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Best Softball Gloves for Every Position

  1. Nokona X2 Elite Fastpitch Mitt RHT X2F-3250C Softball Glove
  2. Louisville Slugger Xeno Pro Brown Catchers Softball Glove
  3. Nokona Buckaroo Closed Web Fastpitch Softball Glove
  4. Easton Core Series ECGFP 2000 Fastpitch Catchers Softball Glove
  5. Mizuno Classic Fastpitch GSX33
  6. Nokona Buckaroo Black Softball Glove
  7. Wilson A2000 IF-SS Superskin Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove
  8. Nokona X2 Elite Series 1200 Baseball Glove
  9. Louisville Slugger Xeno Pro
  10. 12.5" Core Series Fastpitch Glove by Easton
  11. Buyer's Guide

Softball gloves are manufactured in a variety of sizes, designs, and types. They can be made for a specific position of for a certain level you play. You can find gloves for under $20 or over $200. For young players just starting out, there is no need to spend anywhere near $100. A good, basic glove can be purchased for around $30 or $40 that will allow the young player to properly learn the game. However, if you are an advanced player, you will most likely want a glove that is made of top-quality leather and offers innovative features. These gloves will cost you quite a bit more.

When buying a glove, the first thing yo should do is determine the level of play – beginner or advanced, beer league or competitive travel team. Next, you can look for gloves that are specific to the type of softball – fastpitch or slowpitch – but these gloves are really interchangeable and can be used for both if needed. Your next consideration is budget. How much can you afford to spend? Even if you are playing on a competitive team, you still want to stay within your budget. Forcing your family to go without food for a week so you can have a top-of the-line glove is not worth it! Many good gloves can be found in the $75- $125 range.

After determining your budget, figure out what position you will usually play. Gloves can be different for infielders and outfielders, and first basemen and catchers have their own specific gloves (though slowpitch catchers do not really need a catchers mitt). Then you can decide what style you want. Styles include, closed or open back, deep or shallow pocket, a variety of web styles, and different type of wrist adjustments. These are generally a matter of personal preference – so know what you like before you buy.

Once you have your new glove, make sure to break it in properly. Use some good glove oil, play catch for a few days before you use in a game, and treat your glove with loving care at all times. It is your best friend in the field. Now that you know how to buy a new glove, check out our lists for some great information on the best softball glove in 2022 on the market today.

Make your next game of catch great with these top softball gloves in 2022

Nokona X2 Elite Fastpitch Mitt RHT X2F-3250C Softball Glove - Best Softball Glove Overall

The Nokona X2 Elite Fastpitch catcher's mitt is the highest performance glove on the market. The X2 is made from a proprietary blend of Stampede cowhide leather, a new full grain, full oil steer hide leather, and Kangaroo leather which is strong, durable and light weight. The leather blend means less break-in time for the glove, since it’s softer than most other glove leathers, but durable and will stand up to repeated use.

The X2 is also made using the Nokona Nolera Composite padding system, which offers an extra thick area of padding giving players extra cushion for the high speed pitches received at this position. Made using the Texas trap webbing, this unique webbing allows the mitt to wrap around the ball when it comes in contact with the webbing, keeping it in the glove.

Unlike other gloves, when catcher's are blocking a low pitch, the Nokona does not flex backwards, keeping the ball from getting past the pitcher. This gives catcher's better catching performance. The top of the line glove does come with a top of the line price around $450, but offers the best performance, quality and durability on the market.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Pro Brown Catchers Softball Glove - Runner Up

The Louisville Slugger Xeno Pro fastpitch catcher's mitt is another great choice for catcher's. Made using double oiled premium grade buffalo leather, the mitt is soft for easy break-in but durable and will hold up season after season. It is made using fastpitch player patters, for maximum performance. The mitt also has full leather linings for a professional feel and added comfort.

Made using a closed back and velcro strap keep the mitt in place during every fast pitch, solid throw and passed ball. The unique H web is an engineered large deep pocket to expand catching range, giving players the largest area possible to trap the ball. It comes with a soft lining and extra padding to absorb the sting of pitches and bad hops. The Xeno Pro is ready to use right off the shelf, with minimal break in.

Nokona Buckaroo Closed Web Fastpitch Softball Glove - Honorable Mention

The Nokona Buckaroo BKR-3250 is one of the best fastpitch catcher's mitts on the market. A  Nokona blends Walnut Crunch and Kangaroo leather which makes for a lightweight, yet sturdy glove. Walnut Crunch is a unique leather made from steer hide that is thick and strong enough to add body to the glove to give it a solid, yet deep pocket, while the Kangaroo leather makes the glove light weight and increases durability. It has a closed web and backing with a deep Texas trap web. When a ball hits the mitt, it wraps around the ball, keeping it in the glove.

