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Stay Connected with the Best Smartwatch

  1. Apple Watch Series 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch4
  3. Apple Watch SE
  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
  5. Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch
  6. Buyer's Guide

Smartwatches are yet another way technology is becoming further integrated into our daily lives. While most current smartwatches are designed to work in tandem with your smartphone, others can function as standalone devices with their own data and calling capabilities. This market is still emerging, but competition is already heating up with new technologies and innovations constantly being released.

Although these early devices aren’t fully polished yet, we've compiled a list of some of the best options currently available to consumers. While the Apple Watch has created big change in the market, there still remain only a select few options for iPhone users, with the majority of smartwatches being for Android devices only.

When choosing the best smartwatches in 2022 for this list, we looked at their design, both in terms of appearance and in terms of comfort. Since a watch is to be worn, it's important it fits the image you want to portray while being comfortable enough to keep on for many hours at a time.

We looked at their battery life as well, an area where smartwatches are still lacking, with just about every single mainstream model requiring charging every one to two days. Fortunately, all of the following watches should last a minimum of one day of typical use before needing a recharge.

We also chose to include smartwatches with full user functionality, as opposed to more fitness-oriented models; this means the ability to run a variety of apps and perform a range of functions beyond just fitness tracking. As features are currently fairly standard across most of the leading models, we've placed less emphasis on features than overall performance and user experience.

What are the best smartwatches of 2022?

Apple Watch Series 7 - Best Overall

Apple is known for its high-quality gadgets, and this watch is no exception. It runs on watchOS 8, compatible with iPhone 6s and later or any model that uses iOS 15 and above. You can use it to track your fitness goals with the daily activity feature, and with the free 3-month Fitness+ feature you can try pilates and tai chi workouts! You can also take an ECG and monitor blood oxygen levels from your wrist. If you are having difficulties with your sleeping pattern, this will be perfect because it has sleep tracking and mindfulness applications as well. There’s honestly a lot more features, and you’ll have to own it to reap all the benefits of Apple Watch.

  • Comes with a 45mm Retina Display for enhanced clarity
  • Designed to resist dust, cracks, and allow shallow submersion, making it suitable for swimming
  • Durable battery and fast charging
  • Not suitable for activities that involve high velocity like scuba diving and deep submersion
  • Not compatible with android phones

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 - Best for Androids

If you are looking for a smartwatch that allows you to keep up with fitness goals alongside friends or family, we recommend Watch4. Its auto workout tracking connects you with your fitness partners through group challenges to keep you motivated. In addition, you can access advanced run coaching that assesses every mile and tracks your cardio levels. Women’s health is also a key feature of this watch. It allows you to stay updated on your period cycle. You'll never miss important calls, messages, and emails, since this gadget basically acts as your phone’s extension!

  • Offers LTE connectivity that allows you to operate it without your phone or Wi-Fi
  • Comes with an ECG feature for monitoring your heart rate
  • Allows you to connect with other fitness enthusiasts in group workout challenges
  • Not compatible with iOS
  • Check with your cellular provider for compatibility

Apple Watch SE - Best Budget

Whether you are looking to upgrade your series 3 or try your first smartwatch, you will be impressed by the processor in the Apple Watch SE. The built-in GPS model makes it easy to navigate with real-time directions and positioning. You can also receive text messages and email notifications on your wrist. Plus, you can stay entertained by syncing your favorite music and audiobooks.

  • Comes with a large retina OLED display to see multiple applications at once
  • Emergency SOS allows you to connect with an emergency contact in case of a mishap
  • Features elevation readings and a built-in compass
  • Not suitable for people who suffer from atrial fibrillation
  • Only compatible with iPhone 6s and iOS14 or later

This watch also enables you to stay updated with your fitness journey because it measures activities like dancing, swimming, yoga, cycling, running, and walking. This way, you can set and track your fitness goals effortlessly. Also, you can pay your bills instantly using Apple Pay.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 - Also Consider

Keep tabs on your fitness goals and personal notifications with this smartwatch that is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The impressive AMOLED display with a bezel touch enables you to operate it swiftly. If you like to run errands quickly, you'll love that this watch syncs with Samsung Pay.

  • Allows Bixby functionality for voice commands
  • Monitor your sleep and help you deal with stress levels using the in-built Calm app
  • Package comes with a quick start guide, charging pad, and leather strap
  • Bixby requires LTE connectivity for optimal performance

Its advanced sensors come in handy when monitoring heart health and keeping your fitness records. No need to make inputs because it tracks your activities automatically. When you get this watch, you can enjoy streaming, calling, and texting on LTE connectivity, even if you leave your phone behind. Since its design is sleek and minimal, you can pair it with any outfit.


Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch - Also Consider

This product is built using Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ innovative technology that helps keep your data updated with a fast processor and fast loading apps. It boasts 2 times faster charging speeds compared to other leading models on the market - it charges 80% in half an hour! If you want to make your battery serve you for longer, use the smart battery mode to decrease power consumption.

  • Has a 44mm touchscreen for enhanced display
  • Comes with 2 power buttons for easy customization
  • Features an Sp02 sensor that allows you to monitor your oxygen levels
  • Sometimes the OS is slow
  • After frequent use, the battery life diminishes significantly

You can keep track of your activities by syncing multiple wellness apps that monitor calories burned, cardio levels, and sleep patterns. It also allows you to receive calls and read emails or messages without taking your phone out of your pocket. Thus, you will never miss an important call or text. It’s last on our list, but we can confidently say that it’s definitely not the least.

