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Improve Your Sleep with the Best Wedge Pillow

  1. Kolbs Bed Wedge Pillow
  2. Ebung Bed Wedge Pillow
  3. Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow
  4. Bekweim Bed Wedge Pillow
  5. Dreamzie Bamboo Wedge Pillow
  6. Buyer's Guide

Sleep quality plays a major role in your life. Healthy sleep leads to fewer health problems and can improve your concentration during the day. A wedge pillow for sleeping can help to improve your sleep comfort and will generally be able to support any sleeping position. There are a few different Wedge Pillows available, with some providing a specialized structure.

Not sure which wedge pillow will help you sleep better? Consider giving the ones we share in this list a try.

Best Wedge Pillow Worth Considering in 2022

Kolbs Bed Wedge Pillow - Best Choice

This pillow has a special design to help reduce gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms at night. The extra-large design of this wedge pillow adds more comfort while you are sleeping. The sleeping surface of the pillow measures 31 inches by 33 inches, while the height of 7.5 inches offers better support underneath your head and back. A premium jacquard case is included with the pillow and is fully machine-washable.

  • Comes with a jacquard cover
  • Helps with snoring and GERD
  • May cause problems with alignment at your hips

Ebung Bed Wedge Pillow - Best for Neck Pain

The versatility offered by this wedge pillow for sleep provides a multipurpose solution. The supportive structure of this pillow helps to reduce neck pain. Memory foam is used to create a responsive feel when you lay down. The pillow may also be helpful for people with back pain, making it ideal for back sleepers. The included cover can be removed for cleaning and is machine-washable.

  • Machine washable pillow cover
  • Uses memory foam
  • Not ideal for combination or side sleepers

Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow - Honorable Mention

This wedge pillow by Abco Tech comes with several design features that make it particularly appealing for users suffering from discomfort caused by sleep disorders. The memory foam construction provides plenty of support, and its hypoallergenic nature means it's suitable for use by just about anyone. The included cover is machine-washable and helps the pillow breathe, providing sleepers with a cool surface throughout the night. It measures 25 x 24 x 12 inches, so it's taller and narrower than some of our other recommendations listed here.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pillow cover is machine-washable
  • 12-inch height may be too tall for some

Bekweim Bed Wedge Pillow - Best Cooling Pillow

The most distinctive aspect of the Bekweim wedge pillow is the curved design, which aims to eliminate pressure points that can cut off blood flow. It's 7.5 inches high, meaning it can be used to comfortably raise your legs. It can also be used to elevate your upper body, though the shallower height means it's best combined with a regular pillow to provide your head with proper support. The quilted bamboo cover on this wedge pillow is hypoallergic, breatheable, and resistant to pathogens.

  • Responsive feel
  • More comfortable leg and neck support due to curved design
  • Too small for some people

Dreamzie Bamboo Wedge Pillow - Best Bamboo Wedge Pillow

This wedge pillow is the ideal wellness accessory for people who need support and pain relief on different parts of the body. It can serve as a backrest or double as a footrest. It comes with a wedge-shaped design at a very comfortable angle to keep different parts of the body elevated. It features a memory foam core that gives fluid support and pressure point relief, and a bamboo fabric cover that’s breathable and removable. The bamboo fabric is machine-washable. It also includes a practical handle for carrying convenience and is exceptionally lightweight at 4.14 lbs.

Buyer's Guide

Through the decades, hospitals have made use of adjustable beds to aid patients’ sleeping conditions, and to encourage quick recovery. Several sleeping conditions could be relieved or at least reduced with the proper positions, either by raising the legs or head to certain angles during sleep. Furthermore, it could aid conditions like acid reflux, lower back pain, poor blood circulation, and sleep apnea.

Fortunately for us today, we don’t need to go to the hospital to sleep properly; a wedge pillow can provide the same effect. This guide aims to explain what a wedge pillow is, and how to choose the right one.

What are Wedge Pillows?

A wedge pillow is a three-cornered orthopedic pillow shaped like a wedge with an angled surface. When you think of a wedge of cheese, that's pretty much how this pillow looks.

A wedge pillow can prop the head or feet at an angle of 30 and 45-degrees respectively, or six to twelve inches above the rest of the body. Though the angle of decline may differ, a lot of wedge pillows come in at about 20 to 25 inches wide.

