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Shed Some Light on the Subject with the Best Spotlight

Hand-held best spotlights in 2021 are useful for a wide variety of activities; from outdoor sports, to changing a flat tire, to looking for the dog that jumped the fence in the middle of the night. Anytime you’re out in a vehicle and you might need light, a handheld spotlight is a nice thing to have.

In most cases, hand-held spotlights take over where flashlights leave off. Most flashlights are limited to providing 100 lumens of illumination. Today’s tactical lights can provide more, with some that are topping 600 lumens. Handheld spotlights generally provide more illumination than that, with a larger reflector that focuses the light into a relatively tight beam for providing high intensity illumination in a smaller area.

These spotlights come in two basic varieties, cordless ones and those that run off the vehicle’s power. The ones that run off vehicle power will usually plug into a cigarette lighter socket, while the cordless ones are usually rechargeable. Both have their advantages, depending upon how they will be used.

Many of the newer spotlights on the market, like many of the newer flashlights, use high intensity LEDs to provide illumination. There are several advantages to LEDs over other types of light bulbs:

  • Longer lasting – LEDs are typically rated at 60,000 hours of life
  • Lower power consumption – With an LED light, batteries last much longer
  • Shock resistance – LEDs don’t have a filament to break from shock like incandescent light bulbs do. Nor do they have a glass bulb to break like halogen and other gas filled bulbs.

When looking at a spotlight, normally the most important factor is how bright it is. Besides that, you want one that is durable, so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking when you use it. Battery life is another major consideration when looking at cordless spotlights. For the corded ones, you’ll want a nice long cord. Finally, you want something that is going to be easy to work with.
These units can either be rated in lumens or candlepower. The difference is that candlepower describes the light radiance at its source, while lumens describes the light intensity in a particular direction. It is usually measured over a one square foot area, one foot away from the source. While it is possible to covert from one to the other, the conversion isn’t very accurate, as they are measuring different things.

There are a lot of different models of spotlights on the market, being manufactured by a lot of different companies. With all the models to choose from, it’s almost impossible to pick out five best ones. However, I’ve made my best stab at it. There are a lot of other good ones out there, but these stood out to me as having something special to offer.

Compare The Best Spotlights Of 2021

Olight X6 Marauder 5000 Lumen Rechargeable LED Spotlight - Best Spotlight Overall

This light is actually designed to be a professional rescue light. Even so, I couldn't resist putting it on this list, because it provides 5000 lumens of illumination, making it the most powerful searchlight I've seen. All that light is coming out of six LEDs, which are housed in an aluminum case and hidden behind a glass lens. The aluminum housing is machined to have cooling fins to prevent overheating. The battery pack on this unit is separated from the main body of the searchlight, and provided with a belt clip. That reduces operator fatigue, while giving a much larger battery capacity. The battery is Li-Ion for high charge capacity and long life While being a rechargeable unit, it will work powered directly off of home power. A power indicator is included, as well as a tripod mount. It will run a maximum of an hour and 15 minutes off the battery at its highest setting.

rinkmann Qbeam Max Million III 3 Million Maxpower Spotlight - Runner Up

This is a 12 volt, corded spotlight, designed for use connected to a car. The 100 watt halogen bulb produces 2,900 lumens of illumination, which is much more than any of the cordless units out there in the same price range (the one in the number one spot produces more, but is quite a bit more expensive). This unit will not run off of batteries, unless a separate battery pack is purchased. The case is weatherproof and the reflector is polished aluminum.

GearLight Waterproof LED Spotlight Flashlight - Most Sturdy

This tough flashlight is ideal for outdoor adventures and is a terrific present for any occasion for a parent, spouse, scout, or college kid. It is appropriate for harsh circumstances indoors or outdoors due to its strong ABS construction and rubberized LED housing. Amid storms, flooding, power failures, landslides, and natural calamities, you can rely on the Watchman AA spotlight. This light is as easy to use as it is to stow in your luggage, glove compartment, camping equipment, or gear bag thanks to the ergonomic handle grip. Watchman AA Spotlights have three separate modes: bright, medium, and flashing SOS. They are a vital tool for emergency repairs or signaling for aid. It is the perfect flashlight for fishing, camping, sightseeing, or even bringing the kids and dog out trick-or-treating.

Coleman CPX 6 Ultra High Power LED Spotlight - Honorable Mention

For a rechargeable spotlight, this one has some pretty impressive specifications. The five LEDs produce a total of 530 lumens of light. Included batteries will power the unit for 2.5 hours on a single charge. Both auto and home rechargers are included for maximum flexibility. The trigger is momentary, but a slide switch locks it on for longer use. An integrated hanger allows you to set it in place, so that your hands are free for other activities.

Stanley FL5W10, 5 Watt LED Waterproof Rechargeable Spotlight - Consider

This compact rechargeable light from Stanley is 50 percent smaller than typical spotlights, making it not much bigger than a CD. Yet it provides 520 lumens of illumination. The onboard batteries provide enough power to keep the unit running for an impressive 10 hours of use. It is also fully waterproof, submersible up to six feet. When it falls into the water, it floats with the light pointing upward, making it easy to find and recover.

Cyclops C18MIL Thor X Colossus 18 Million Candle Power Rechargable Halogen Spotlight - Best Spotlight

This monster isn’t rated in lumens like the other units are, but in candlepower. It is designed to deliver 18 million candlepower of illumination. Yes, I wrote that right. That’s much more light intensity than any of the others. The main reason that it isn’t higher on this list is that it will only run for 20 minutes at that level off of the internal battery. Being halogen, it goes through batteries much faster than LEDs would. However, it does come with both an AC and a DC charger. It can be used while connected to the DC charger, but not the AC charger. An integral stand is adjustable for angle, allowing you hands-free operation.

