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Plug-In Anywhere: Best Travel Adapters

  1. Ceptics Italy, Chile Travel Adapter plug
  2. Conair Franzus Dual Wattage Travel Adapter
  3. Eforcity Universal World Wide Travel Adapter
  4. 220V Converter Deluxe Voltage Travel Adapter
  5. Insten Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter
  6. Samsonite Converter/Adapter Kit with Pouch
  7. Buyer's Guide

Many US products require a transformer or converter abroad due to the voltage difference that countries operate on. Voltage converters are small, usually travel-sized and can be used on a variety of different electric items with heating devices such as hair dryers, curlers, irons, and radios. It’s always wise to first check the wattage of your appliance before using a voltage converter. One of the main things to consider in a travel voltage converter is its weight. You don’t want a heavy converter weighing your luggage down. I’ve complied a list of the best travel adapters in 2022 for your next trip.

Comparing the Best Travel Adapters for 2022

Ceptics Italy, Chile Travel Adapter plug - Best Travel Adapter Overall

This adaptor by Ceptics for the wall is a reliable choice for devices that have a North American plug. The compact size of the adaptor makes it the perfect choice for your trips to countries such as Ethiopia, Chile, Libya, and Italy.

Ceptics created this unique travel adapter with a 2 in 1 input which means it can accept standard N American 2 or 3 prong flat pin glugs. Its compact size makes it easy and safe to carry around and use. The adapter is compatible in Ethiopia, Chile, Syria, and Uruguay. The travel adapter is only compatible with Dual voltage electronics and products. Note that it will not convert voltage from 110V to 220V and vice versa

Conair Franzus Dual Wattage Travel Adapter - Runner Up

This converter and adapter set is for use overseas and works on most U.S. appliances rated 0-2000 watts. It has a high/low wattage selector switch. The low wattage is great for electric shavers, battery chargers, and most curling irons. The high setting is for appliances such as hair dryers, irons, and steamers. It easily converts foreign electricity for use overseas on most US appliances. This set includes five polarized adapter plugs that work on most foreign outlets. Customers have noted this is simple to use and easy to carry.

Eforcity Universal World Wide Travel Adapter - Honorable Mention

The Universal Adapter Plug is a great choice for plugging your appliances or computer into outlets across the world. Containing four international plugs, it works virtually anywhere and has a built-in surge protector that accommodates grounded and ungrounded plugs. This plug supports universal voltage and supports both 2-prong and 3-prong US plugs. Customers note that this plug works wonderfully and remark it also has reverse compatibility as well. It can also be used in your house in the U.S.

220V Converter Deluxe Voltage Travel Adapter - Consider

This travel converter is ideal for a variety of appliances including laptops, camera chargers, iPods, camcorders, phone chargers, and a variety of other items. This converter works best in countries outside the US with American products. It contains a 200-Watts Step Down Converter. Its fuse protection contains a Led Indicator Light. It’s advised that you don’t use this travel converter with home appliances, power tools, or desktop computers. Customers note this travel converter works just fine but tend to get a little hot after extended periods of use. It also weighs more than most converters.

Insten Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter - Consider

The All-in-One Travel Power Plug Adapter is compatible with worldwide standards and converts US-style power plugs to fit a variety of other outlet styles. No matter where you are, this travel voltage converter should work as it’s suitable for over 150 countries. It contains surge protection and a safety shutter as well as a power indicator light. Customers note this model is small and lightweight and includes a small cloth carrying case for your convenience. It’s also universal on both sides so just about any type of plug can be used in it. It works well and is priced reasonably as well.

Samsonite Converter/Adapter Kit with Pouch - Best Travel Adapter

Made of high shine plastic, this Samsonite Dual Wattage Converter is engineered for global travel. Wherever your travels take you, the round prong will fit into most outlets in Continental Europe. Its dual-wattage converter makes US appliances usable overseas. It’s usable on most travel irons, hair dryers, and garment steamers and lower-watt appliances including curling irons, shavers, and contact lens sterilizers. Customers who purchased this Dual Wattage Converter note that is works fine on many of their various appliances.

