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The Best Strollers For Every Level Of Parents

  1. Graco Modes Travel System Baby Stroller
  2. Ergobaby Baby Stroller
  3. Mompush Full-Size Stroller
  4. Mompush Lightweight Stroller
  5. Hot Mom 360 Degree Baby Stroller
  6. Bob Revolution SE Stroller
  7. smarTrike Toddler Tricycle Stroller
  8. Graco FastAction Folding Stroller
  9. Chicco Liteway Stroller
  10. Buyer's Guide

For parents, buying a stroller is similar to buying a car. There are so many different brands, features and accessories, choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. While you may be tempted to purchase the high-end luxury model, you may find out that all of those bells and whistles aren’t as necessary as you first thought.

Used from infancy right through the toddler years, a stroller is one baby item that you will use the most, which is why you want to be sure that you choose the right one for your specific needs. Fortunately there are strollers ranging from streamlined lightweight strollers for the on-the-go parent to the shock absorbing all-terrain jogging stroller for the active parent. Which stroller is right for you? Have a look at our list of the best strollers in 2022 and the buyer’s guide below to find out which type of stroller is the best for your specific needs.

Compare The Best Stroller Of 2022

Graco Modes Travel System Baby Stroller - Best Baby Stroller Overall

The Graco Modes Nest 3-in-1 baby stroller grows with your baby, so there is no need to purchase a toddler stroller later on. This stroller also features a detachable car seat carrier, which makes for an easy transition from your car to the stroller. The car seat carrier can also be used as an infant bassinet, so wherever life takes you and your baby, you can rest assured that your baby has a place to sleep comfortably. The storage basket located at the bottom of the stroller is extra-large, so you can push the stroller without having to worry about carrying your personal belongings and baby essentials in your hands.

This stroller is made of durable, yet lightweight aluminum and is ideal for infants 4-35 lbs. You can also choose to have your baby face you or forward while you’re pushing the stroller. With three different height positions and the extreme versatility that this stroller has to offer, you can customize the Graco Modes Nest stroller to fit both you and your baby’s needs.

Ergobaby Baby Stroller - Best Value

The Ergobaby metro compact baby stroller is unique in that it features an extensible handlebar. Its ergonomic design helps you maintain a more upright stance while pushing and allowing for longer strides. This stroller provides comfort and safety and comes with a padded seat, superior quality, and is the smallest stroller available. It features an umbrella that shields the baby from rain and sunlight. Its deep recline & adjustable leg rest enables your baby to have perfect naps on the go with absolute comfort. Its angled seat allows the baby to recline and get surrounded by more padded support on all sides. It is easily foldable and features a high-quality faux leather handlebar that is soft, smooth, and perforated for a non-slip grip.

Mompush Full-Size Stroller - Best Size

This stroller comes with a bassinet and full-size forward-facing reversible toddler seat. The adjustable footrest gives extra support for a child's feet. The telescoping handlebar is made of excellent full-grain leather for increased grip while pushing your baby. Independent shocks offer a smooth and comfortable ride for your youngster, while high-tech spring-action tires provide more cushioning without punctures. 360-degree front, rotating wheels provide optimum turning circle and smooth mobility on any terrain. With a one-touch foot break, you and your child are always safe. The UPF 50+ cover protects your child from UV rays. You can see your child with the entire ventilation panel while letting air and light in. Alu-mag blends aluminum and magnesium for maximum lightness and durability. When folded, the one-step fold with or without child seat stands alone.

Mompush Lightweight Stroller - Travel Friendly

This lightweight stroller by mompush is a good option for parents who like to travel a lot. It is a foldable design that can fit easily in an airplane or train bin. It also comes with a travel bag that makes it easy to store when not in use. And when it is in use, its ventilated fabric provides a cool and sweatfree experience for your baby. The padded shoulders with 5 point harness keep your baby safe while giving him a comfortable ride. The stroller also comes equipped with a cup holder and rain cover. Other than that, it features a one step wheel brake that gives you easy access to it. Lastly, the basket on the bottom offers enough room to keep your necessities within easy reach.

Hot Mom 360 Degree Baby Stroller - Runner Up

This baby stroller from Hot Mom is made of durable materials, including PU leather, PU rubber, and aluminum alloy. The PU leather is completely waterproof and easy to clean with just a wet wipe. The PU rubber wheels are explosion-proof, puncture-proof, non-slip, and shock absorbent. Also, you do not need to inflate the wheels before using the stroller. One of the best features of this stroller is the aluminum alloy stroller frame that can be rotated 360 degrees. This safety feature gives you great mobility and flexibility while you and your baby are out and about.

Another important safety feature is the easy-to-operate parking brake. Also, an integrated canopy keeps your baby protected from harmful UV rays, so you can still go walking on sunny days with your baby without having to worry about your child getting sunburned. This infant stroller is made for babies 0-48 months and the maximum weight capacity is 35 lbs. This baby stroller from Hot Mom also features a large storage basket located at the bottom of the stroller which can hold all of your belongings.

