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Review: Best Sleep Masks

Some of us have trouble falling asleep, whether it's on a plane, on a train, or in our very own bed. With outside light and visual distractions, it can be tricky to keep your eyes closed long enough to get a good night's rest. One giant solution to this problem are sleeping masks. These best sleep masks in 2021 were chosen for their ability to block out light, provide a comfortable resting space for the eyes, and offer adjustable length head straps for a perfect fit. Whether using molding material, concave shapes, or soothing fabric, these sleep masks will provide you with a heavenly rest.

Best Sleep Mask

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

Tempur-Pedic is a brand you can trust when it comes to all sleep-related matters and their sleep mask is no exception. This well-made product provides total darkness with its built-in Tempur material that molds to match the shape of your face. This material  provides a cooling effect that keeps your eyes relaxed and feeling comfortable.

The masks Velcro strap is made with elastic to ensure a lose or snug fit, depending on your personal preference. Made with a thicker band, this sleep mask also helps eliminate outside sound by covering the ears.

Revolutionary Patented Sleep Mask

The Revolutionary Sleep Mask by Sleep Master is a one-size-fits-all masterpiece when it comes to finding a snug but comfortable sleep mask. This product is simple enough to use, but innovative enough to be patented. Made with adjustable Velcro strips, there is no need for tight elastic strings.

This sleep mask actually works to cover the ears and muffle sounds, eliminating the use of earplugs. Made with the highest quality materials, this cozy mask is gentle on the skin and provides you with comfortable rest the whole night through.

Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

Dream Zone's Sleep Mask may have lovely little illustrations on it, but that's not all it has to offer. This sleep mask is made from 100 percent cotton and silk materials, offering the utmost comfort for your eyelids. The extra soft combination of soothing fabrics work to effectively block out any surrounding light.

Made with an adjustable head strap, this product won't ever feel too tight or too lose, instead fitting around your head perfectly. Small enough to bring with you while traveling, this sleep mask is perfect for flights, hotels, and your own home.

Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask

Dream Essentials' Sweet Dreams Sleeping Mask with Carry Pouch and Earplugs is a lightweight, countered sleep mask. Its special breathable design not only creates space for the eyes, but it also allows for the bridge of the nose to comfortably fit underneath. Made with flexible polyester, this product feels great on the face and provides a thin yet robust sleep mask.

Adjustable Velcro straps stretch to allow for a perfect fit, and as an added bonus, this product comes with earplugs to help block out external sound. Additionally, it also comes with a small carry pouch that makes it great for traveling.

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