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Find Your Tools Easily When Organizing Them in the Best Tool Chest

  1. Gearwrench 3 Drawer Tool Chest
  2. Craftsman 41 Inch Wide 10 Drawer Tool Chest
  3. Kobalt 42 Inch Steel Tool Chest
  4. Kennedy 27 Inch 7 Drawer Roller Tool Chest
  5. Black+Decker Tool Chest
  6. Kobolt TRXK712D, 28.69 Inch Steel 7 Drawer Tool Chest
  7. Buyer's Guide

Anyone who uses best tool chests in 2022 is eventually faced with the need for a toolbox. While a cardboard box might work for a few miscellaneous hand tools and a cordless drill, once you get past that point you need something a little more rugged. Tools are heavy and take toll on any cardboard box it's really hard to organize them in something like that as well.

To meet this need for organization, manufacturers produce toolboxes in all shapes and sizes. They range from multi-pocket soft pouches hung over a five gallon bucket to huge multi-drawer, roll-around, tool chest big enough to need their own engine and steering wheel. What type of box you’ll need depends a lot on how many tools you have and how you’re going to be using them.

Selecting your ultimate tool chest can be a whole lot more complicated than selecting the right tool for the job. After all, there really aren't all that many choices for what tool you can use, while there are many for what kind of toolbox or tool chest. Our tool chest buyer's guide listed below can definitely can help you narrow it down.

Detailing the Best Tool Chests of 2022

Gearwrench 3 Drawer Tool Chest - Best Tool Chest Overall

This monster is so big it should come with an engine and a steering wheel. It has a 6,800 pound capacity. I’d hate to think what it would be like to move when fully loaded. The 72-7/8-inch cabinet has 19 drawers, with the widest measuring 50 inches wide. It’s big enough that you can use the top as a workbench… that is, if you don’t put a top chest on it. While I really think this is a bit overdone for the average home workshop, if you want the best, this one would have to be it. Being Snap-On, you know it’s built to last.

Craftsman 41 Inch Wide 10 Drawer Tool Chest - Runner Up

For those that don’t want the high cost of the Snap-On tool chest, Sears Craftsman line has some really nice roll around chests, like this 14 drawer unit that’s 40 inches wide. It has two stacks of drawers, one that’s wider than another, giving a nice assortment of drawer sizes for dividing up your tools however you want. It even has a couple of deep drawers, which will work well for smaller hand-held power tools. Craftsman has developed a great drawer latching system, which they call “Griplatch.” To pull any drawer open requires lifting lightly up on the drawer pull to release it. That way, drawers don’t come open by themselves.

best tool chest

Kobalt 42 Inch Steel Tool Chest - Honorable Mention

Kobalt is Lowe’s (the home improvement center) answer to Craftsman. This line has been created to compete head to head with them, as an equivalent. While it is an excellent quality line of tools, the debate continues as to whether or not they are Craftsman’s equal. I think I’ll stay out of the debate. This cabinet is a touch wider than the craftsman one, with 11 drawers as opposed to the 14 on the other unit. But the real difference is that the Craftsman unit is rated at 70 pounds per drawer, while this one is rated at 50 pounds per drawer. Please don’t take that as a statement against this tool chest, as it is still an excellent product, with lots of room to store your tools.

Kennedy 27 Inch 7 Drawer Roller Tool Chest - Consider

Kennedy is famous amongst machinists for quality tool chests. In fact, for those that don’t use a wood tool chest, Kennedy is the number one chose. This 7 drawer unit is the “classic” style for a tool chest, with one single bank of drawers. While they also produce dual bank units, like some of the others on this list, I decided we needed at least one single bank tool chest on this list. If you want quality that will last, it’s hard to beat a Kennedy tool chest. As a machinists tool chest, the drawers are lined to prevent damage to sharp tools and bits. All 7 drawers have an internal automatic locking system, so that you can close them even after the cabinet is locked. All the drawers are snap-in, with ball-bearing slides.

Black+Decker Tool Chest - Best Top Box Tool Chest

Okay, so maybe an 84-inch wide top chest is a little big for most peoples purposes and maybe it is a bit expensive for their pockets, but this has to be the best top box around. At 84 inches wide, with 15 drawers, this one has more storage space than just about anything else youre going to find. Being Snap-On, you can be sure that its built to last. With this tool chest, your tools will be well protected, accessible and well organized. Just dont try to pick it up and carry it around.


Kobolt TRXK712D, 28.69 Inch Steel 7 Drawer Tool Chest - Best Top Box Tool Chest

Lowes came out with their Kobolt line of tools to compete with the Craftsman brand, and they do quite well. This is a quality tool line, with a comparable guarantee to the Craftsman one. This box is a touch wider than the Craftsman I mentioned, with 7 drawers. However, most of the drawers are deeper, as the top drawer space actually holds three narrow drawers. The drawers are also mounted on ball-bearing slides and come with liners to protect your tools. Each drawer is rated at 50 pounds, except the top row of small drawers, which are rated at a total of 50 pounds for the three. A removable tray fits in the upper compartment of the box, to store oft-used tools for quick access.

