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Upgrade Your Network with the Best Powerline Network Adapter

  1. TP-LINK KIT 3-Port Gigabit Powerline Network Adapter
  2. D-Link AV2 2000 Powerline Network Adapter
  3. TRENDnet 1200 AV2 Powerline Network Adapter
  4. Netgear 1200 Powerline Network Adapter
  5. ACTIONTEC 500 Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter and 4-Port Hub Kit (PWR514K01)
  6. Buyer's Guide

A powerline network adapter turns the electrical wiring in your building into a computer network. You need at least two adapters working together, so you typically want to buy a kit to start with. One connects to your modem or router to receive an internet signal, and then plugs into a wall outlet; this then turns your electrical system into a network. A second adapter plugs into another outlet and then connects to a computer, HDTV, or another device you want on the network. The data speeds indicated with these adapters are a best-case scenario, and you'll probably get lower data rates, but it still gives you an idea of relative speed.

We’ve chosen the following as the best powerline network adapters since they offer the fastest speeds, with support for at least 500Mbps, though some of these can run even faster. All of these best powerline network adapters in 2022 include LEDs that indicate when the outlet has power and when a LAN signal is being received properly through the electrical system. Installing these models is very easy, requiring no software installation or upgrades, and they only need to be plugged into outlets. Plus all of these are starter kits that include the two necessary adapters for your new setup.

Comparing the Best Powerline Network Adapters of 2022

TRENDnet 1200 AV2 Powerline Network Adapter - Honorable Mention

This powerline network adapter delivers Gigabit performance so it runs fast and gives you a great network throughout your electrical system. This model has a built-in outlet, so you do not give up a plug wherever you use it which is very nice. You can connect up to eight adapters on a single network with this model, which is probably more than enough for most environments. The biggest weakness of this adapter is it only has a single port. While you can use up to eight adapters, each one can only connect to a single device which can be an issue if you need to connect multiple devices at a single location. This is still a great option that’s easy to set up but it would be far better with one or two additional ports as part of its design.

Netgear 1200 Powerline Network Adapter - Consider

There's a lot to like about this easy to set up model, starting with the fact that it's a Gigabit adapter so you get fast performance through your network. It has a built-in outlet, so you’re not giving up an outlet wherever you plug it in. This one supports up to 16 nodes on the network, so you can include up to 14 additional adapters with the two provided in this kit. However, this adapter’s biggest design flaw is it only has a single port. While that’s mitigated somewhat by the inclusion of a noise-filtered outlet, (making it easy to place this adapter just about anywhere) it’s still an issue if you plan on using two or more devices in one location which each require a physical network connection.

ACTIONTEC 500 Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter and 4-Port Hub Kit (PWR514K01) - Best Powerline Network Adapter

The biggest issue to consider before choosing this powerline adapter is the network speed that you need. This model supports up to 500Mbps data rates so if you need Gigabit support then this isn’t a good choice. However, it’s easy to set up and use and the adapter has four Ethernet ports on it which gives you a ton of options for connecting devices. This is a great choice if you need to set up a smart TV, video game system, and additional hardware with physical connections to your network. It includes 128-bit encryption for added security and comes with two Ethernet cables. However, there's no outlet on this model so be sure you have an outlet set aside for plugging in these adapters.

Buyer's Guide

Without a doubt, the internet has developed into one of the most vital and flexible support systems for obtaining anything— networking, commerce, schooling, financing, gaming systems, and amusement. Numerous individuals are involved in social games and the usage of powerline network adapters is pivotal for games connection. If you're a gamer or WFH professional looking to buy and set up a powerline network adapter for your video game system or desktop, follow our buyer's guide. After conducting extensive research on powerline network adapters, this buyer's guide for the best powerline network adapters for gaming has been compiled for you to make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Powerline Network Adapter


The coverage provided by a powerline network adapter is determined by the adapter's quality as well as the electrical circuits that run across your residence. On a favorable occasion, a bandwidth of up to 400m is achievable with strong connectors and an excellent quality powerline network adapter.


It is logical to choose the quickest powerline network adaptor that fits your budget. The slower adapters, which operate at around 200 Mbps, will be less expensive and easier to obtain for simple tasks like web surfing and email, but if you want to stream media or connect several devices at once, you will need one that runs at approximately 500 Mbps.

