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Keep Your Pool Bug Free With The Best Pool Net In 2022

  1. Evob Leaf Skimmer Pool Net
  2. Stargoods Skimmer Fine Mesh Pool Net
  3. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Net
  4. SUKKI Heavy Duty Deep Bag Skimmer Pool Net
  5. ProTuff 3X Faster Pro Grade Skimmer Pool Net
  6. ProTuff 13” Spa Silt Net
  7. Buyer's Guide

Have an in-ground, above-ground, or inflatable pool? Regardless of the type, every pool needs to be properly cleaned so that you can have fun in the sun. One fundamental product for proper pool maintenance is a pool net.

While some in-ground and above-ground pools have filters for cleaning, you never know when you need to clean out leaves or bugs by hand. The market is full of different types of pools nets, and we've researched some of the best to help you choose one that fits your exact needs perfectly. Read on below to check out some of our favorite pool nets out there, as well as our accompanying buying guide to help you pick one out!

Our Top Six Pool Nets

Evob Leaf Skimmer Pool Net - Best Pool Net Overall

This net is a convenient tool for keeping your pool clean. This pool skimmer features a plastic frame and fine mesh net for skimming over shallow water easily. For easy-to-reach areas, you can use the standalone net without a pole. But for hard-to-reach areas, you'll need to mount the net to a telescopic pole, which is not included. Best of all, it's priced extremely reasonably, so you can always purchase several to keep on hand as backup replacements.

Stargoods Skimmer Fine Mesh Pool Net - Runner Up

This net provides a great option for people looking for a simple yet effective pool net. This pool net is easy to use - the rounded borders minimize any potential for impact damage to your pool, and the fine mesh net picks up any debris you can spot with the naked eye. This net does not come with a telescopic pole, so consider buying one to extend your reach.

U.S. Pool Supply Professional Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Net - Honorable Mention

These pool nets are perfect for those who are looking for a quick and easy solution to cleaning the pool. This pool net is made of heavy-duty plastic molded frame, so it's safe for all types of pools - even pools with liners. The scoop's beveled edge directs floating debris into the net and is also ideal for scraping the bottom of the pool. This net doesn't ship with a pole, so it's definitely a good idea to purchase one of those if you have a larger pool that needs cleaning.

SUKKI Heavy Duty Deep Bag Skimmer Pool Net - Contender

This heavy-duty net is suitable for cleaning larger or deeper pools. The frame is made of aluminum rather than plastic, which means it can hold more weight compared to other nets. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust, so this net will also last much longer. The skimmer net uses fine-mesh material that picks up even the smallest debris, and the curved edges of the frame reduce the possibility of damaging your pool. It fits most telescopic vacuum poles, but you'll need to supply one yourself.

ProTuff 3X Faster Pro Grade Skimmer Pool Net - Consider

If you're tired of replacing broken pool nets, we recommend spending a bit more to purchase a higher-quality tool. ProTuff's pool net costs a fair amount more than the other nets on this list, but the company backs up their product with a lifetime guarantee on all of the parts. The frame is constructed of aluminum alloy and features a plastic rim sleeve to avoid damaging your pool, and the handle features "wings" that prevent the frame from twisting when it's weighed down. There's no pole included, but ProTuff sells one that is also covered by the same lifetime warranty.

ProTuff 13” Spa Silt Net - Best Silt Net

While pool nets are supremely useful maintenance tools, the one thing they can't help with is silt. Luckily, ProTuff offers a pool net with an ultra-fine mesh designed specifically for filtering silt, and it's covered by the same lifetime "no questions asked" guarantee that provides replacement parts. This silt net is more or less the same product like the one above, with the main difference being the net itself. This one is designed to be used after the pool has been cleaned with a regular net, since the mesh tends to push water and make it more difficult to pick up larger debris. ProTuff doesn't include a pole, but they do offer one that features the same lifetime guarantee as to their nets.

