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Travel with Ease with the Best Portable Folding High Chair

  1. Sweety Fox Baby High Chair
  2. Primo Deluxe Convertible Portable Folding High Chair
  3. Summer Infant Portable Folding High Chair
  4. Cosco Simple Portable Folding High Chair
  5. ciao! baby Portable Folding High Chair
  6. Buyer's Guide

High chairs are a necessity for babies, and portable high chairs are a saving grace when it comes to traveling with a little one. These are designed to be easy to set up and take down while being safe and comfortable for your baby to eat or play at. We have taken a look at many portable high chairs across the internet and come up with this list of the best portable high chairs in 2022 for your baby.

Here are the best portable folding high chair of 2022

Sweety Fox Baby High Chair - Best Portable Folding High Chairs Overall

This baby high chair is armed with everything you’ll need to keep your baby comfortable and safe while he or she plays or enjoys a meal. It has a lightweight metal and BPA-free plastic composite construction that can hold babies and toddlers of up to 30 pounds. A removable, thick pad keeps your baby comfortable as they sit and it is easy and convenient to clean. The high chair also features a removable feeding tray, a footrest that can be put in three positions, and the ability to be adjusted to seven seat heights and tilted to five backrest positions. For your baby’s safety, the chair has wide legs with non-slip feet and a 5-point harness to ensure your little one stays in the chair.

Primo Deluxe Convertible Portable Folding High Chair - Top Pick

Primo’s Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair is easy to adjust and ideal for traveling with or storing in small spaces. No tools are necessary and it can be turned from a normal toddler chair into a high chair in a matter of seconds. The chair has an ergonomic design to keep your baby comfy and there is a three-point harness to keep them secure and strapped in. When folded, the chair is only nine inches wide, making it excellent for storing in a closet or bringing on a trip. To make things even easier, the feeding trays are simple to detach and are dishwasher safe.

Summer Infant Portable Folding High Chair - Runner Up

The Summer Infant foldable high chair is perfect for your next camping trip. It folds up similarly to other camping and portable chairs into a convenient carrying pack with a shoulder strap. Also, its lightweight design makes it easy to store when not in use. This high chair is easy to clean and has a removable tray with a cup holder as well as a side storage pocket and a three-point safety harness. Because this chair is great for taking outdoors, it has machine-washable fabric and a removable feeding tray that is dishwasher safe and easy to wipe down. This chair only takes seconds to set up or take down and it can support up to 45 pounds.

Cosco Simple Portable Folding High Chair - Honorable Mention

The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is available in seven cute patterns and can support babies up to 50 pounds. There is a three-point harness for safety and it folds completely flat for storage. It can even stand up on its own when folded, too, making this nice and easy to store in a closet or keep out of the way against a wall in an upright position. The tray has three adjustable positions and there's a leg rest so your baby stays comfortable. The fabric is soft and safe for babies with sensitive skin, and because babies can be quite messy, the fabric is easily wipeable.

ciao! baby Portable Folding High Chair - Contender

Your baby or toddler will look like part of the fireside crew with the Ciao! Baby Portable Folding Chair. This baby high chair is also designed for easy storage. It’s portable, lightweight, and holds up well to water and sun exposure, making it perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. This chair is easy to set up and the carrying bag is very convenient. This chair is suitable for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old or 35 pounds and a five-point harness keeps them secure while they eat, play, and enjoy the scenery.

Buyer's Guide

Traveling has a way of altering our routine, but traveling with children poses a different challenge altogether as it can disrupt their routine as well. With children, eating and sleeping are two core areas where stability is needed.

When on the road, familiarity isn't the easiest thing to achieve; however, you can help your child by giving them the best comfort possible. This guide will show you all you need to know before buying portable folding high chairs.

What makes portable high chairs unique?

Portable high chairs are seats that you can carry along with you on trips and outings for feeding your child and keeping them contained when necessary. Because babies are used to having a high chair at home, having a portable one makes it easier for them to be comfortable and adapt when traveling. And, although portable high chairs are designed for travel, they are also very easy to use and store at home, especially if you're short on space.

What are the types of portable high chairs?

There are three main types of portable high chairs. Here's the breakdown:

Hook-on high chairs

These types of chairs are connected to the side of the table. They are ideal for use once a baby is comfortable with sitting upright, and they can generally hold up to 35 pounds or so.

