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An Alternative to Dumbbells: Best Resistance Bands

  1. Bodylastics 19-Piece Strong Man Quick-Clip Resistance Band System
  2. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set
  3. ProSource 48-Inch Premium Latex Resistance Exercise Band Set
  4. Lifeline Resistance Fitness Cables
  5. SportCord Fitness System
  6. Core Prodigy Resistance Band
  7. Buyer's Guide

Exercise bands are one of the most brilliant exercise inventions ever made, offering the same or additional resistance and weighing less when compared to traditional dumbbells. They are easy to travel with and a handful of resistance bands can potentially replace an entire dumbbell set. Exercise bands can even recreate cable movements to open up your exercise options, something dumbbells can’t offer.

The best resistance bands on this list were selected from criteria including the industry reputation of their manufacturer, long-lasting durability, and their variable range of resistance weight.

Detailing the Best Resistance Band of 2022

Bodylastics 19-Piece Strong Man Quick-Clip Resistance Band System - Best Resistance Bands

Any band aficionado will tell you that Bodylastics provides some of the most durable and elastic bands around. The S.H.S. Resistance Bands kit is the best because it offers a wide assortment of resistance levels and a generous anchor and handle assortment. Offers resistance up to 30 pounds (Actually a lot for an exercise band), these bands will not unexpectedly snap and the handles provide a comfortable grip which won’t slip or dig into your hands. The easy clip bands make it simple to switch bands, handles, and anchors quickly for a seamless workout routine.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set - Best Resistance Bands

Black Mountain offers a high quality, inexpensive resistance band set being some of the most durable bands on the market and backed by a lifetime guarantee. The only really downside to these bands is the handles are fixed, so there is not a lot of room for customization and can only be used for a certain range of movements. Black Mountain however does provides a carrying bag for your bands along with a helpful exercise guide for beginning users.

ProSource 48-Inch Premium Latex Resistance Exercise Band Set - Best Resistance Bands

If you are looking for a classic, hassle free band you can’t get much better than Prosource. Their premium 48-inch latex bands are thick, durable and offer resistance up to 20 pounds. These bands have fixed handles offering a decent grip while remaining comfortable throughout your workout. Even though the handles on these bands are fixed, Prosource still provides a way to anchor them for added exercise options. These premium latex bands bands offer the perfect blend of quality materials, workout flexibility and basic affordability.

Lifeline Resistance Fitness Cables - Best Resistance Bands

Lifeline is an industry favorite known for the quality of their resistance bands. Their unique handle system makes it easy to attach bands and puts less stress on the ends unlike traditional clip systems. Lifeline allows you to pick and choose the resistance levels and accessories you need, keeping the price affordable and allowing you a more customized workout. These bands offer astonishing resistances up to 100 pounds and offer multiple types of handles accommodating to all workout routines.

SportCord Fitness System - Best Resistance Bands

The Sport Cord is for the most rough and tumble of resistance band users. This product uses a latex resistance band covered in a nylon jacket which protects the latex from damage by light, air, or other external sources. The easy clip bands are simple to attach and remove from any one of Sport Cords many band attachments. While Sport Cord does not offer exact weights, they do offer 4 different color-coded models ranging from extra light to extra heavy resistance.

Core Prodigy Resistance Band - Best Resistance Bands

The Core Prodigy resistance band consists of three resistant tubes that offer varying resistance options between 4 and 60 lbs. The availability of resistance options allows you to choose the resistance level that suits your workout needs. You can start with a lower resistance level and work your way up gradually. The resistance band is lightweight and can thus be used in the comfort of your home or carried to the gym. The Core Prodigy resistance band also includes a bag for storing the kit when not in use. The resistance band’s ankle cuffs have a velcro design that makes it easy to fasten the cuffs around the ankles. The band includes an anchor that holds the other end of the band in place. The anchor can be attached to a door or any firm object. The band also includes double D rings that reduce wear and tear and ultimately allow you to focus on exercising your desired body part without a hassle.

Buyer's Guide

Resistance bands are incredible for strength training exercises as they help you build power and agility in your muscles. When used properly, they can even replace the dumbbell sets and allow you to practice high-intensity exercises. However, choosing the best workout band can be quite overwhelming because the market is already saturated with a variety of options. Below, we have shared nuggets of information that can help you filter the resistance bands based on a few factors and pick one that meets your requirements.

