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Eliminate Clutter with the Best Storage Bins

  1. IRIS USA Inc Multi-Purpose Storage Bin
  2. Simple Houseware Foldable Storage Bin
  3. Woffit Foldable Storage Bag
  4. Budding Joy Large Storage Storage Bin
  5. Homz Plastic Storage Bin
  6. Household Essentials Foldable Storage Bin
  7. Buyer's Guide

If you're looking for some ideas to relieve home clutter and make your home look neat and organized, then you should consider investing in storage bins. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they are perfect for storing everything from books and toys to clothes and shoes. Here are some of the best storage bins in 2022 for you to consider you can buy now.

Detailing the Best Storage Bin of 2022

IRIS USA Inc Multi-Purpose Storage Bin - Top Pick

The IRIS storage bins are perfect to get your home or office organized. They offer a wide variety of sizes from mini 5qt boxes all the way up to 72qts. Each box, no matter the size, is sturdy and made in the USA. They are designed to easily stack them on top of each other to save space but still be able to see the contents inside. They come in a 4, 6, or 10-pack depending on the quart size.

Simple Houseware Foldable Storage Bin - Runner Up

Express your inner interior decorator as well as decluttering your home. These SimpleHouseware Foldable Cube Storage Bins are the perfect accessory for any room thanks to their compact shape and array of available colors. You can even mix and match to give your place a sense of style. These bins are collapsible and made of cardboard wrapped in fabric.

Woffit Foldable Storage Bag - Best Nonwoven

A package of this product comes in 2 foldable storage bags. Each of these bags has sections, with a clear window to see what’s being stored there. You don’t have to bring the entire house down because you’re looking for your favorite clothing. With the Woffit storage bin, you can de-clutter your home, and organize items such as; blankets, towels, winter and summer clothing, etc.

  • Has a large storage space
  • Has a clean and elegant look
  • Keeps away dust, dirt, and insect
  • Available in one color; black

Special Features:

  • Made from a high-quality non-woven material
  • Can easily be stored in closets, in the attic, or under the bed
  • Has a durable and sturdy form
  • Has strong handles and zippers for easy lifting and protection
  • Transparent windows to see what it contains

Budding Joy Large Storage Storage Bin - Honorable Mention

Let's be real. Your closet is full of blankets, pillows, and your favorite childhood stuffed animal that you can't seem to get rid of. These storage bags by Budding Joy can help clean up your closet so it can be used for other things, you know, like clothes. Each box has a clear window to easily see the contents inside. Large grab handles are sewn on the sides to handle moving them around with ease and the zippers are heavy duty to keep things packed away.

Homz Plastic Storage Bin - Contender

Everyone needs a good, large, plastic container. Whether you are storing things inside your house or in the garage, these come in handy. Being able to see the contents inside is a plus, just in case your handwriting is bad and you can't make out what it says. They are modular and easily stackable as well. Sturdy fold-away grips also keep the lids secure.

Household Essentials Foldable Storage Bin - Consider

These fabric storage bins are perfect for interior storage and decor. Household Essentials offers multiple colors to choose from and the option to have a traditional, horizontal handle or a vertical, fabric handle which is convenient when you want to pull the box out. These make a great gift for a newlywed couple!

Buyer's Guide

Who amongst us is not a fan of neat and clean surroundings? Probably, no one. When we get back home after a busy day or enter our workplace, we love to see everything in place, which becomes possible only with the help of storage boxes. They are designed to arrange your belongings and store them safely to access the same when needed. These utility containers are widely demanded, and hence there's a huge list of options available in the market. Thus, we will save your time and bring you the most sorted buying guide to help choose the best storage bin.

What Are The Different Types Of Storage Bins Available?

The varieties of a product available is the direct reflection of the demands made by the consumers. Since storage bins are used for storing several items, such as books, clothes, shoes, eatables, kitchen tools, etc., the manufacturers produce them in different forms and sizes using various materials. Thus, we will talk about the different types of storage bins available in the market.

Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins are one of the most demanded containers because they are durable and easy to clean. You can use them to store almost everything, as they are manufactured in different sizes to suit multiple needs. Although they are available in different color options, people usually prefer buying transparent containers because they can conveniently see through them and know what's stored inside. Besides, these storage bins are water-resistant and can be stored conveniently at places like garages, warehouses, lofts, etc.

Canvas Storage Bins

Canvas material gives a more sophisticated look to storage bins. Hence, they are used in households and offices where people love to place everything beautiful. These boxes are easy to carry and designed to accommodate almost everything like books, magazines, newspapers, fabrics, etc.

Besides, they are available in different shapes, sizes and colors to suit the requirements of people with different choices. You will also find some canvas bins having handles, allowing you to carry them easily. The best part about these storage bags is that they can be folded and kept aside when not in use. This helps you keep your surroundings even more cleaner.

Wooden Storage Bins

Wooden or eco-friendly storage bins are high in demand because they tend to merge beautifully with the interiors of any place. They are designed in multiple looks that can take the decor of your place to a whole new level. Some storage bins made of wood usually have cut-out handles in the design, while others are designed without handles. So, choose one carefully.

Felt Storage Bins

It is an eco-friendly storage bin option that's made of pure wool and is super light in weight. Felt storage bins are extremely popular in the current scenario, as they are easy to carry and clean. Besides, when not in use, these storage bins can be folded and kept aside to be reused further. They are usually designed with handles made of soft material that stays gentle to your palms.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Storage Bin?

To get your hands on the most suited product, you need to compare different items based on certain factors, including:


You need to primarily think of the purpose for which you are buying a storage bin. You cannot store your bedding or Lenin in a wooden box as it would get dirty with time. Similarly, you cannot use all kinds of boxes for both commercial and personal purposes. So, buy accordingly.


Handles make carriage easier, and the chances of you dropping the box filled with items also get minimized. So, consider buying a box with handles.

Storage Space

If you are planning to store the stuff in your garage or your warehouse, you need to find a durable and tough model. A plastic or wooden storage bin is most suited for this condition. However, you can go for a storage box made of woolen and canvas for using it at home.


Storage bins are all about storing maximum stuff, so consider looking at the capacity to buy the most suited product. The capacity will vary depending on the material, shape, and design of the box. Some large containers have the storage capacity of 90L, while other products come with 7.5 quarts to 112-quart storage capacity.

Secure Lid

If you plan to keep delicate stuff or food in the storage bin, you should look for one having a lid reinforced with ergonomic latches. These latches can be locked to secure the lid and keep the items stored in the bin safe.

How Should You Clean Different Storage Bins?

The process of cleaning depends on its manufacturing material. For example:

  • A plastic container can be washed using a dishwasher and foam. You can further air-dry it or use a dry cloth to absorb water.
  • Storage bins made of wood should be cleaned using a dry cloth. If they are polished, you can also use a damp cloth to clean them.
  • Canvas or felt storage bins can be hand washed easily. Besides, you can see the instructions mentioned in the manual to understand the cleaning process aptly.

Storage Bin FAQ

Q: Are storage bins safe to store food?

A: Ofcourse, most of them are designed specifically for this purpose. Storage boxes with airtight lids are meant to keep your food fresh for a long time. For the best experience, you should look for storage bins that are microwaveable and freezer safe.

Q: Do I need to buy different storage boxes for different purposes?

A: There's a wide variety of options available in the market, where most of the storage bins are designed to store multiple things. The big-sized storage boxes are used to keep your clothes, books, medicines, bedsheets, magazines, shoes, food, etc. So, buy the ones that can serve multiple purposes.

Q: Can storage bins be used for commercial purposes as well?

A: Definitely, storage bins are widely used for commercial purposes. You'll see a lot of stuff stored and kept safe in the storage boxes when you visit the retail markets. In warehouses as well, different kinds of stuff are stored and protected from getting damaged.

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