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Best Speaker Wires for Great Sound Quality

Speaker wire, whether rated for use in-walls, outdoor, or indoor-only, all has the same purpose: carrying audio signals from an amplifier, receiver, or radio to one or more loudspeakers. In theory, any wire designed for carrying electricity will work. The reality is that speaker wire is designed for audio, and is constructed differently. The outer jacket of speaker wire is marked for polarity to help ensure you connect speakers in phase (a pair of out of phase speakers will sound thin due to bass frequencies being canceled out). Speaker wire also uses purer, higher-grade copper which is more consistent in its electrical properties. Some companies make fanciful claims about this and that technology, but in general, thicker is better in terms of wire gauge and insulation thickness.

Our reviews cover three types of speaker wire. Indoor speaker wire is for general use in the home, and includes wire that some could consider audiophile. In-wall speaker wire is rated for safe routing inside of walls and has a level of fire resistance. Outdoor speaker wire is suitable for direct burial and is also designed to resist damage from heat, cold, moisture, and UV. There is nothing stopping you from using outdoor wire indoors or vice versa, but it just makes sense to use the right tool for the job at hand.

For more information on what to look at in selecting the best speaker wire in 2021, We have listed below the best speaker wires available for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

Comparing the Best Speaker Wires for 2021

best conductor oxygen free speaker wire

OSD 12 Gauge 2-Conductor Oxygen Free Speaker Wire - Best Speaker Wire Overall

This outdoor speaker wire from OSD is the best for several reasons. It uses thick 12 gauge oxygen-free copper conductors, similar to those found in audiophile-grade indoor wire. This will keep signal loss to a minimum, and of course thicker conductors can carry more current. The outer jacket is CL3 rated for outdoor use or direct burial, and is also UV-resistant for installations where the wire is exposed to direct sunlight. The inner insulation is color-coded (red and black) to help insure you connect your speakers with proper polarity. All in all, the OSC 12 Gauge 2-Conductor Oxygen Free Speaker Cable is a great choice.

JSC Wire 14 AWG Direct Burial Underground Speaker Wire - Runner Up

JSC Wire and Cable's 14 gauge direct burial wire is made with 99.9 percent pure copper wire, with a high strand count in each conductor which makes it easier to bend without breaking. In most instances, 14 gauge wire will be perfectly fine unless your speaker connections cover very large distances. The outer polyethylene jacket is very tough, suitable for direct burial, and also offers some resistance to damage from UV. The inner insulation on the conductors is color coded, red and black. JSC's underground speaker wire is a great value, with the only downside being its black color - harder to hide, and will get hotter with direct exposure to sunlight.

best West Penn AQ227-SEG-59 12 Gauge Aquaseal Speaker Wire

West Penn AQ227-SEG-59 12 Gauge Aquaseal Speaker Wire - Honorable Mention

West Penn 12 gauge Aquaseal wire is obviously designed to be impervious to water and moisture, and has a PVC outer jacket. PVC is much more resistant to water than is polyethylene, but is also stiffer and harder to bend. So right away, if you know you'll need to make some tight turns when running speaker wires, this may not be your best choice. The black color may also not be perfect for situations where the wires are visible.

That being said, if your setup will require that your wire runs are exposed to extreme conditions over long distances, you will want to consider using West Penn's speaker wire. The conductors are 12 gauge copper, and the cables are rated for use from -20C to 60C (-4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Theater Solutions CL3/2-100 In-Wall and Outdoor Speaker Wire - Consider

Theater Solutions CL3/2 In-Wall and Outdoor Speaker Wire might be the perfect solution for situations where wires will be run both indoors inside of walls, and underground. The jacket is CL3 rated (flame retardant) and is also suitable for burial. Theater Solutions speaker wire is also very flexible, primarily due to its 16 gauge stranded copper conductors. This is great for situations involving tight turns and routing. However, this wire will have more signal loss than speaker cable utlizing larger (12 or 14 AWG) conductors. But it might not matter unless your speakers are a great distance from your amplifier or receiver.

Monster Cable S14-2-DB EZ500 Outdoor Speaker Wire - Best Outdoor Speaker Wire

This durable outdoor speaker wire from Monster Cable is sold primarily as a spool with 500 feet of cable. If you don't require that much you may be able to find it sold by the foot. That being said, this wire has the usual Monster Cable quality. The inner conductors are 14 gauge, but are their Monster Standard line, and not specifically noted as oxygen-free or other higher quality copper types. The outer jacket is tough enough for outdoor and direct burial use, and is also color coded for maintain correct polarity during hookup. Audiophiles might not feel this is a good choice, but other who want the reassurance of the Monster brand will be happy.

Kimber Kable - KWIK-12 In-Wall 12-Gauge Speaker Cable - Best In Wall Speaker Wire

The foundation of Kimber Kable KWIK 12 speaker cable is the copper conductors, designed and built in-house. Kimber makes audiophile-grade products, and this 12 AWG speaker wire will deliver all the music to your speakers. Like other upscale four-conductor cables designed for single speaker use, each set of two color-coded conductors are joined to create positive and negative leads. This concept reduces any issues with cable resonance in the strands, yielding clearer audio. The copper strands are very pure, and a superior dielectric is used to separate the leads inside the jacket.