How Can A Resistance Band Replace The Need Of Dumbbells?

  • A resistance band is much easier to carry everywhere as compared to dumbbells.
  • Since a workout band is thin, you won't have any problem handling it. But the same can’t be said with the dumbbells since they are bulky.
  • The exercise band will maintain the tension force in your muscles at a certain level constantly. But the dumbbells aren’t capable of doing so.

What Major Aspects Can Help You Choose The Best Resistance Band?


Since the resistance bands come in various lengths, it is crucial to invest in the right one to achieve your fitness goals. A smaller band won’t let you practice different exercise forms easily because it won’t reach the desired height even after stretching. So it should have a greater length so that you can train the muscles in your arms, shoulders, core, and back. Usually, workout bands have a length of 9 inches to 11.73 inches. But they can increase up to a length of 4 feet when stretched.


Latex is one of the most common materials used in the manufacturing of resistance bands. It is quite strong and can be stretched to a greater extent due to its elasticity. Therefore, you can use bands made with latex for upper body as well as glute exercises. This material also provides more tensile strength that increases resistance force for better muscle training.

On the other hand, rubber exercise bands are non-allergic as the material does not cause any adverse reaction on the skin. It is also UV-resistant and can tolerate a high amount of heat. Thus, they are highly durable and can last for years. Nylon is also used for manufacturing the hip and glute resistance bands. Even though the fabric doesn’t offer much elasticity, it is durable and has high resistance.


The exercise bands have varying resistance that will help you train different muscles of your body. For example, a band with 3 lbs resistance is best for warm-up and low-intensity workouts. But for endurance and strength training, you will need bands having high resistance, like 24 lbs or 30 lbs.


Most resistance bands come with handles so that you can improve your workout performance. However, make sure they provide a tight, non-slip grip and are reinforced with foam padding to absorb shocks and put less strain on the muscles of your hands. They should also have a lot of room and must be strong enough to withstand the resistance.


The color of a resistance band is the easiest way to know its resistance level. Most manufacturers use different colors to differentiate between bands with different levels of tension or resistance (i.e., yellow, green, blue, black). This color-coding system is used for people of all skill levels and allows them to switch between bands with varying resistances to increase or decrease their workout intensity.


Resistance bands are portable because they are small in size and do not weigh much like dumbbells. However, make sure they come with a quality carry bag so that you can store your exercise bands and carry them around effortlessly. It will also keep the items safe at one place.


Some sets allow you to connect multiple bands with a single handle and then use the entire bunch for exercising. It can help in high-intensity workouts as combining them will increase the overall resistance force. For example, if you stack three bands having 2 lbs, 4 lbs, and 7 lbs resistance, the total tension force that needs to be generated will be 13 lbs.

What Are The Best Exercises That Can Be Done With A Resistance Band?

The resistance bands target almost all muscles in your body, like the triceps, biceps, glute, shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and more. Thus, you can use them to perform a wide range of exercises such as:

  • Triceps: Overhead extensions and kickbacks
  • Core muscles: Reverse crunches, Russian twists, and kneeling crunches
  • Back muscles: Bent-over rows, seated rows, and pull-downs
  • Biceps: Concentration exercises and Curls
  • Lower body muscles: Leg extensions, lunges, and squats

What Are The Safety Tips To Remember While Exercising With Resistance Bands?

Even though the resistance bands look like a simple gym accessory, you should take some precautionary measures to workout safely while using them.

  • Always make sure to align your body properly so that while pulling the bands, your muscles don’t suffer from any injury like muscle strain.
  • Do not hold your breath while working out with the resistance bands because that might cause you to hyperventilate.
  • Don’t release the resistance band almost immediately after stretching just because you cannot endure the force.

Resistance Band FAQ

Q: Who can use resistance bands?

A: Resistance bands can be used by anyone who wants to gain muscle size and strength or lose weight. Besides, there is no age restriction because even older adults above the age of 70 are also encouraged to use exercise bands. They maintain muscle mass without straining and help prevent osteoporosis.

Q. Can I use resistance bands for core exercises?

A. Yes, you can use the resistance bands for core training exercises. This will help in strengthening the abdominal muscles, obliques, and other core muscles.

Q.I’m allergic to latex. Which resistance band should I use?

A. If you are allergic to latex, you should go for a resistance band made with rubber. It won’t cause allergies but offer you the same benefits as the latex band.

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