximum flavor for your wine. It also has a specially designed dual venturi chamber that has twice the vacuum of other aerators. Hand washing is recommended.

Le Creuset Simple Pourer - Best Wine Aerator

This Le Creuset Simple Pourer promises to provide superior aeration to your wine. It is crafted with a special aeration mechanism that can remove easily for cleaning. The conical construction has curved slots that allow the wine and the air to mix. It boasts a drip free pouring edge and a central breather that allows the air to flow back into the bottle. This attractive aerator is also usable for a variety of different types of wines bottle necks. Hand washing is preferred.

Buyer's Guide

The swirling wine’s graceful movement looks mesmerizing to the eye. However, its purpose is more than just making someone look like an experienced aficionado. Aerating the wine plays a vital role in enhancing its flavours. The simple use of a wine aerator can increase the aroma and zest of your wine. Let's take a look at how to select the best wine aerator in 2021.

What are the Different Types of Wine Aerators?

There are mainly four different types of wine aerators. Although all of these types of aerators work on the same principle, they function in different ways. There are several channels in an aerator that draw air in it while wine pours out. Hence, it mixes the perfect amount of oxygen or fresh air to enhance the flavours.

Bottle-Stopper Wine Aerators

Bottle stopper wine aerator or wine pourer is a user-friendly device that fits in the neck of a wine bottle just like a regular stopper. Many bottle-stopper wine aerators can provide the functionality of both a stopper and an aerator.

The wine pours right through the aerators and comes directly into your glass. Although the job is done, there is not much perfection. It does not give too much room for the consistent mixing of wine and oxygen compared to the other types discussed below.

Handheld Wine Aerators

Handheld wine aerators are not many complex devices. You need to hold your wine aerator and position it correctly over your glass, and finally, pour the wine through the device. The best thing about these types of wine aerators is that they sometimes come with screens that can catch sediments. They also come with a base where you can set your wine aerator when you are not using it.

Aerator/Decanter Wine Aerators

The third type of wine aerator is Aerator/Decanter. As the name suggests, it performs a combination of aerating and decanting. How it works is that you pour your wine in the decanter, position it over the wine aerator, and your filters down the aerator.

Electric Wine Aerators

It is the most expensive type of aerator in the whole bunch. However, the results are excellent. It would be best if you positioned the aerator on your bottle of wine, and with a touch of a button, the wine automatically pours into the glass.

What Should You Consider When Buying Wine Aerators?

If you are in a pickle when deciding to buy a wine aerator, you can look up these factors:

Ease of Use

If you want an aerator that is easy to use and works as effectively as possible, an electric aerator is your best shot. As mentioned earlier, it works perfectly just by the touch of one button. Not only this, the addition of oxygen to the wine is perfectly proportionate, giving the best results.


Multiple brands are producing various wine aerators. However, to choose the best wine aerator, you should go with a well-known and revered brand. The advantage of selecting an esteemed brand is that you will get quality assurance for the product's durability.

Included Extras/Accessories

If you are looking for a package deal, you can choose a wine aerator with accessories. It can help you maximize the usage of your aerator. Extras can include storage cases, stands, cleaning brushes, and much more. These additional accessories can also help you maintain your aerator and increase its durability.

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, premium quality wine aerators are the top pick. Aerators that are dishware safe and have detachable parts are the easiest to maintain. Take a note that you would want an aerator that can be easily assembled as well after cleaning.

What is the Different Material of Aerators?

The materials commonly used for wine aerators are acrylic, steel, plastic, and glass. Please note that these materials do not contaminate your wine or add any harmful components to it. It is crucial to choose the material wisely because it plays an essential role in deciding the durability of the product. The better the material, the longer the product will last.

There are fewer chances for acrylic plastic to break as compared to highly delicate and fragile glass.

Some Other Important Features

There are some other small yet important features to look for in an aerator:

Flow Regulator: Some of the best wine aerators also have the feature of controlling the aeration process and flow rate.
No Drip Stand: If you don't want to leave a mess around, then the anti-drip feature is a must-have.
Easy Grip: Another feature of the top wine aerators is their comfortable and tight grip. Most of the aerators have a silicon grip. While the fit on the wine bottle should be snug, the use of the aerator should be easy.

Wine Aerator FAQ

Q. What types of wines need aeration?

Ans. Wines that are extra bitter or have a high amount of tannin in them should be aerated. The purpose of aeration is to soften the tannin and enhance the aroma. It also builds the flavour of the wine. Primarily red wines need aeration, but sometimes it is good to aerate the white wines as well.

Q. What is the best temperature to aerate wines?

Ans. To get the best results, it is better if you aerate the wine at room temperature. You can chill it later because if you choose to aerate a cold wine, it will add extra oxygen. However, if you are still persistent to aerate your wine while it is cold, make sure that you drink it directly to lessen its exposure to air. If not, then keep it chilled so that oxidation can stop.

Q. How to minimize air exposure to wine that is aerated?

Ans. There are two ways to minimize air exposure; you should keep the wine container full and check for leaks in your bottle. The former is helpful because less space in a container means less air can enter. Secondly, by checking for leaks, you can see the potential air bubbles in the bottle and try to minimize them by using a well-fitted cork.

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