Buyer's Guide

If you're a keen traveler, often travel overseas for business trips, or are always on the go, a travel adapter is your best friend and an essential part of all your trips. Carrying the right travel adapter or converter with you will ensure that you will never be in a struggle of charging your devices, but with so many changes, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need.

Why Do You Need A Travel Adapter?

Different countries / regions use different types of plugs and sockets, which means that what is right for you at home may not be available when you are away. There are also different voltages in different countries. Take the United States for example, where electricity runs at 110 to 120 volts, while many other countries have increased it to 220 to 240 volts. Using an adapter to serve as a voltage stabilizer so you do not end up blowing your devices in case of a very high or low voltage.

This guide will help you understand the difference and assist you in making the right decision on what to buy. But before you decide what to buy, it is essential that you check your device to ensure you know the right voltage it requires. This information is usually easily found on the device box or in some cases also on the back of the device in case you no longer have the box in hand. Please check the required voltage range to make it easy for you to use the device using either an adapter or converter when you travel to another country with a varying power supply.

Understanding Voltages

Starting from the basics, every device comes with either one of these types; single voltage, multi-voltage and dual voltage. Now to make it simpler, what do all of these mean? Single voltage allows only a single voltage reading for example 120V. Multi-voltage devices support a range of voltages, falling in the bracket of 100V-240V, such are commonly used in AC adapters for laptops, phones and other portable devices. A Dual voltage reads 2 numbers, such as 110V / 220V: This means that the device contains a switch to change between 2 voltages, allowing you to choose which voltage is right according to the country you're in.

Check for the voltage your devices are on from the ones mentioned above, once you know the voltage your devices use, the following key points will help you in deciding which adapter/converter to buy: If you’re visiting a country where the voltage output is compatible with your device, you don’t have to worry about buying a converter. However, you may still need an adapter to plug into a wall outlet, so continue reading further to learn more about travel adapters.

Travel Adapters Suitable For Different Countries

There are about 15 common types of plug sockets recognized in the world, all of them provide different plug shapes and voltages. This of course doesn't imply that you need to carry 15 different types of adapters with you when you travel, however this does indicate that you need to be ready with a one-fits-all sort of an option when you're on the go so you don’t end up with drained devices or a fried up one. You should also check the ones that are the most widely used all over the world and then make your purchase. Most of the countries / regions you will be traveling to are one of the 4 types of export from the USA, UK, Australia and Europe. You can easily choose the adapters and converters to suit your destination requirements, and you can even purchase packages with a variety of options to suit various destinations.

Universal Travel Adapters

Universal Travel Adapters are usually the most flexible choice because they are suitable for most countries/regions in the world. However, it is worth noting that this flexibility is accompanied by a larger size, especially when compared to smaller single-region or multi-region models. The additional features provided by the best universal travel adapters may be a real advantage, but their size makes them inconvenient and difficult to transport. It is also worth noting that on less stable plug types (such as the US two-pin), this extra weight makes them feel less secure in the plug. In addition, the larger the universal travel adapter, the more likely it is to block adjacent plugs or not fit certain designs.

Wherever you go, travel adapters and converters are here to help. Don't forget to check your gear before leaving home to find a travel adapter that suits your needs. Otherwise, you risk being incapable of maintaining contact during your stay. You may wish to purchase a suitable adapter when you get there, but it is not recommended. Use of unsafe adapters and converters risks equipment damage. So, if the thought of not having a reliable, safe and thoroughly tested electrical adapter or converter is intolerable while traveling, buy a suitable adapter.


Do I Need a Travel Converter or Adapter?

If you are traveling abroad and need to use or charge an electronic device or a device you carry with you, you usually need to use a travel adapter or converter. Since many different standards are used around the world, portable plug converters are very useful. There are many options available, including simple single-zone adapters, multiplexers, and more complex universal plugs with WiF connections.

Do Travel Adapters Change Voltage?

A large variety of available adapters do not generally change voltage, although many models are designed to operate within a wide range of voltage and current ratings. As mentioned above, it is important to check if the adapter and equipment you are using are compatible with your local voltage and current before use.

What should I look for in a travel adapter?

Most of the countries you will travel to are located in one of 4 types of outlets in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Europe. You can easily choose adapters and converters that suit your destination requirements, and you can even purchase packages with multiple options to suit a variety of different destinations.

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