Speaking of the jacket, it is made of a tough and very slick PVC that is CL2 rated, perfect for in-wall applications. In summary, this is a great product, with Kimber quality that maximize the music, and make installation easier.

AudioQuest FLX/SLiP Speaker Cable

AudioQuest FLX/SLiP Speaker Cable - Best In Wall Speaker Wire

AudioQuest FLX/SLiP speaker cable has been specially designed by AudioQuest for in-wall installations. It uses a 14 gauge version of their concentric packed copper conductors. The copper used is very pure, with larger copper strands positioned so that they do not change position within the color-coded inner jacket. This ensures that the electrical properties (capacitance, impediance) stay constant and do not influence the signal negatively. And all it takes is one look at the CL3-rated jacket to see the innovative design which makes in wall cable routing easier. If you have a high-end system, you'll want to consider this speaker wire.

KnuKonceptz CL3 In Wall Audiophile 12 Gauge Speaker Wire - Best In Wall Speaker Wire

As I've mentioned in other reviews, KnuKonceptz is more well-known in car audio circles, but have no doubt that their CL3 In Wall Audiophile 12 AWG speaker wire will make golden ears happy. This is a thick 12 gauge cable that utilizes 100 percent pure oxygen-free copper for maximum conductivity. Each conductor has 294 strands, making this a cable that is easier to bend and route within walls. The jacket is CL3 rated, but does not have the special profile and slipperiness of some of our other best picks in this category. Nonetheless, if your primary concerns are audiophile-grade copper and fire ratings, this is a fine choice.

Monster XPHPCIBIG100 Speaker Cable - Best In Wall Speaker Wire

This 14 gauge wire also appears in our category of Best Indoor Speaker Wire. It is another cable from Monster that incorporates all-copper conductors, and features patented wire construction technologies said to help promote proper phase relationships in the signal. The flexible CL3 jacket is designed for in-wall use, and, although not sleeved in a neutral color, has an attractive look that might work well when exposed in more modern decor.

Monster Cable is a well-known brand, and there is no doubt that their products are high quality. This is a good choice for many situations, but other products may perform better in terms of audio quality.

best Pi Manufacturing 50ft 14AWG 2 Wire CM Rated Speaker Wire

Pi Manufacturing 50ft 14AWG 2 Wire CM Rated Speaker Wire - Best In Wall Speaker Wire

Pi Manufacturing is not a household name, but their CM-rated speaker wire is a product you should know if you need to run cables inside of walls. The conductors are 100 percent copper (not copper-coated aluminum), but are not the highest grade nor made with a proprietary process. Each conductor is surrounded by color-coded insulation, and the tough outer jacket is made of CM-rated PVC. The outer jacket is white which makes it blend in with light colored wood trim, and provides a clean look overall. This is a good choice if you do not have a high-end system, and simply want to get the audio effectively, and with low loss, from A to B.

Mogami W3103 Speaker Wire - Best Indoor Speaker Wire

Mogami cables are the choice of many audiophiles as well as professional recording studio owners. Mogami wire is also found inside the circuitry of expensive condenser and ribbon microphones, places where perfect signal transfer is key. W3103 is a 12 gauge speaker wire using their proprietary NEGLEX oxygen-free copper. Each lead is insulated in PVC, with the cable surrounded by a tough, secondary PVC jacket. This is the top choice for music lovers who want to hear every detail in the music, and don't mind paying more.

KnuKonceptz Kord Kable 10 Gauge Copper Speaker Wire - Best Indoor Speaker Wire

This high gauge wire is made with oxygen-free copper for maximum signal transfer, and has a thick PVC jacket with any easy-to-see black polarity stripe. This wire is very flexible which makes in-wall routing easier. Keep in mind however that this wire's round profile may not make it the best choice for running under carpets. Knukoncepts.com products were primarily developed for the demands of high-power car stereo systems. Their speaker cables a great value for the home audiophile.

Monster XPHPCIBIG100 Speaker Cable - Best In Wall Speaker Wire

This 14 gauge wire also appears in our category of Best Indoor Speaker Wire. It is another cable from Monster that incorporates all-copper conductors, and features patented wire construction technologies said to help promote proper phase relationships in the signal. The flexible CL3 jacket is designed for in-wall use, and, although not sleeved in a neutral color, has an attractive look that might work well when exposed in more modern decor.

Monster Cable is a well-known brand, and there is no doubt that their products are high quality. This is a good choice for many situations, but other products may perform better in terms of audio quality.

Monoprice 12AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable - Best Indoor Speaker Wire

If you are on a tight budget, but don't want to skimp on speaker cables, consider this 12 gauge wire from Monoprice. It features oxygen-free copper strands similar to those found in higher priced cables. It also has a C2 jacket rated for in-wall installations. And while this speaker wire does not offer some of the advanced technologies found in audiophile-grade wire, if your ears are less than golden, or your music tastes lean more toward the loud than the subtle, you may never hear the difference anyway.