Choose an adaptor with Gigabit Ethernet ports, when possible. Even if your gadgets and router don't use Gigabit Ethernet (which they very certainly will), powerline network adapters with Gigabit ports will still work.


To guarantee maximum compliance and protection, make absolutely sure you get the very same model every time. That is not to imply that various types of powerline network adapters won't operate with each other; in certain cases, two distinct models from two separate firms may be compatible.

There are several requirements that devices must fulfill, just as there are with many other forms of technology. It is often assumed that if two separate powerline network adapters match the same specifications, they will function well together. The different security protocols, on the other hand, may not be interoperable.

Passthrough outlet

A powerline network adaptor plugs into an accessible mains outlet, thus blocking it and rendering it useless for other uses. If you wish to keep using that outlet, you need to invest in an adaptor with a pass-through power outlet into which you can put another device. This is especially important when certain adapters are so big that they also obstruct the power outlet.

Which Features of Powerline Network Adapters Should You Consider?


Even though the appearance and style of a powerline network adapter should not be a top concern when looking for one, it is something to think about. You probably don't want an unsightly brick protruding from your power socket all of the time, especially if it is visible. If you can't locate an adapter that meets your needs while remaining unobtrusive, consider hiding it inside a cupboard if at all feasible.

Number of Ethernet ports

The majority of powerline network adapters will only have one Ethernet port. This is good if you don't mind swapping out the cable for the device you need at the moment. Some powerline network adapters come with two Ethernet connections, and some even have three.

Pack size

A single powerline network adapter will be worthless if you think of them as a method to expand your existing network from point A to point B. If you are new to powerline network adapters, you should start with a beginner-friendly package, which usually includes two adapters.

Benefits of Powerline Network Adapters

Powerline network adapters are advantageous for five reasons:


A stable internet connection is required for any online gaming. The reliability of Wi-Fi and Ethernet services is not always guaranteed. However, powerline network adapters are handier and dedicated to a reliable connection.

The shortest possible lag

Online gaming does not need a high-speed internet connection; rather, it necessitates a lag-free connection. Powerline network adapters don't really struggle for a connection with other devices connected to the internet, as they do with a Wi-Fi network link. Because there is less competition and fewer risks of network disruption, there is little or no latency, which improves performance.


Hardwiring your entire house may be expensive. Powerline network adapters, on the other hand, are available at a variety of prices. It also uses a little amount of power. As a result, it is not only cost-effective but also requires little installation upkeep.


The set-up method for powerline network adapters is the simplest. It is simple to connect in, sync it across all of your devices, and start using it.


Powerline network adapters are available in a variety of small and portable sizes. The mobility of powerline network adapters is a particularly useful feature for individuals who live in leased apartments and move frequently. You may take it with you wherever you move to.

Do Powerline Network Adapters Work for Gaming?

A powerline network adapter is an outstanding demonstration of an “integrating” tool for establishing a local network. Powerline network adapters are small devices that draw power from a home's existing electrical systems. The powerline network adapter connects your gaming console to your internet connection point. These adapters use your existing electrical copper wire to deliver internet and data signals throughout your home. The characteristics of online gaming include strong internet service, low latency, and minimum delay.

Latency is the time required for the connection to send internet traffic from the linked device's origin. Low latency indicates that the link between your gaming console and your local network is strong, reliable, and trustworthy.

High latency causes a delay in the gameplay (bad network). A powerline network adapter is an answer to lag-free, high-speed internet access with maximum reliability for games. They are simple to install and available at a reasonable price. As a result, powerline network adapters are a wise purchase for gamers.

Best Powerline Network Adapters FAQs

Q: What is the best way to tell if my powerline network adaptor is working?

A: Make sure both adapters' lights are turned on. Check the handbook to discover what the different colored lights signify if they aren't the same.

Q: Do powerline network adapters raise the chances of a fire or a power outage?

A: Like your broadband, switch, or any other electronic device that has been connected to the electrical outlet, powerline network adapters don't really increase the risk of combustion or power shortage.

Q: Is it true that powerline network adapters are stronger than WiFi?

A: Powerline network adapters are significantly superior to Wi-Fi extenders in terms of latency. The speed of a powerline network adaptor is determined by the quality of your home's electrical wiring.

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