Buyer's Guide

A smartwatch can support you to stay connected and multitask, so you never miss a beat. They can help you monitor your heart rate, measure your movements, tell the time, display notifications, and much more. And you can do all of these activities without even taking your phone out of the pocket.

However, buying a smartwatch isn't as easy as it seems though. There are so many available in the market right now that getting the right one for you can be confusing. You should always compare the features present in various models of different brands and pick what suits you best.

Some of these watches are a bit costly, but you don't need to pay a lot of money to get a good smart watch, as there are many low-cost smartwatches out there packed with great features and functionalities. To help you select, we have put this smartwatch buying guide together. Read on!

What To Consider When Buying A SmartWatch?


Before you buy a smartwatch, you should always check whether it is compatible with your existing phone. Different watch brands use a different OS, so you should always buy a watch with an OS that is fully compatible with your mobile phone. Knowing this will also help you eliminate a lot of smartwatch choices.

For example, if you have an android phone and you want to buy the Apple Watch, then you will be just spending money for nothing. This smartwatch model won't be compatible with your mobile phone.

Battery Life

Most of the smartwatches will last from one to two days without charging. But watches that have more features tend to last only around 12 hours. You can see every smartwatch's battery life in the manufacturer's specifications and pick one that will suit you the best.

And once it runs out of buttery, then you need to charge the smartwatch. Some of them come with convenient wireless chargers, while others require a USB cable that plugs into the watch itself.


When shopping for a smartwatch, it is pretty important to consider what type of display you want, as it is the place where you will be operating and managing various activities. Most of the brands either use either a colorful LCD or an AMOLED screen. While it is a little bit more expensive, we suggest you stick with the AMOLED display since it provides you with a crisper experience and a smooth design.


Nowadays, smartwatches come in various designs, so you will surely find a design that will suit you the most. They may have a square dial or a circular dial. You can also pick between a watch with changeable bands and a watch with metallic bands.

Brands will offer you multiple customization options like material, band color, finish, and size.

How Much Does A Smartwatch Cost?

Various factors determine the cost of a smartwatch, and some of them are the brand, the OS used in it, its design, the band's material, the functions it can perform, its health-related features, etc.

On average, smartwatches cost from around $30 to over $700, which is a huge price gap. At the top of the price range, you'll be paying for premium materials, popular brands, and decorations, such as gold or precious gems.

How Did We Test?

When picking the best smartwatches, we have put into consideration a lot of factors. Some of them were customer reviews, brands, price, durability, etc. Once we've picked the top smartwatches, we have done personal testing of all of them in order to assure that we are providing our readers with genuine information.

What Are Some Important Features Of The Smartwatch


Most of the smartwatches will offer you the opportunity of making payments or online transactions. They have built-in NFC chips, which help to make payments even if you don't have your phone close to you. But different smartwatches have different payment processors.

For example, Apple smartwatches will use Apple Pay. Android smartwatches will accept Google Pay, or if you have a Samsung, then you need to use the Samsung Pay service.

Activity Tracking

The smartwatch is mainly known for its health and activity tracking features. It is pretty handy to have as many of these features as possible. Here are some of the most important activity tracking features: a speedometer used to track your steps, a calorimeter will keep track of the calories your burned, a barometer to measure the air pressure, and a GPS that will track your movement.


Most smartwatches are typically smartphone accessories because they rely on a smartphone connection via Bluetooth or a WiFi network. A pretty popular feature that is installed in most recent smartwatches is the auto-pairing option. This allows your device to get automatically paired up with your smartphone and provides you with a hassle-free experience.

Water Resistance

Most of the smartwatches are at least somewhat water-resistant, so you will be able to wash your hands with your smartwatch or go out in the rain. But only the waterproof models can resist a dip in the pool without any problems. So be sure to check the specs if this is a crucial feature to you.

Call And text capability

If you're purchasing a smartwatch, you want to have the most basic features, such as making calls and sending texts. So most smartwatches come with this option, but all of them operate differently.

For example, usually, all the smartwatches will let you see notifications and texts. But some of them will let you shoot a short reply from the smartwatch, while others will require you to use your phone to reply.


A smartwatch is a great way to acquire easier access to many things you would usually do on a smartphone. And the market has exploded in recent years with excellent products designed to suit all kinds of people, personalities, and preferences.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of what are the essential things you should be looking for. So, now you'll be capable of making a more informed choice. Happy shopping!

SmartWatch FAQ

Q: Can smartwatches make calls?

Yes! Most of the smartwatches will allow you to make and receive calls. These watches will usually need to connect to your smartphone's network via Bluetooth to make the call. However, there are some smartwatches available on LTE (cellular). Going for the LTE version will cost you a little bit more, but you'll be able to make/receive calls without having to carry your phone.

Q: Are Smart Watches Waterproof?

Most modern smartwatches are either waterproof or water-resistant. But to be completely sure, we advise you that you review the product's features before buying the smartwatch to know if it's waterproof.

Q: Can you text on a smartwatch?</h4>
Yes, you can send and reply to messages from your smartwatch without even opening your phone. Some of the most advanced smartwatches have built-in messaging functionality to allow you to shoot text messages from your watch, and it's not as hard as you may think, even with such a small screen!

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