Buyer's Guide

Planning to buy a pool net for quick cleaning? There are many options, so it might be surprisingly difficult to decide. We’ve curated the following buyer’s guide to explain all the relevant information that you should know.

Are There Different Types of Pool Nets?

As we mentioned, there are actually quite a few different styles of pool cleaning tools. Some require less manual labor than others, so be sure to decide what style and level of convenience you want.

Pool Baskets

An automatic pool basket will connect with the inlet of your pool and suck up water into the basket through a hose. These are sophisticated and automatic tools, so they will cost you more and require setup. Automatic nets are made for above-ground and in-ground pools, so they’re not the best option for inflatables.

Automatic Pool Nets

These are battery-operated nets that attach to the return jets of the pool to suck up debris. Expect more suction power compared to simply using a net.

Manual Pool Nets

Manual pool nets use telescopic poles to reach across large areas to get at a deep part of the pool. Manual pool nets are great for smaller pools or for debris that needs a one-time grab. Another plus of a standard net is that it can be used for hot tubs and inflatable pools. Some products have more or less fine mesh, so you can catch particles like dog hair, sand, and small insects.

Solar Pool Nets

These are advanced due to the incorporation of solar technology. Because of the added tech, these are a more costly option. The best part here is that you don’t have to install the nets with a hose to your pool inlet. Solar nets will work by themselves as long as your pool gets direct sunlight.

What Types of Pools Can You Use a Pool Net For?

Now, let’s have a look at the different types of home or public pools for which pool nets are used for cleaning:

Above-ground pool nets

Above-ground pools are usually not as big as in-ground, but you still have to clean them using a telescopic pole. These pools typically have a filtration system to assist you in clearing debris. However, you still need a net to clean out leaves and bugs.

In-ground pool nets

In-ground pools have better filtration systems, but you will still need a quality pool net for easy and fast clean-up. If you have an especially wide or long pool, remember to look for a net with an extendable pole.

Hot tub or spa nets

If you keep your hot tub uncovered, then there’s a huge possibility that leaves and debris will accumulate easily. At this point, you’ll need a small manual net to clean the interior of your hot tub.

Inflatable pool nets

If you have an inflatable pool for your kids, you will also need a pool net for easy cleaning. Water will likely get dirty from dirt or debris present around the pool. Consider placing a cover on the pool to protect it when not in use.

What Features Should I Look For When Buying A Pool Net?

Now, let’s have a look at some of the important features that you should pay attention to when buying pool nets:


Automatic pool nets are great because they’re hands-off and have good power. But remember that you have to connect it to a hose and let it loose inside the pool. After that, you have to do the cleaning using a manual pool net.

Ease of use

The solar pool net is best when it comes to convenience. You are going to pay a little extra upfront, but cleaning will be effortless. In some cases, you may still need a manual pool net to remove leaves. You don’t want to put the solar net inside the pool when kids are also present inside the pool.


With manual nets, buy ones that have an aluminum frame. Metal frames are better compared to cheap plastic frames that could break under heavy weight. It is best to spend a little more to extend the lifespan of the pool net.

What Is The Price Range for Pool Nets?

Expect to pay up to $40 or more depending on the brand you choose and the functionality of the pool net. Note that automatic or solar pool nets will cost you more than manual ones. Pick the pool net that meets your needs and the frequency of your usage. There is no need to buy an expensive pool net if you have a small pool or you can properly cover your pool when not in use.

Some Buyers Also Ask

How should you use a pool net?

To use a pool net, you need a long rod to attach the net and clean your pool. If the rod is long enough, then you can clean it while standing outside the pool.

How long should my pool net last?

A quality net should stand the test of time. If you carefully use it and ensure they don’t get entangled, they should last several years.

Where can I buy a pool net?

You can buy pool nets at most home improvement retailers or on Amazon. Odds are, there’s a shop near your house that sells pool cleaning equipment and accessories. Consider buying them from online shopping websites like Amazon so you can read customer reviews before making a purchase.

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