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Adult Softball League Gear Guide

Adult Softball League Gear Guide

Softball Gear Equipment Checklist To Dominate The Diamond

Softball is considered to be one of the safest sports to play. But it is only if players play by the rules and follow proper precautions.

Softballs, unlike their name suggests, are not soft at all, and getting hit by one can result in serious injury. Also, with the high speeds that the ball travels at, getting hit by a ball is practically inevitable. Players must protect themselves on the field at all times. Also, they must be well geared up to enable them to move safely and comfortably in the game.

Depending on the position you play, you will have to wear certain protective gear to ensure your safety during the game. Apart from that, several pieces of equipment are essential to ensure a smooth game experience.

Furthermore, the type of softball gear that is necessary for you is dependent on the position you are playing. For example, helmets are vital for the batter, while shin guards and chest protectors are indispensables for the catcher.

However, regardless of your playing position, the pieces of equipment discussed below are essential for your bag.


As mentioned above, the ball used for softball is quite hard and is made from polyurethane, rubber, or any other approved material. They usually have sizes ranging between 11 and 12 inches and weigh around 5 to 5.25 ounces. The balls are commonly either white or yellow. However, yellow balls are the new standard for the sport due to their higher visibility compared to white balls.


If you are on defense, getting an adult softball league glove is a must. They prevent the ball from causing any significant damage on impact with the player’s hand. Gloves are not allowed to be white or of the same color as the ball for safety purposes. There are different glove sizes for different positions. Also, batting gloves provide an extra layer of protection for the palm, keeping it from chafing due to the consistent swinging of a bat.


Speaking of bats, they are made from wood, metal, and other synthetic materials. The weight of a softball bat is expected to not exceed 38 ounces. The maximum sizes and diameters allowed are 34 inches and 6 inches, respectively. Lighter and smaller bats are recommended as they are easier to swing.


Considering how quickly balls are thrown on a softball field, it would be unsafe to bat without a helmet. A hit on the head with a softball bat can result in injury. Helmets are worn over the head to prevent the ball from inflicting any lasting damage on the player.


Cleats are another set of compulsory softball accessories. They provide traction between your feet and the ground, preventing you from slipping. You can safely run, walk, or jump in a muddy field while in cleats.

Equipment Bag

You will need to transport your gear frequently while going to tournaments or practice. You need a safe and convenient way to move them around so make sure to find an equipment bag that can last a few years and hold all of your equipment comfortably.

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