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Review: Best Steel Toe Work Boots

Lots of guys need boots for work, but some guys need boots for work that will keep their toes on their feet.  This is where this list comes in.  Best Steel Toe Work Boot in 2021 provide protection for the most vulnerable (and smallest) part of your foot and keep you safe from even seemingly benign hazards that could get you in a pickle.  Let's take a look.

Best Steel Toe Work Boot

best durability steel toe work boot

Red Wing's 2206 6" Steel Toe Work Boot

Red Wing is known for two things:  Durability and durability.  The 2206 is the Red Wing boot that is the most most moderate and that makes it the most suited for working.  The full-grain leather upper is fully waterproof (for all of the liquid mess that will drip all over your boots) and the insulation from Thinsulate makes the shoe all that much more comfortable.  Red Wing's "Horizon" Super Sole is completely "anti-abrasion" and the removable footbed makes the boot easy to clean and care for.
Putting your trust in Red Wing has worked for years and years and it's no wonder that so many people wear the Red Wing boots to work.  They are rated for work in Oil/Gas, Electrical, and with Harsh Chemicals.  Basically, they can stand up to anything and that's exactly what you need.

Rocky Ranger 8" Steel Toe Work Boot

Rocky equals serious and this boot is proof.  The Ranger work boot from Rocky is a strong and durable work boot that protects your toe (and the rest of your foot) so you can go to work in comfort and with piece of mind. The strong Vibram outsole is oil-resistant and the steel toe keeps your little toes from getting smooshed by something you didn't see coming.  They use a Goodyear Welting technique to put the shoe together and this ensures that the boot will not fall apart at the wrong time (or ever really.)
The fully waterproof upper keep all of the liquid hazards at work off your feet and the 8 inch ankle may be more desirable for some people who need ankle support or who are afraid of things that might fall into their shoe.  Either way, this thing works and it works well.

best moderate steel toe work boot

Timberland Pro Pitt Boss 6" Steel Toe Work Boot

Back to the more moderate boots and we get a 6-inch boot from Timberland.  The same alone evokes images of rugged trails, hard work on oil-rigs, strength, and durability.  The classic tan color of the boot gives at away as a Timberland, but the steel-toe and protection give it away as a good investment. The Pitt Boss is rated to protect you against oil spills and the out sole itself will keep you from falling, much less the thick and well-built upper that keeps alot of the mess at work out of your shoes. 
The boot is also rated to protect against electrical hazards and the Goodyear welting technique that put the shoes together will make sure they stay together for as long as you need.  Timberland means rugged, but it also means protection.

Carhartt 3952 Steel Toe Work Boot

Another name in the "working man's industry" is Carhartt and they come with their own version of foot protection in the 3952.  Now, I know that 3952 isn't a very fancy name for a shoe, but you didn't ask for fancy, you asked for tough. The padded collar and heel tab make the shoe easy to put on and easy to wear while the nylon lining protects your foot from abrasion.  The outsole is slip-resistant and the removable footbed makes the shoe easy to clean and easy to wear.  There's no discomfort at work in these boots.
The steel-toe gives your toes the protection they must have and d-rings for the laces ensure a very snug fit.  This boot will not only last you, but it isn't going anywhere either.  A sure thing on the worksite.

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Doc Marten's 7810 Steel-Toed Work Boot

Some people get the wrong idea about Doc Martens and they think that only skinny kids who wear black trench coats wear Doc Martens...that simply is not true.  Doc Martens 7810 work boot is prefect for the worksite and it has all the elements you will need to be safe and comfortable. The shoe is lined with Doc Martens "Cosmo" lining that keeps moisture off your feet which prevents blisters and a general "foot funk".  The shoe is welted to perfection so that it will stay with you through many, many months on the job. 
The slip-resistant outsole will keep you on your feet (and off your butt) so that you are safe at work.  The steel toe keeps your toes in check and the finely stitched upper keeps your foot safe in just about any situation.  This boot may not be as serious as some other boots on this list, but it is no less well-done.  Doc Martens has your back.

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