Bob Revolution SE Stroller - Best Jogging Stroller

The BOB Revolution SE is both easy to maneuver and offers great stability. The front wheel swivels, making it easy to move around turns when walking, but it also locks in the forward position, providing increased stability when jogging or when the road just gets bumpy. Other notable features include the state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system, which creates a super smooth ride for baby. The seat reclines, has thick padding and a five-point harness, which will ensure baby is comfortable and safe.

The stroller accessory adaptor enables the stroller to accommodate an infant car seat, which can also be used as a snack tray when baby gets older. The easy to use hand brake makes it easy to stop the stroller and keep your pace while the canopy can be adjusted into several positions to ensure baby is well protected from the sun. This stroller has an aluminum alloy frame and a two-step folding system, plus the wheels can come off which makes it easy for parents to fold, transport, and store.

smarTrike Toddler Tricycle Stroller - Best Foldable Design

This folding tricycle stroller is perfect for children from the age of 6 months to 2 years. It has eight different stages that allow it to convert from a baby trike to a training tricycle so that you don’t have to waste your money on a tricycle stroller that your little one will grow out of after some time. It comes in a few different color options to suit your preference. The storage bag attached to the steering handle is helpful for storing essentials like snacks, a phone, car keys, a water bottle, and so much more.

The 8-in-1 tricycle stroller has a foldable design that makes it perfect for taking with you on trips or stowing away neatly when not in use. It has a reclining high-back seat that allows your toddler to nap comfortably on long road trips. The back wheel braking system also gives parents more control when steering the tricycle stroller. It also has other advanced features such as a 5-point harness and a safety bar to keep your toddler secured in their seat while being pushed around.

Graco FastAction Folding Stroller - Honorable Mention

This foldable jogging stroller can be used with all Graco infant car seats, with an easy one-step attachment. This stroller can be folded in one second and with only one hand, making traveling and storage a breeze. When folded, the stroller can stand on its own, which makes it both ergonomic and easy to store in small spaces. It is also lightweight and extremely portable, perfect for active families who are always on the go. With only three wheels, this stroller is easy to maneuver and maintain over time. The tires can be filled with air and oiled if any issues arise.

This stroller is perfect for parents who love to go for a daily run or hike with their baby, as it easily transitions from strolling to jogging and can handle all types of terrain. It also has a parent tray near the stroller’s handle where you can store your phone, drinks, and other personal belongings out of your baby’s reach. To care for this stroller, you can simply wipe the surface with a mild soap. The Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller comes in a sleek black and gray design, so it is sure to fit anyone’s style.

Chicco Liteway Stroller - Consider

The Chicco Liteway Stroller is as stylish as it is lightweight; in fact, it's the lightest stroller on this list at only 17 pounds, so toting it and stowing it is really easy. The stroller also comes with a carry bag and a carry strap, making it even easier to travel with. With front wheel suspension, you can handle even the roughest of terrain with ease. There’s a small storage basket under the seat, so you can keep diapers, wipes, drinks and your childs favorite blanket within close reach. The five point harness is padded for comfort and the seat can be reclined into two positions. The frame is also made out of aluminum, makes the stroller super durable for long lasting use.

Buyer's Guide

Stroller Buyer's Guide

Before you start shopping for a stroller, the first thing you want to do is consider your specific needs. Of course, the safety and comfort of your baby is of top priority, but don’t forget to think about yourself, too. After all, you will be pushing the stroller and transporting it, which means that you want something that will work with your lifestyle and how you intend to use the stroller.

If you have a busy lifestyle and will need to fold the stroller up and stow it with ease, a lightweight stroller may be just the ticket for you. If you are expecting twins, or your first little one is going to be a big brother or sister, a double stroller may be a wise investment. However, do keep in mind you should also be mindful of the things you don’t intend on doing with the stroller. For instance, if you aren’t a jogger and you don’t plan on leaving paved ground, then a jogging or an all-terrain stroller probably isn’t the right choice for you (no matter how cool you think they are).

Types of Strollers

Travel Systems

If you’re an on-the-go parent and you want to get everything you need in one shopping trip, a travel system will suite you will. Combining an infant car seat and a stroller in one, a travel system can be used from infancy right through the toddler years.

The infant car seat locks right into the stroller, allowing you to easily transport your sleeping babe from car to stroller without disturbing her. Once baby is big enough for a convertible car seat, you can continue to use the stroller part of the travel system.

The biggest advantage of a travel system is you get the most bang for your buck. Buying an infant car seat and a stroller separately typically costs more when you purchase them together.

Jogging Strollers

If you are active and you want to remain active once baby arrives, a jogging stroller could be the right choice for you. These strollers typically feature big tires (think all-terrain wheels on an SUV) and are shock absorbent, making them easy to push on virtually all surfaces, and ensuring your baby’s comfort, whether you are on a flat road or a bumpy wooded path. These are great strollers if you plan on taking baby on lots of adventures.

Lightweight Strollers

These strollers are great for parents who are on the go, but who want to be able to provide baby with space and comfort. They are easy to open and fold. and because they are light, they are easy to transport when they are folded. Plus, they offers under seat storage where you can keep baby’s must-have items. There are even convertible lightweight strollers available, which switch from a carriage to seated stroller.

