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The Best Shoe Rack to Store, Organize and Display Your Shoe Collection

Have you ever been in a situation where you are late for a meeting but couldn’t find your Oxford shoes? You must have realized that you only lose your shoes when you don’t have enough organization and space. The easiest solution to this problem has a shoe rack where you can easily store your shoes and retrieve them as you need them. You can get shoe racks in different sizes and how many shoes they can accommodate. It can be challenging to find the right one with different options out there. In this guide, we will help you put your best foot forward while shopping! Here are some of the best shoe racks in 2021 available on the market.

Here are the best shoe racks of 2021

Simple Houseware Shoe Rack - Best Overall

If you are looking to get your shoes organized without affecting the aesthetics of your home, the Simple Houseware 4-Tier shoe rack is the perfect choice. The rack can carry up to 20 pairs of shoes with an added layer for your slippers. Additionally, each shelf can hold as much as 30 lbs thanks to its sturdy construction. The shelf is made of polyester and is easy to clean.

  • Can be used for more than just shoes
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • If the load is too heavy, the fabric shelves begin to sag

Auledio Extra Large Capacity Shoe Rack - Runner Up

The Auledio 3-Tier shoe rack comes into the market as a versatile solution to your shoe problem. It features an extra-large capacity, multi-function wire grid, and can fit high heels, boots, and slippers. If you are looking to conserve space without disrupting the looks of your space, this is the rack for you!

  • Metal construction means it's durable and long-lasting
  • Can accommodate different shoe sizes
  • Easy to assemble provided you read the manual
  • Assembly can be a bit confusing if you don’t follow the instructions

ERONE Nonwoven Fabric Cover Shoe Rack - Contender

With the sheer size of the ERONE shoe rack storage organizer, you'll be able to fit all of the shoes in your household in one convenient place. This rack features a large capacity with seven tiers of shoe racks. If you don't need the upper shelves for shoe storage, they provide adequate space for boxes and other loose items. If you have prior experience with putting furniture together, it's easy to assemble, and the fabric is made to be durable waterproof.

  • Versatile design; can be used for other kinds of storage
  • Very large storage capacity
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Assembly can be difficult for a newbie

Fiducial home Shoe Rack - Consider

This unique Fiducial Home 10 Tiers shoe rack is designed to prioritize vertical storage, making it the perfect space optimizer for situations where floor space is at a premium. It can carry up to 25 pairs of shoes, and each tier features durable waterproof non-woven fabric. The shelf piping structure lends itself to a more unique aesthetic, and the shelves are sturdy enough to hold decor other than shoes.

  • Strong and durable
  • Takes up minimal floor space
  • Large storage capacity
  • A first time user may find the assembly complex without using the manual

VASAGLE Large Surface Shoe Rack - Consider

If you are looking for the perfect shoe rack that doesn’t take up space but helps keep your shoes organized, the VASAGLE shoe rack is the perfect option. This rack can store up to 20 pairs of shoes and is compact enough to fit in your closet or bedroom. With its multi-surface design, it can easily blend in with your decor and double as an entryway table.

  • Lots of storage without taking up too much space
  • Design will fit in with any home decor
  • Can be used as an entryway table
  • More expensive than the other options

Buyer's Guide

Shoe racks certainly make life easier and neater. Before you head out to buy any of the best shoe racks out there, we have compiled this guide to show you all you need to look out for before making a decision.

Tips to consider before you buy a shoe rack

Here are some things you should know before you buy your next shoe rack.

Type of rack

You will find different shoe rack types out there, and your choice will depend on your preferences. If you need a sitting place while you remove or wear your shoes, a shoe storage bench is perfect. But if you are looking for a way to store a large number of shoes while giving your home an aesthetical upgrade, a shoe cabinet will work even better.

Build and design

Shoe racks can certainly do wonders in your home, which is why you should choose a rack that has an elegant, stylish, and attractive build.

Having a premium-quality shoe cabinet will give your living room an aesthetic boost. Also, you may choose a wall-mounted rack or shoe storage rack that is uniquely designed to showcase your shoe collection.