Buyer's Guide

Gone are the days when your tool chest was an old box where you could just throw your tools instead of organizing them properly. Today, a tool chest is a significant part of your arsenal, regardless of your proficiency level. Whether you are a DIY expert or a professional mechanic, having a modern toolbox is important to keep your tools organized and safe. In this guide, we are going to shed light on some crucial factors you need to take into account while looking for a tool chest.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing the Best Tool Chest?

Storage Capacity

The number of tools you own will play a significant role in determining which toolkit is best for you. If you have a few small tools that you use for your DIY projects, then you need an average-sized chest with multiple drawers of different sizes. However, for storing large power tools, you need a tool chest with a large cabinet to easily keep your equipment.


You should purchase a tool chest of 4 to 10 drawers depending on your choice. Besides the number of drawers, you should also ensure their size is big enough to accommodate large tools perfectly.


Tools chests are usually made of hardened plastic and metals like aluminum and steel. Since aluminum tends to be lightweight, it is used to manufacture portable toolboxes. Though aluminum products are more pricey than plastic ones, they generally promise to last longer.

However, the steel-made tool chests are ideal for professionals who need more robust, durable, and easier to maintain toolkits. For home use and DIY projects, plastic is a good option because it is lightweight and affordable.

Drawer Slides

Tools chests are mostly reinforced with two types of slides, i.e. non-ball bearing and ball-bearing. Non-ball bearing slides will make it difficult for you to pull a drawer out. However, the smarter and easier ball-bearing slide system makes even the heavy drawers function smoothly.

Lock System

Tool safety is one of the key reasons for investing in a tool chest. Make sure the toolkit you purchase is fortified with a well-design lock system. Some chests come with an internal locking system and separate locking codes for the special drawer containing your personal valuables, while others have a key-operated lock to keep unwanted hands out of the box.


A tool chest with wheels will allow you to easily transport it to the workshop if required. For more stability and control, make sure the wheels have locks on the caster. Caster locking will make the wheels unable to spin so that you can transport and steer the tool chest hassle-free. A handle is also important for the portability of the toolkit, but you will find it on every product.

What Type of Tool Chest is Best For You?

Stationary Tool Chest

Stationary tool chests are too large and bulky to move around easily. They are ideal for use in garages and workshops as they have plenty of space to accommodate various tools and equipment. These toolkits have several drawers of different sizes where you can keep your tools organized. Though they are stationary, they still come with wheels to allow limited movement and keep them out of reach of spilled liquids that can result in rust if made of metal.

Portable Tool Chest

Portable or rolling tool chests are reinforced with durable and robust caster wheels that facilitate transporting them from one place to another. Most portable tool kits feature more than one box fitted on top of each other along with the bottom one attached with the wheels. The bottom box is designed to store large tools, while the upper ones have several drawers to organize small tools. Since these tool chests are usually made of hard, molded plastic, they are a perfect fit for DIY experts, carpenters, and plumbers.

Hand-Carry Tool Chest

Hand-carry tool chests are smaller in size and used by homeowners who like to do DIY jobs and repairs at their house. They are not only easy to carry but also easy to store in places like the basement, closet, or even workbench. These toolkits are available in different sizes. Some look like a small tin box, while others can be as large as a tackle box.

These toolboxes come with multiple small compartments that allow you to store screwdrivers, hand tools, nails, and bits. This type of chest is usually made of metal and hard plastic, so it is durable and can endure harsh treatment like portable tool chests.

Mounted Tool Chest

Mechanics who travel to remote places to do their jobs often have a toolbox mounted on their truck or van. It not only allows them to organize their tools in their vehicle but also eliminates the hassle of searching everywhere to find a specific tool. Thus, it also saves time.

Final Words

It is always a good idea to go armed with a lot of information when purchasing a significant product like a tool chest so that you don’t end up wasting your money on the wrong item. Taking the above-mentioned factors into account will help you find the best tool chest to serve you for a long time.

Tool Chest FAQ

Q: How can I save my tools from rust when stored in the tool chest?

A: Most people store wet or dirty tools in the tool chest. This is not a good idea because the dirt and moisture can cause rust to form. So, you should always wipe your tools with cloth and oil before storing them in the tool chest to save them from rust.

Q: What is the most significant benefit of a tool chest?

A: When you put tools in a bag or a traditional box, they will jostle around most of the time and get damaged eventually. Using a tool chest will allow you to keep your tools organized in order to protect them from damage and find them easily when you need them.

Q: Are tool chests spacious enough to store all tools?

A: Yes, tool chests are designed to store all the tools easily. Typically, they have 4 to 10 drawers of different sizes. Determining your number of tools will help you decide how many drawers are suitable for you.

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