Unlike other gloves when catcher's are blocking a low pitch, the Nokona does not flex backwards, allowing it to get past the pitcher and translates to better performance. It also features shaped and reinforced padding designed specifically for fastpitch playing which makes scooping easy and is also versatile enough to be used at first base. The Buckaroo is a favorite among Division 1 college athletes and elite players.

Easton Core Series ECGFP 2000 Fastpitch Catchers Softball Glove - Consider

The Easton 33 is a high quality fastpitch catcher's mitt made using professional grade leather. It is a prosoft leather engineered using fastpitch specific patterns, including the frequency of where the ball lands, palm and hand movement. The leather is durable and will last for several seasons. The Easton 33 is also made using USA-tanned rawhide laces, a prograde lacing with 100-pound tensile strength. This means the lacing is strength tested giving the glove high quality durability.

The Easton 33 also features extra layers of leather providing padding to the palm to avoid sting and bruising, especially since catchers see the ball more often than other positions. The velcro wrist feature keeps the glove locked down with less movement during play and will help it fit smaller hands for the best stability and comfort. The webbing, while not as trap focused, is a solid split web design to help catcher's trap balls consistently.

Mizuno Classic Fastpitch GSX33 - Best Softball Catchers Mitt

The Mizuno Classic GSX33 Fastpitch catcher's glove is made using a high quality throwback leather that is naturally pre-oiled. This gives the glove a rugged, durable fit with a natural softness that will hold its shape through years of use. The Classic Series is engineered using fastpitch patterns, creating wrist and finger stalls that are uniquely designed for the female hand. Constructed with vertically laced heel and pre-curved felt, not only make it easier for players to break-in the glove, but also secure the ball when caught.

The Classic GSX33 also features a deep pocket designed for the larger ball and will help prevent passed balls and hold the ball at each catch. Ultra soft Para Shock pro-palm liner offers catcher's shock absorption and comfort, softness and excellent fit to prevent stinging during catching. The Power Lock is a Mizuno feature that offers comfort and most secure fit on the hand to prevent slippage and movement.

Nokona Buckaroo Black Softball Glove - Best Softball Glove

The Nokona Buckaroo Black BKF-117-BLK fastpitch softball glove is a top of the line glove made using a blend of Walnut Crunch and kangaroo leather. The Walnut Crunch leather is a high-quality, steer hide leather that makes for a lightweight yet sturdy glove. Additionally, the durability of this specialized leather provides the glove a firm body and form for a solid pocket. The kangaroo leather meanwhile ensures the glove is strong and durable enough to stand up to the rigors of repetitive plays. The Buckaroo series is engineered using fastpitch specific patterns, features a deep H-web pocket to field the ball easier (while reducing break in time), and includes a Ristankor closure strap to ensure the glove is secured to the hand with a snug fit. This stellar glove is made in both infield and outfield versions.

Wilson A2000 IF-SS Superskin Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove - Best Softball Glove

The Wilson A2000 softball glove is made using durable pro-stock leather with Super Skin which makes the glove lighter. The dual post web design offers players a versatile pocket which is great for dual position players such as middle fielders and pitchers. Wilson also makes good use of their Custom Fit System with this selection to accurately determine hand positioning in the glove for added comfort and ease of use. The Rebuilt Comfort Velcro Wrist closures offer players a secure fit and the DriLex lining wicks moisture from the wrist to prevent slipping and chaffing. The D-fusion pad gives players a no-sting area for added comfort and protection from the impact of fast balls.

Nokona X2 Elite Series 1200 Baseball Glove - Best Softball Glove

The Nokona X2F-1200 Elite is made using a combination of Nokona proprietary Stampede and Kangaroo leathers. The Stampede is high-quality steer hide leather which lends good structure and overall stability to the glove while the kangaroo leather makes for a much more durable glove. It features the Nolera Composite Padding System to lessen the sting of balls hit hard to the player, an added comfort for players in specific positions where this is most likely to happen. Nokona is one of the few gloves that boasts a short break-in time, advertising the gloves as being ready right off the shelf; in fact, most players will only have to spend a weekend breaking them in. The X2 also features a strap closure to ensure the glove stays put on the hand while the closed back and closed web help make this glove a long-lasting glove offering top fielding performance.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Pro - Best Softball Glove

The durable Louisville Slugger Xeno Pro is made using double-oiled, premium leather for unmatched softness and pliability. This glove was designed using player-preferred, fastpitch patterns which creates a unique shape based on the movements of these particular players. The glove also features full leather linings for a high quality feel with a closed back with stay-put Velcro strap. There’s also a checkmate web which offers players a deep pocket that translates to high performance during fielding. Lastly, the quality of this selection leather surpassing most other options, giving players a glove that will stand up to the rigors of repeated use.

