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Power Anywhere: Best Portable Generators

  1. Jackery Outdoor Solar Portable Generator
  2. EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Generator
  3. WEN Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Generator
  4. FF FLASHFISH 200W Portable Generator
  5. Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen9500 Portable Generator
  6. Anker Rechargeable Portable Generator
  7. Buyer's Guide

A generator is a great way to light up your outdoors. Whether you are powering some lights in the backyard and enjoying the outdoors or running a small camp kitchen, a good generator will give you power for all your accessories. They are portable and convenient to use even in enclosed spaces. Here are some of the best portable generators in 2022.

Detailing the Best Portable Generator of 2022

Jackery Outdoor Solar Portable Generator - Top Pick

With enough juice to power a small cabin, this 518Wh portable generator is great for use around the home, camping trip, or even an off-site emergency. It has a rugged aluminum body and can be easily transported in a car, truck, or camper. This portable power station comes with a built-in MPPT controller that allows you to set up the solar panel easily. It is easy to get recharged with an efficient solar panel. You can also use other flexible recharging options with wall and car outlets. Its compact design makes it perfect for enjoying RV camping and road trips.

EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Generator - Another Top Pick

Here is another solid portable generator option for you to check out. The EF ECOFLOW RIVER Pro Portable Power Station is a portable power station with 720 watt hour capacity. It is fitted with a 600 watt inverter that enables it to power lower-rated devices with stable and consistent electricity. It has 3 pure sine wave AC outlets that you can use to operate various devices including blender, refrigerator, CPAP machine, electric kettle, etc. It also features 3 DC outlets, a USB-A fast charge port, and 2 USB-A ports to support various machines. The power station is perfect for charging personal devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops multiple times. Plus, the device supports multiple charging options including solar charging, wall plug-in AC charging, and carport DC charging for ease of use.

WEN Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Generator - Runner Up

This gas generator is compact, lightweight, and delivers great power at a good price and is small enough to easily pack away in your car. This generator has all the plugs you need including a couple 12Vs, 12V, and multiple USB ports. The power output is 2,000 watts of clean power for safe charging or powering of electronics.

FF FLASHFISH 200W Portable Generator - Honorable Mention

If you are looking for a portable, compact generator that can fit in your smaller vehicle, this is the perfect generator for you. This portable generator can be charged by the 15-24 volt solar panel, an AC wall adapter, or a car charger. It is also equipped with triple rechargeable modes to protect your devices against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating. A bright LCD shows you the remaining energy/charge/discharge/AC output/DC output status.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen9500 Portable Generator - Contender

This portable gas generator has a maximum power output of 12,500 watts, which can be used for a host of appliances and all your electrical needs. This portable generator is powered by a heavy-duty 457cc OHV engine. It comes with a very handy remote start key fob if you aren't near the push-button start. When you're in an emergency, count on convenience. Maintenance is easy and is transfer switch ready.

Anker Rechargeable Portable Generator - Consider

The Anker Powerhouse 200 gives you plenty of power when you need it. Of course, it is an electric generator so it won't last as long as a gas powered unit nor will it maintain appliances for long periods of time. Anker states it can power a mini-fridge for around 4 hours. It is more convenient to transport and there's no maintenance. It is also compatible with a solar charger.

Buyer's Guide

Having a source of electrical power is very important in our lives today, we need electricity to do almost everything, and we're pretty dependent on it. From our electric bulbs to dishwashers, they require electricity to work. Electricity could be from different sources, but we’re interested in portable generators, and this is a guide on how to purchase the best.

Generators are power for use in an external circuit. There are three different types of generators; portable generators, inverter generators, and standby generators. These function differently, although they all convert mechanical energy to electrical power. Portable generators are more like backup generators that could serve in emergencies like a power outage or a camping trip.

Things to consider before purchasing the best portable generators

Everyone is supposed to have a portable generator somewhere in the workshop section of their house just because it could come in handy during a rainy day or emergency. You shouldn’t just get any generator; you should consider the following factors first before purchasing one.

Fuel, Diesel, or Solar energy?

When choosing a portable generator, you should decide on the type of oil it runs on. Fuel is relatively cheap except in cases of scarcity, so that it could be one of the most accessible of the three. The sun always rises even after it sets the previous evening, so a solar-powered generator will be exemplary too, just that it could cost more than the fuel-powered generator. Whichever you decide to buy, it’ll be based on your budget or preference and maybe some other things.


You should consider the power capacity of the generator; in case of emergency, what appliance do you need to be constantly running? Your refrigerator should be one of the most important. It would help if you didn't get a generator with Watts less than the refrigerator’s capacity. If your refrigerator requires 900 Watts to be powered, you cannot get a generator with Watts less than that. No matter the appliance involved, always check out the capacity to get the appropriate generator.

How often do I need it?

How often will you rely on your portable generator to provide electricity for you? This generator has had a warranty for a few years mainly and should not be for everyday use. It should be used strictly in emergency cases or impromptu situations. If you need something more reliable, you should go for either standby generators or inverter generators. These are built for consistent and continuous use while following the maintenance guidelines.

You should have a portable generator as part of your home appliances as it could come in handy anytime.


Every type of machinery requires proper maintenance to function effectively. It doesn't require so much effort; as far as you're consistent with care, you're good to go.

Could you keep it clean at all times?

It would help if you always cleaned your portable generator at least once a month for it to function well. If dirt gets stuck in the filter, it will cause dirt to get into the engine, causing it to give out. If you clean it correctly and consistently, you might have a chance to use it for a very long time.


The portable generator should always be covered, especially during rainfall; water should not get into the fuel tank or touch the spark plugs. Use waterproof materials like trampoline or leather. But do not cover it for too long, especially if it's in use; this could lead to overheating and damage to your generator.

Don't let it run dry

Never let the fuel tank go empty; always have sufficient gas for the generator to run on. Never put the generator running on an empty tank; you're putting your life at risk. Aside from a fire outbreak, your generator might generate serious issues that could lead to the replacement of some parts, or it would have to be changed completely.

Always have extra fuel or gas

To avoid scenarios like the above point, always have some extra fuel or gas in the garage. Have a gallon or two of fuel or gas stored in your garage even if your tank is full. It always comes in handy.

Clean your spark plugs

Aside from changing your spark plug from time to time, it would help if you also cleaned it with fuel or oil to remove soot from the exhaust pipe of your generator. Most times, after extended use, the plug begins to lose touch; it just needs cleaning. Once you notice that your generator refuses to turn on and you're sure there's fuel, and nothing is wrong with the starter, clean the plug or, if necessary, change it.

Engine oil

Never forget to add engine oil to your fuel. Most portable generators require some amount of engine oil to function. So always have some engine oil stored up somewhere too.

Do not overuse

Do not overwork your generator; portable generators are just used in case of emergency. They’re not supposed to be run all day long; get standby generators for that purpose specifically.

Benefits of using a portable generator

Being the backup plan of most households, it's evident that they're reliable and efficient. Some certain benefits include;

No power outage

Be sure always to have some power even during a general power outage or if there's a problem with your electricity bill.


You can take it along for camping trips, and it can fit into your trunk very easily.


Q. Is having a portable generator necessary?

A. Yes, it’s necessary to have one. It comes in handy anytime there’s an emergency.

Q. Are they expensive?

A. They're not all expensive; you can get one at affordable rates. The key is to buy one that fits the purpose and budget at the same time.

Q. Can they power my entire appliances?

A. They cannot carry the load more than their capacity when you want to purchase one; make sure its capacity is more than the appliances you intend to power.

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