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  • Your feet can take you anywhere in this beautiful world, yet sometimes they need some extra protection and care, especially when facing injuries or pains. That's where good foot protectors can come in handy. You can find various types available for different situations and injuries, and we have outlined our best foot protectors in 2021 picks for you to consider using.
    November 05, 2021
  • While it might seem natural to buy only shoes that catch our fancy, there is a case to be made for practical shoes. Different work and social situations demand different footwear and clothing needs from us, and it's only right we have a shoe or two for each of these situations. In this post, we’ll be exploring five different footwear types every man should have.
    July 16, 2021
  • When it comes to house shoes, a pair of fluffy slippers are the real deal. They are soft, fuzzy, and extremely comforting on a cold day. Some are super durable and are made with great grip, making them suitable for outdoor use too. We’ve put together a list of the best fluffy slippers in 2022 that will make you feel like you’re walking on air.
    February 24, 2021
  • Searching for the perfect pair of basketball shoes is no different whether you’re a man or a woman since the game requires the use of the same muscles to play. Having to choose between brands, personal athletic lines and price can become difficult, but there are specific things about how shoes are structured that can help you select the correct one.Playing the game of basketball puts various amounts of force on your legs, ankles and feet. The shoes you choose should be able to absorb and re-direct the energy so you don’t get tired or injured while playing. The game also requires bursts of acceleration, lateral cuts, and jumping ability which the right shoes can greatly enhance. That’s why a player’s basketball shoe should have the correct flexibility, support and stability to react to these situations.Depending on the position you play, your shoe type could vary. Post players tend to use high top shoes for added cushioning and support while guards use lighter, lower cut shoes for quicker movements. The list is comprised of both high top and low cut shoes, giving you the opportunity to see what you like best. The flexibility of these shoes will allow any player to cut to the basket without fear of your shoe getting stiff and halting your movement pattern. Their flexibility also allows for tough movements to be made without the concern for visual markings appearing.The support of each best basketball shoe in 2022 on this list gives the player the proper cushion when they land from jumping in the air, giving them the option to jump up again or accelerate without harming their feet. Lastly, the stability of these selections guarantees the strength of the materials each shoe is constructed from of will never break apart or fall off, whether you’re running down the court, stopping suddenly to make a screen, or landing from grabbing a rebound.
    February 02, 2016
  • Having the proper walking shoe is important. They are great for serious walking enthusiasts or simply for getting you from the train to the office. When searching for that perfect walking shoe, there are several factors to consider including support, traction and durability. The physical appearance is just as important. Be sure to consider size, color and for those budget conscious consumers, price. Here are our top 5 picks for the best walking shoes in 2022.
    November 23, 2015
  • If you've ever tried to play tennis barefoot, you’ll know it's something people only do once. Tennis shoes are a mandatory part of every tennis player's equipment and today’s modern offerings give you wide range of performance capabilities. Some shoes are great for everyday practice while others offer nimble maneuverability on the court. Some come in various widths and others have specific arch support for your foot. Check out our list of the best tennis shoe in 2022 if you’re seeking a new pair and take a look at our tennis shoe buyer's guide for more information for choosing the best shoe fitted for you and your game.
    February 23, 2015
  • Hiking boots are a wonderful thing when it comes to backpacking treks and more aggressive trails, but for quick day hikes and trail runs, hiking shoes are preferable to boots for several reasons. For starters, they weigh less. You typically won’t need the heavier features of a more rugged boot for day hikes (such as advanced waterproofing and sole features), and trail runners will especially appreciate not having to carry that excess weight in their shoes.Additionally, hiking shoes offer increased ventilation to help keep your feet cool and dry. A good pair of hiking shoes will also include solid foot support and toe protection since you certainly will, at some point, accidentally kick a rock or pointy object. Traction and water resistance may also be important to consider if the trails you frequent have slick sections or pass thru areas with water.When researching these best hiking shoe in 2022 for this list, traction, durability, toe and foot protection, ventilation, and degree of water resistance were all heavily considered. Special emphasis was also placed on consumer experiences and reviews.
    November 06, 2014
  • Trail running provides us with some of our most inspiring running experiences with its off-road sense of adventure and breathtaking, often difficult to achieve views. Those of us who are beckoned by the wild nature of off-road running know the importance of having the proper gear. The technical side of running away from the city streets has created the need for specialized running equipment that can handle the harshest of terrain.Tougher, multi-surfaced routes call for more supportive and cushioned sneakers which provide ample protection from ever-changing topography and terrain. The highest quality trail running shoes offer lightweight durability and uniquely adaptive responsiveness. This list provides ten pairs that exemplify what is needed for ultra-terra running--superior multi-surface traction, firm yet flexible cushioning, and supportive, comfortable, breathable yet weather-resistant uppers, and the accompanying buying guide is sure to help you pick the right pair for you.