12.5" Core Series Fastpitch Glove by Easton - Best Softball Glove

The Easton ECGFP1250 (IF/IOPitcher) fastpitch softball glove is a quality glove made using pro soft steer hide leather to make the glove durable while allowing for an easy break-in period. It’s engineered using fastpitch specific patterns and hand movements to ensure the best performance game after game. Versatile enough for infield, outfield, and pitchers to use, the gloves also features a wide deep pocket design also ensures consistency during fielding for easy softball scooping. This glove has been made using USA-tanned rawhide pro-grade laces which offer 100 pound tensile strength for unmatched strength and comfort with every play you make.

Buyer's Guide

Why Should You Use Softball Gloves?

Softball gloves have become an integral part of the sport, and they are much larger than baseball gloves, mainly because softballs are larger than the traditional baseballs. Their main purpose is to protect the players’ hands when they are catching the high-impact ball, as well as to facilitate them when they are pitching the ball.

When it comes to college-level or professional sports, softball gloves are mandatory and you won’t be able to play the sport unless you have a pair of high-quality softball gloves. Therefore, you need to find a great option that supports and enhances your softball skills. Softballs don’t travel as far as baseballs, which is why they are created larger and easier to catch with the glove.

History of Softball Gloves

Softball gloves have been around since the 10th century, and it is said that A.G. Spalding saw a baseman use a glove to protect his hand during a baseball game, and he adopted it soon after. By the 1890s, baseball gloves became a standard and since softball also became popular by then, the gloves started being used in them as well.

During the late 1920s, softball gloves were reinvented and their design was enhanced. The padding for the hand was added to the gloves and later on, manufacturers added laced fingers to ensure a better grip on the ball. By the 1950s, the gloves also featured holes where players could quickly insert their fingers to catch the ball.

Things to Consider Before Buying Softball Gloves

A pair of good quality softball gloves is necessary for you to practice your skills and enhance your game, but choosing the right option is also necessary. For this purpose, there are some factors that you should keep in mind before you buy softball gloves. Let’s have a look at these factors.


Size plays a crucial role in your choice of softball gloves, and it also determines the ease with which the player would be able to clutch the ball while wearing the gloves. Ideally, the perfect size would mean that its length doesn’t go more than 1” to 1.5” beyond the infielders’ fingertips, and 3” beyond the outfielders’ fingertips. The size helps players maintain the comfort and grip with which they can hold the ball and throw it.

Left or Right Hand

Softball gloves are typically worn on a player’s non-dominant hand, and they switch it to their dominant hand when they have to catch the softball. Therefore, a left-handed player would wear it on their right hand, and vice versa. Some softball gloves are marketed as left or right hand throwers, but they fit better on the other hand. So, make sure to inspect each glove carefully and buy the one that fits your non-dominant hand better.


The materials from which a softball glove is made also has a major impact on the one that you choose. The construction of softball gloves also affect their feel and durability. Generally, some of the most common materials include synthetic, pigskin, cowhide, hide leather, and many others. These materials also influence the weight of the softball gloves, as well as their durability.

If you are looking for a lightweight option, go for softball gloves that are made from synthetic or kip leather, whereas others are much heavier and require some time for breaking in and feeling comfortable on your hands.

Type of Webbing

The type of webbing you choose has a huge role in your choice of the right softball gloves, and this decision also depends on the position you play at. For instance, if you are a fielder, there are a wide range of webbing styles you can consider. Some of the web styles include the basket, trapeze, modified trap, H-web, I-web, cross, and two-piece. If you need softball gloves that offer flexibility, then the basket and H-web is the one you need.

Moreover, if you are searching for softball gloves that work well for different positions, you can opt for the modified trap. For first basemen, there are three web types: single post, modified H-web, and dual bar. Lastly, catchers can choose between half moon and one-piece web types.


Having the right fit on your softball gloves is essential for you, as it enhances your ability to catch the ball properly or switch it to your other hand. The softball gloves should fit your hands properly, and they shouldn’t be loose for you to grow into them, as this would interfere with your ability to catch the ball properly.


Last but not least, the position in which you play in a softball team is also of utmost importance, and it directly impacts the softball gloves you should choose. Nearly all of the softball gloves you come across will mention the position on their packaging and product description, and some will also be suitable for multiple positions, so you won’t have any trouble in choosing the best ones.


When should I replace my softball gloves?

Ideally, softball gloves last up to two years before they need to be replaced, no matter how carefully you use them.

How do I break in a softball glove?

To break in your softball gloves, you need to spend a few hours doing some catching and throwing practice. However, if you don’t have that much time, you can rub some oil on its surface and leave it in the sunlight or an oven for a few minutes to let the glove absorb it.

How should I clean softball gloves?

You should make use of warm water and a mild detergent to clean softball gloves. First, use a dry cloth to remove and dust particles from it, and then wet another cloth with the cleaning solution and wipe the gloves with it.

Are there softball gloves for players in any position?

Although most of the softball gloves are made according to the positions on a softball team, you can also find ones that can be used by players in multiple positions.

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