Booster seats

As you'd guess from the name, booster seats help boost your child to be at the same height as the other people at the table when sitting in a standard chair. These are usually for children who are beginning to eat at the same table - not on a tray - but just aren't tall enough. You can keep using the seat at the table for children who are up to 50 pounds.

Standard high chairs

Standard high chairs are stand-alone chairs with comfortable seats and a feeding tray. These are designed for babies, usually up to 30 to 50 pounds, and can be easily tailored to any need by adjusting the height, tray, or angle. Standard high chairs are also perfect for bringing up to a table so your baby has a seat nearby to eat or play at.

Tips for choosing a folding high chair

When selecting a portable folding high chair for your child, there are certain things you should never forget:


Portable folding high chairs come in a variety of styles, and therefore a variety of sizes. Some fold into pieces, some flat in half, and some collapse like a camping chair. Be sure to get a chair that is a suitable size to fit your baby comfortably, and see which folds down to the smallest size. Typically, the bulkier chairs can only fold so small while the camping-style chairs can be pretty compact.


Size and type of chair go hand in hand, so it only makes sense to consider the type of high chair as well. Will you be using the chair for outdoor activities? Or will it be an indoor chair that is easy to travel with? Depending on the type, there are different materials that are used and they won't all fold the same. Most folding indoor high chairs fold flat, whereas ones designed for outdoor use fold into a tube-like style.

Child safety

This should be a top priority. You should confirm the safety features that come with a particular product type before deciding. Most high chairs have either a three-point or five-point harness; some babies do better in one more than the other, so be sure to check which type of harness the high chair has before buying. Some may not even have one at all, but this is less common.

Maintenance and cleaning

Another vital factor to consider is the ease of cleaning the seat. In a situation where your child is eating, there is bound to be spillage. Therefore, you'll need to find a chair that can be cleaned efficiently and comes in a material that can be easily removed and washed. Removable trays and wipeable or machine-washable fabric are musts.

Chair portability

If you’re looking for a portable folding high chair, chances are you have an activity or trip in mind that you’d like to bring your baby along for. Some folding high chairs can easily be brought on a plane, but others not so much. At the same time, some are more suited for outdoor activities. Convenience and portability are two vital factors that should influence your choice.

How easy is it to use?

Another factor to consider is the ease of using the chair. Consider if the chair attaches easily. There are many different ways these chairs could fold down and get set up, from simply folding in half to extending all the legs. You can quickly tell if the process is easy from customer reviews. You certainly do not need a time-consuming installation process, especially if you need to rush to feed your child.

Presence of seat belts

Ensure that the folding chair comes with a seatbelt that has a portion that comes up between your baby's legs. A three-point or five-point harness is crucial in giving you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your baby secure in the seat. A three-point harness will stop them from sliding out of the seat, and a five-point harness will stop them from leaning too far over the side of the chair.


Wheels make it handy for you to roll the chair to the closest closet to be stored when not in use. They're also great for moving your baby around while they're in the chair. Just be sure that the wheels have a locking mechanism for added safety.

Recline and adjustment features

Some parents prefer starting their children on the high chair even before they clock four months. The easiest way to achieve this is if the chair can recline. Also, you will want to make sure the height or footrest can be adjusted as well. If the chair has a few positions for your baby to sit in comfortably, it will last longer and be a more worthwhile investment.

Dishwasher safe trays

Some parents prefer to remove the tray and put it in a dishwasher for cleaning. Others do not mind washing it by hand. Cleaning with a wet cloth or in the sink shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preferences.


Q: Where can I use my portable high chair?

A: You can use your portable high chair if you travel with your baby or even just when camping or taking your baby on an outdoor outing. There are many uses for a portable folding high chair. Some people even use them at home just because they are convenient to store away.

Q: How safe are hook-on chairs?

A: These chairs are safe as long as you keep to the maximum weight restrictions of the manufacturer. Ensure that the clamp is well fastened and do not use a hook-on chair on top of glass tables. Also, confirm if all the straps are properly secured.

Q: What is the ideal age for a baby to sit in a high chair?

A: A baby may begin using a high chair as soon as they can sit up without being aided. Most babies will start experiencing this as soon as they are around six or nine months. Babies and toddlers can sit in a high chair for practically any period of time, up to 3 years old.


Finding the perfect high chair for your baby shouldn't be too difficult if you follow the tips in this guide. Note that the tips outlined here are a product of research and feedback from previous users and testing of the products.

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