Storage space

Ensure to choose a shoe rack that comes with a storage capacity that can accommodate all of your shoes. A shoe storage rack should comfortably store about 15 pairs of shoes depending on their depth, length, and number of shelves. Some other shoe racks store over 20 pairs of shoes, with some storing even more. Shoe cabinets will store more shoes than racks, but they're also significantly larger and not so easily moved.

Dimension and size of the shoe rack

The dimension and size of the shoe rack ought to be considered as well. If you do not have enough space, you may opt for an over-door shoe rack or a wall-mounted rack.

Before you buy the rack, make sure you know the width, length, and height of the rack as well as the shelves. Each shelf should be wide enough and have sufficient vertical spacing to store all types of shoes, boots, and even heels. With a collapsible shoe rack, you can adjust the shelf size based on your needs.

Cross ventilation

Regardless of the shoe rack you opt for, ensure it comes with grooves and gaps which allow cross ventilation. Doing this will ensure adequate movement of air to prevent odor and humidity. Also, it will help prolong the life of your shoes by shielding them from dirt and dust.

Ease of assembly

The shoe rack you purchase - especially the collapsible ones - should come with a manual and the parts needed for assembly. The parts typically include plastic connectors, pipes, and stands. The rack should also be easy and quick to assemble, which will save you time, stress, and help avoid complications.

Rack material

The material the rack is made from is very important. For instance, a shoe bench should be made using premium-quality engineered wood. On the other hand, a shoe rack varies in construction, with most being made of metal tubing, plastic, or wood.

Ideally, the metal used in the rack should feature an anti-rust coating, which will boost the product’s durability. Many shoe racks are made with non-woven fabric covers, which help protect the shoes from moisture and dust.


Buying a multipurpose rack has several benefits for storing other items. A rack that can store brushes, gloves, and shoe polish is the best option. Also, look out for racks with covers, pockets, and side hooks to store keys.


The type of shoe rack you select has to be suited for use in the entryway, living room, hallway and alleyway. If you are constrained for space, choose a rack you can install on your wall.

Product warranty

Always check for the warranty information of the rack before you buy. A good rack will be made using excellent and durable quality materials. Also, it should have a warranty that covers it for some months or even a year.

Why should you use a shoe rack?

Shoe racks are made in different designs and sizes and they come with several benefits, such as the following:

  • Shoe racks help free up space under your bed, on your closet floor, in your children’s room, and wherever you may find shoes in your room.
  • You will comfortably find your shoes quicker if kept in the same place.
  • By keeping your dirty or wet shoes in a rack, you will be able to prevent tracking debris and dirt on your floors.
  • Regardless of whether you place a shoe rack in your bedroom, closet, or utility room, you will soon observe how organized and tidy it is.

How much do shoe racks cost?

Before selecting a rack, have a budget of what you will spend and have a fair idea of the quality you are aiming for. You will easily find different styles at different prices. You can get an inexpensive model for prices ranging between $10 and $20, although they may not be the best.

A budget of $25 to $45 should get you a decent rack that should easily organize your shoes and stand the test of time. For the high-end racks, make sure you budget at least $50. Note that racks made from hardwood are more expensive, while those made using plastic are cheaper.


If you have been searching for the perfect way to get your shoes organized, getting one of the best shoe racks is a proven solution. The products listed in this review and guide are made using premium quality materials. This implies that the racks will serve you for a long time, saving you money and stress. Each rack in this article comes with unique designs, which means you can easily pick the best among them to give your home a facelift.

Shoe Rack FAQ

Q. I have different boots and shoes; what should I consider when buying a shoe rack?

A. If you want your boots to fit into your rack, you need one that has at least one shelf that has enough space above it. Note that shoe racks that fit over a door do not always have enough space for tall boots.

Q. What type of rack should I get for guests when they come to my house?

A. You should get a bench-style rack as it will give them enough space to place their shoes when they are visiting. Also, this shoe rack type is attractive when placed in an entryway or foyer.

Q. Where should I place my shoe rack in the house?

A. You can place a shoe rack anywhere in your homes, such as the bedroom, entryway, or your living room. The rack placement ultimately depends on the type and size of the shoe rack.

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