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Review: Best Rain Boots

Rain boots will always be a necessary staple in any closet. Even if your area rarely sees rain, on the occasion that skies are unfriendly, a pair of rain boots can save your socks and save your day.

The criteria in which I judge a pair of best rain boot in 2021 are durability, functionality, weight, price, and style. Each of the categories are equally important factors in determining which rain boots you should purchase. As a city dweller, I find boots essential for navigating the streets on a rainy day.

Here are five of my favorite pairs of rain boots, that will keep you out of the puddles.

Best Rain Boot

Hunter Boots Hunter Huntress Rain Boot

I see people walking around in Hunter Boots daily. They are popular because Hunter Original Boots combine effortless style with its range of colors and functionality. Its multi-layered insole makes comfort a priority, and the height of the boot sits below the knee to keep rain from entering. Add the seemingly impenetrable natural rubber exterior combined with its light weight, and you have the perfect rain boots for a stormy day.

L.L.Bean Wellies Rain Boot

LL Bean Wellies are classic rain boots at an affordable price. They are Hunter Original Boots minus the price tag. They have a reinforced insole to aid in comfort and a nylon lining to help you slip the boot on and off your foot. The nylon lining also dries quickly if rain gets into the boot. The Wellies also have a deep tread which makes them ideal in snowy conditions. The affordability combined with the functionality of a deep tread, make these rain boots ideal if you are on a budget.

Sperry Top-Sider Hingham Rain Boot

Sperry Top-siders are perfect for the fashion conscious. The quilted nylon covers the shaft of the rain boot making beauty functional. These are boots that you can wear without having to pack an extra pair of shoes as they are stylish enough to work with any outfit. The Top-siders also slip on easily and aren’t as heavy as most tall boots. They run a half size too big and have a narrow fit, but securing the correct fit will secure you a reliable and fashionable rain boot that works in all occasions.

Tretorn Skerry Reslig Rubber Rain Boot

Skerry Tretorn boots are a fashionable, affordable, and are a great boot for moderate rain climates. The thick sole keeps you out of puddles, but the lower height of the boot makes it possible for rain to enter the shaft, wetting the inside of the boot. The Skerry boots come in a variety of colors, and the tabs make it easy to pull the boot on and off. Most likely to be seen on the feet of hipsters, these boots are a stylish alternative to clunky, heavy boots.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Ankle Boots

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Ankle Boots

These boots are a fun, funky way to spend a day in the rain. If style is your biggest concern, these comfortable boots will keep you dry while being fashionable. They are lightweight, have a slight heel, and run rather narrow. Because they are ankle boots, they are not adequate in heavy rain or snow. If fashion is your determining factor, these boots are a suitable solution for rainy days.

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