    October 29, 2014
  • Your feet work hard during hiking adventures, pushing you up steep mountainsides, scrambling over loose rocks, trudging through swift rivers and dance with elation when you finally reach an epic panoramic viewpoint. Choosing the best hiking boots to complement your foot and stride is a virtual necessity to ensure a fun and successful hiking adventure.This best list examines some of the best hiking boot in 2022 based on support, comfort, attention to detail such as toe guards, ankle support and traction as well as overall performance. Positive consumer reviews were also taken into consideration to further validate manufacturer's claims.Don't rely solely on the words of others; what may be the most wondrous shoe for one person may hardly be suited for your foot width and natural stride. Do your research, test out boot options on varied surfaces, and leave ample time to break in boots in before venturing out on any hikes.
    June 25, 2014
  • Cross Training is a vital part of many workout routines and affords individuals the opportunity to exercise their entire bodies in diverse ways. Often used to describe a wide range of activities, the general concept behind cross training is exercise “across” multiple sports, and could mean a combination of running, weight-lifting, court games like basketball or volleyball, Frisbee; the list goes on and on. If you find yourself involved in a variety of sport and exercise activities, then you’re looking for an all-around, premium cross-training shoe.Cross training shoes are engineered to perform well during a wide range of physical activities, and thus reside in a realm somewhere between a light running shoe and your everyday sneaker. Cross trainers are an important tool for exercise enthusiasts as they provide the lateral support that is needed for the stop and go movements found in court games to cross-fit.The list below includes the best cross training shoe in 2022 for doing just about everything from basketball to tennis, gym workouts to light running. These shoes offer superior lateral support and a high level of comfort for extended wear.
    May 23, 2014
  • The Crossfit movement is relatively new, but much of its training follows well-established principles. These include various form of cardio, calisthenics and weight lifting. The range of activities demands a range of requirements such as stability, cushioning and durability. But given these requirements, there is room for a number of different designs that emphasize different features. For more information on what to look at in selecting the best crossfit shoe in 2022, we have listed below what product is best to buy.
    March 23, 2012
  • When your job requires long periods of standing, you quickly learn the importance of having the right type of footwear. Best shoes for standing in 2022 are comfortable and light weight with superior arch support, and made with materials that breathe. While these basic features should be required in your search, you should also consider features such as slip-resistance and appearance. These features are more important if you are standing for long periods of time due to a job. If you are standing for long periods of time for recreational purposes, then appearance is less important than padded tongues. Today’s shoes have benefited from technological advances, therefore, the design and material of great shoes for standing is constantly evolving. So, even if you find something you like, don’t be afraid to consider newer versions or models. The best shoes for standing are usually not the cheapest; but, those who stand for long periods of time know that saving a few dollars upfront is not worth it in the end.
    July 07, 2011
  • Foot pain can happen for a number of reasons such as standing all day, flat feet, being overweight or having problems such as diabetes or plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammatory issue. With the right shoe insert, the pain can be lessened, if not alleviated. There are many different shoe inserts on the market and choosing the right one can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. This list of the five best shoe inserts in 2022 will be helping in selecting an insole that not only performs well but is affordable and easy to obtain. This list is based on function, price and whether they are difficult to find in stores and online.
    May 24, 2011
  • Rain boots will always be a necessary staple in any closet. Even if your area rarely sees rain, on the occasion that skies are unfriendly, a pair of rain boots can save your socks and save your day. The criteria in which I judge a pair of best rain boot in 2022 are durability, functionality, weight, price, and style. Each of the categories are equally important factors in determining which rain boots you should purchase. As a city dweller, I find boots essential for navigating the streets on a rainy day. Here are five of my favorite pairs of rain boots, that will keep you out of the puddles.
    April 08, 2011
  • When you are working hard on the job, you need to know you have a durable work boot protecting your feet. Depending on your line of work, you may find yourself dodging large blocks of concrete or falling trees. You may walk through a bog, hoping your boots stay where they belong: your feet! There are many choices out there, but will they really serve their purpose? If not, your foot could end up crushed. You may not expect to have so many options for a work boot. I mean, it’s not like you are buying a high-performance car. It’s a boot! But in the end, a boot has many properties that you may or may not want. Others you may need to have and simply not know it.The material of your work boot is important. You want a work boot that breathes while hugging your foot like a slipper. Leather and vinyl are the most common, but leather comes in several styles including faux leather, real animal hide, and different textures. These are more for look than function. Boot construction also weighs heavily on how good of a boot it is. The stitching, how the sole is attached and even the laces of the boot are important.Who knew work boots could be so complicated? The best work boot in 2022 are found below so that you can stop spending money on work boots that simply aren’t effective.
    January 14, 2011
  • Lots of people need boots for work, but some people need boots that will help make sure their toes stay on their feet. Steel toe boots are an essential when working in environments with heavy objects, manual labor or risk of debris falling. The Best Steel Toe Work Boot in 2022 provides protection for the most vulnerable (and smallest) part of your foot to help keep you safe from even the smallest hazards.
    November 25, 2009