AudioQuest X2 Speaker Cable - Best Indoor Speaker Wire

AudioQuest X2 speaker cable provides great performance for those with discriminating ears and high-resolution systems. This 14 gauge wire is made from a special LGC copper that contains fewer impurities, and uses larger strands packed concentrically that resist movement and potential breakage inside the jacket. This flat wire is a great pick for those using low- to medium-powered systems. X2 cable is perfect for baseboard and under-the-carpet runs too. However, if your speakers are a great distance from your amp or receiver, you might want to consider one of the other heavier gauge speaker wires.

Buyer's Guide

Many factors affect the quality of the sound coming from your speaker. Your speaker wire is one of these factors, and getting the right one is necessary if you hope to enjoy high-quality music and audio. You have already seen some of the best speaker wires available. This buying guide will give you more information to help you narrow down your choices and make the perfect purchase decision.

What is a speaker wire?

A speaker wire is a unique electrical wire mainly used to connect speakers to audio amplifiers. You can use speaker wires to connect your speakers to other audio equipment. Speaker wires have two or more identical electrical conductors, and these conductors often have a PVC or Teflon cover. Speaker cables come in different specifications, and you have to know which one would serve you best before you make a purchase.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a speaker wire?


The first thing you have to look at before you buy any speaker wire is resistance. If a speaker wire has a low resistance, it means the amplifier can send more power to the speaker’s voice coil. The best speaker wires are designed with short lengths and increased thickness because speaker wires with this specification have the lowest resistance. If resistance happens to be more than 5% of your loud speaker’s impedance, it starts to give out a harmful audible effect.

Wire gauge

The wire gauge is known as the cross-sectional area of the wire. It is also generally described as the thickness of the wire. Before you buy any speaker wire, you should know that the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire, and vice versa. There are two acceptable gauge standards; one is the American Wire Gauge, and the other is Standard Wire Guage. If you are planning to position your speaker(s) more than fifty feet away from your amplifier, then you need to buy a speaker wire with a lower gauge so you can keep resistance low.


Capacitance refers to the ability of conductors to retain minimal amounts of electricity. Small bits of electricity are held over the length of the wire when electricity passes through the conductor. When there is a build-up of electricity within these conductors, it can have adverse effects. It can increase your resistance level at best, and it can damage your speaker at worst. Excess capacitance is less likely to occur if you use shorter speaker wires.


Inductance refers to the resistance generated when there is a change in electrical current. All conductors have inductance, and speaker wires are not an exception. If you use your speaker wire in a place where the electricity voltage is not stable, you might experience resistance more often. It would be best if you used lower gauge speaker wires to minimize the resistance.

Wire material

The wire material of any speaker wire is the conductor metal within the wire covering. Most speaker wires are built with copper because copper happens to be cost-effective, and it has a reasonable conductivity rate. However, copper can get oxidized if exposed, and this can lead to higher resistance levels. However, copper remains the best conductor for speaker wires. Gold can be a good conductor, but it is pretty expensive, and most people tend not to consider purchasing speaker wires made with gold.

How much do speaker wires cost?

The price of a speaker wire is primarily dependent on the length, gauge, conductor metal, and brand. The average speaker wire can cost anywhere from ten to one hundred dollars. Most experts agree that the price of a speaker wire does not define its quality. This good news for buyers because it means you can buy any affordable speaker cable.

Should I buy Bi-wire speaker cables and single-wire speaker cables?

Bi-wire speaker cables

Bi-wire speaker cables are speaker wires that connect your amplifier to your speakers using two cables instead of one. When you are using bi-wire cables, it means each of your loudspeakers has two sets of connectors. One connector is designed for high-frequency output, while the other connector works for low-frequency output. One advantage of using bi-wire speaker cables is that magnetic interaction is kept to a bare minimum, leading to lower resistance. Ultimately, this can give you a better sound. However, audiophiles and experts believe the sound from your speaker does not get significantly better when you use bi-wire speaker cables. Other experts believe the double wiring system produces better sound than single wire cables.

Single wire speaker cables

Single wire speaker cables are more common. They are speaker wires that connect your amplifier to your speakers using only one set of connectors. With the single-wire speaker cables, all the load goes through a single terminal. One advantage that comes from using this cable is that it is cost-effective. If you get a single wire speaker cable with a low gauge, you don’t have to worry about resistance.


Your speaker should operate at total capacity. However, you have to make sure you put everything in place to allow it to run smoothly. When you buy the right speaker wire, you save yourself from many technical issues down the road, and you can continue to enjoy good audio for a long time.


Q: Can I use an electrical wire as a speaker cable?

A: If the electrical wire comes with two same-sized conductor wires, you can use it as a speaker cable.

Q: How do I know which speaker wire length to buy?

A: Short speaker wires have a lot of advantages. You should make sure you minimize the space between your amplifier and your speakers so you can use shorter wires. It is also essential that the length of your speaker wires is the same.

Q: Do speaker wires affect sound output?

A: Speaker wires only directly affect sound output if the resistance is more than five percent. You can buy lower gauge speaker wires to avoid this problem.

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