Buyer's Guide

If you're interested in learning how to choose the best spotlights in 2021, we've put up a comprehensive buying guide for you. This will cover all of the key features and choices of these portable spotlights.

Which type of spotlight should you buy?

During your hunt for the best spotlights, you will come across two major types. There is no superior type or form factor; it all depends on your personal choice, how you want to use it, and how you intend to keep it.

Under-grip light

Under-grip spotlights feature grips that run parallel to the light. The major advantage of under-grip spotlights is that they are more comfortable handling and operating for extended periods for most individuals.

Because you generally hold them about your waist level, they're a little more difficult to aim.

Pistol grip spotlights

The majority of people prefer pistol grip spotlights since they're easier to aim, especially in regions with significant elevation variations. People prefer pistol grip flashlights for purposes such as spotting deer, night fishing, and boating. For most individuals, being able to hold the light in front of them seems more natural.

Which are some key features of the finest handheld spotlights?


The brightness of a spotlight is critical to consider when purchasing one. It guarantees that the area will be well-lit as per your needs at any office or site.

As a result, all spotlights have a brightness rating expressed in lumens. You are most likely to get a spotlight with 1000 or 6000 lumens. The 6000 lumens rating, which is the greater of the two, provides the consumer with additional brightness.


A battery powers these spotlights because they are handheld and portable. Thus, ensuring that the battery is strong enough is critical. Some versions use a 20-volt battery, while others have a 12-volt battery. A greater voltage rating usually equates to better performance.

The runtime of the battery

Your portable spotlight's battery should not only be strong but also endure a long period. It ensures that the user can use the spotlight on a construction site without the need to charge or replace the batteries.

As a result, battery life is measured in hours or milliamperes (mAh), with a higher value indicating a greater battery life in either instance. There are mAh battery life ratings ranging from 5000 mAh to 10000 mAh, and the latter one will be a better option.

Which things to consider while buying the best spotlights?


Your portable flashlight will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear if you use it on a construction site. In certain situations, you may even end up breaking or damaging your portable flashlight by mistake.

So, it's critical to ensure that your spotlight is heavy-duty and made of lasting material. Some are also waterproof, ensuring that spotlights are protected from rain or any other water source on your working, camping, or other sites.


The light should come with a guarantee in addition to being well-made. The guarantee ensures you peace of mind that the manufacturer will help you with any damage when anything goes wrong. That’s why manufacturers offer at least a one-year guarantee to be in the competition and offer more value to the customers.

To your surprise, some products are also backed by a lifetime warranty. Such choices are known to endure a long period without causing any problems.


Don't waste your time or money on a delicate item that will break the first time it is dropped. Handheld spotlights are designed for usage on busy construction sites and camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and emergency scenarios such as automobile breakdowns on the side of the road. Due to the wide range of applications, a robust product that can endure a few bumps and bangs without failing is required.

Which type of bulb should a spotlight have?


For a variety of reasons, LEDs are the most popular light source for portable spotlights. Because these light types do not generate excessive heat, there is no wasted energy, allowing the spotlight to run for an extended amount of time. Because LEDs do not have a fragile glass filament, they are an excellent choice for camping, hiking, or fishing.

Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs used to be the standard for portable spotlights, but LEDs have mostly supplanted them due to their efficiency and longevity. Some customers, however, like the yellow light provided by these bulbs, or perhaps they simply prefer the lower initial cost of the device.

Noble gas bulbs

In case you don’t know, noble gas bulbs have xenon, krypton, or any other noble gas that come in handy to improve the durability of the filament. The majority of people prefer noble gas bulbs due to their higher visibility. Moreover, these use less energy and thus are cost-efficient.

These bulbs are rarely used in portable spotlights as they are extremely delicate. Nonetheless, they are brighter on average than both incandescent and LED bulbs.

What type of batter should be there in the best spotlights?

One of the primary benefits of having a portable spotlight is that it can swiftly create light in areas without access to electricity. This implies that either disposable or rechargeable batteries power the light source in portable spotlights.

Disposable batteries

Disposable batteries are an excellent choice for bringing in an emergency kit since they can be kept away from any electrical equipment to prevent depleting the stored energy.

Disposable batteries are a cost-efficient option due to their durability and long-lasting nature. However, the major drawback is you need to rush to the market or superstore to get new batteries when the spotlight runs out of power.

Rechargeable batteries

If you are looking for a spotlight to be used for personal use, rechargeable batteries are a great choice. Since you can easily connect these to a power bank or any outlet of your home or office, these can be recharged any time and any where.

The only drawback of these batteries is that you need to refill the liquid within them more often as compared to disposable counterparts.

Best Spotlights FAQs

Q: What is a fair number of lumens for a spotlight?
A: If you have spotlights installed, they will usually require 120 lumens. You should consider installing path lights of at least 100 or 200 lumens along your walkway.

Q: Is a spotlight with 6000 lumens adequate?
A: If you need a strong spotlight, the portable spotlight with a 6000 lumens bulb is a good choice. However, we don’t recommend it for normal use.

Q: How far can 1000 lumens be seen?
A: A 1000 lumen flashlight can help you see different things and places to a distance of around 200 meters or even more. This sort of illumination comes in handy on stormiest or darkest nights.

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