What are the Uses of a Wedge Pillow?

A wedge-shaped pillow can improve sleep and aid with the following health conditions:

Sleep Apnea

While asleep, your tongue and mouth may relax too much. While that seems like a good thing, this results in your tongue blocking your throat and airway. This may lead to you snoring, or worse, sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for short periods during the night as you sleep. Sleeping at an angle with the wedge pillow will let gravity do all the work helping keep your airway open.

Helps with sinus issues

To help clear your sinuses, you can keep your head at an angle. The wedge pillow will take the pressure off of your sinuses to aid your sleep if you have a cold or the flu.

Spinal and lower back pain

Keep your spine straight by putting the lower part of the pillow at the top of your bed. Put the higher end of the wedge under your neck - this will aid your spinal column, keep it straight and ease neck and back pain.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

When you have reflux or GERD, stomach acid runs up into your esophagus, which links your stomach to your mouth. It is frequently more pronounced at night. This is due to acid buildup, which causes you to cough and feel as though you're choking.

Gravity helps to make acid flow into the stomach rather than remaining in the throat. Sleeping with your head up at an angle can result in fewer reflux symptoms.

Eye problems like Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that affects the optic nerve of your retina. It has the potential to cause blindness. It is normally caused by an increase in intraocular pressure. While you sleep, using one of these pillows will help relieve this strain.

How to Correctly Use a Wedge Pillow

Though it might be fun and cool to use wedge pillows as placeholders for your laptop while you work, it has more important uses:

Raise sleeping position

Acid reflux, snoring, and sleep apnea symptoms are often exacerbated by lying on one's back. A wedge pillow, with the thinnest portion of the elevation placed at the base of the spine may be positioned under the upper body. This angle will free up the airway, making it possible to breathe and ensure that the tongue rolls forward instead of backward, preventing blocking.

Better side sleeping

If you sleep on your side, a wedge pillow will help with sleep apnea and acid reflux. Furthermore, a wedge pillow will keep the spine relaxed when lying on one's side, avoiding discomfort throughout the lower back.

A medium to medium-firm memory foam wedge pillow can also support the shoulders to eliminate muscle tension. Side sleepers, including back sleepers, can use a wedge pillow with an angle of 35 to 45 degrees.

Raised Legs while sleeping

Back sleepers should use a wedge pillow underneath their knees to ease pressure on the lower back to help muscles relax completely. Raising the legs while sleeping improves blood flow, avoiding swelling and the formation of varicose veins in the legs and feet. Improved circulation facilitates the regeneration and rehabilitation of those suffering from heart problems and other medical conditions.

What to Consider When Buying a Wedge Pillow?

A few things you should consider while purchasing the perfect wedge pillow include:


Wedge pillows come in different angles or heights, depending on how they are measured. Pillows can be chosen depending on the person’s weight, height, and the condition that needs relief. You might have to try out different pillows before you find the perfect one.


Pillows can be made out of polyester fiberfill, foam, or a combination of the two. Latex foam is better than memory foam but may be a problem if you are allergic to latex.

How Much do Wedge Pillows Cost?

A wedge pillow will cost between $30-$40 on average, but certain models can come in at $75 to $100. Just like other things, brands are priced differently and higher-grade foams will be typically more expensive.

Wedge Pillow FAQs

Q: Does a wedge pillow help with back pain?

A: Back pain – sleeping at an angle with a wedge pillow can relieve pressure on the lumbar and cervical spine and you get the best benefits when you sleep on your back.

Lower back pain – if your pain is confined to just your lower back, place the wedge pillow under your legs for additional support.

Q: What is the best height for a wedge pillow?

A: Short answer: seven to twelve inches high

The angle/height of a wedge pillow may differ, but most come in seven to twelve inches high. The shape of a wedge pillow may vary, but users can prop up their head and neck or support the back and shoulders in a sitting position. They can also raise the legs and aid with circulation.

Q: Does a wedge pillow aid sleep apnea?

A: One very common use of wedge pillows is to reduce snoring and aid with obstructive sleep apnea. Raising the upper body at an angle may help users who suffer from acid reflux because gravity will prevent the stomach acid from rising to the throat.

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