Umbrella Stroller

This is the lightest stroller of them all; even lighter than lightweight strollers. They are ideal for taking trips to parks, museums, malls or anywhere else where your toddler can walk, but may become tired and want a ride. They don’t have much structure and they usually don’t offer storage.

Double Strollers

Expecting twins or is your only child about to gain a sibling? If so, than a double stroller may be a wise investment for you. You’ll be able to tote both kids around in comfort in either the tandem or the side by side double stroller.


While different strollers may have different features, there are certain features that are essential for safety and comfort. These features include:


Whether they are controlled by a lever on the handle or they are applied by pushing them down behind the wheels, brakes are a vital feature for a stroller. They prevent the stroller from moving when they are applied, keeping baby safe and secure. Whatever type of stroller you purchase, the brakes should be easy to use and durable.

Leg Openings

The leg openings should be big enough to comfortably accommodate your little one’s legs, but not too big that he or she could potentially fall out of the stroller. For added comfort, look for a stroller which has padded leg openings.

5 Point Safety Harness

There should be a total of five straps in the stroller; one that will go over each shoulder, one that will go over each hip and one between the legs, where the straps will buckle. A five point harness will ensure baby remains safely seated inside the stroller.


The stroller should be firm and stable while it's being pushed as well as parked to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety, as well as your own comfort while pushing.

Locking Mechanisms

The stroller should have a locking mechanism that will prevent it from collapsing while in use. Check to make sure the locking mechanism is working properly before you purchase it and after you start using it.

Child/Parent Tray

These aren’t necessary features, however, they do make things a lot more convenient for both your child and you. A small tray that goes over baby’s lap can be used to hold drinks, snacks and toys, while a parent tray will sit near the handle.

Suspension System/Shock Absorbers

Just like a car, a stroller should have a good suspension system/shock absorbers. This feature will help to keep the ride comfortable for baby and make it easier for you to operate.

Adjustable Canopy

An adjustable canopy is vital for providing baby with shade while sitting in the stroller.

Height Adjustable Handle

Nobody is the same size and this feature will make it possible to change the height so the individual pushing the stroller can do so comfortably.

Storage Basket

A storage basket under the seat will allow you to conveniently store items like a diaper bag, jackets, and blankets. Look for one that's spacious and easy to access.

Multiple Seat Reclining Positions

There may be times when baby wants to see the world and others when he or she just wants to lay back and take a nap. You'll definitely want a seat offering baby multiple reclining positions.

Extra Options

Of course, there are added features which can make a stroller even more comfortable and easier to use.


A lightweight fabric which can be laid over baby, providing additional warm.

Hand Muffs

Allow you to keep your hands warm while pushing the stroller.

Stylish Aesthetic Design

Usually a particularly unique color, pattern, or other design embellishments which allow the stroller to stand out from the crowd.

Lightweight Construction

A stroller frame made of lightweight material, like aluminum to make the stroller easier to push around.

Take it for a Test Drive

While it’s definitely convenient to shop for strollers online, you’re going to want to take a stroller for a test drive before you purchase it. All of the features you are looking for may be listed in the product description, but you won’t know if you’ll be comfortable using it until you actually take it for a spin.

While you’re on a test drive, try opening and folding the stroller. If it’s tough to open and close, you’re probably going to get frustrated. If you can easily set it up and fold it with one hand, you’ll be in the clear. You should also compare the brakes, the locking mechanism, and the maneuverability between different models to ensure ease of use and overall safety.

While the stroller is folded, pick it up and carry it to see whether transporting it is easy. If it’s too bulky and heavy for you, look for something made of a lighter material and more compact. Take notice of how you are standing while pushing the stroller. If you're hunched over, you’ll end up being uncomfortable when pushing it for long periods of time.

Also, if the stroller is going to be shared by two individuals make sure it's comfortable for both of you to use. A stroller that has a height adjustable handle is a wise choice if two or more people will be pushing it.

Shopping Online

If you are unable to test drive a stroller and will be making your purchase online, there are ways to learn details so that you can make the best informed decision. Visit the manufacturers websites to read a full product description and take note of the different features.

Check out any reviews posted by users to see what people who are using the stroller have to say about it. You can also check out photo galleries to get a better sense of the strollers overall design. Search for instructional videos that will show you how to operate the stroller and will show the stroller in action.

Safety Ratings

Safety is always the first priority when it comes to children. Though safety standards do change all the time, you want to purchase a stroller which complies with the most current standards. Check to make sure it has the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association seal (JPMA), as this will ensure the manufacturer followed specific safety standards.

Take a close look at the stroller for anything that may potentially harm your child. Check to see if there are any sharp edges or areas where the stroller could potentially pinch your child's skin, fingers, or toes. Check the size of the leg openings to make sure they aren’t too small and uncomfortable, or so big that your child will slip through.

Set a Budget

If you have an unlimited budget, than you may want to splurge on the stroller; however, it’s good to know that you don’t have to break the bank in order to purchase a stroller. Set a budget that you are comfortable with and keep it in mind while shopping. There’s no sense in spending more than you can afford because, especially since there are so many safe and comfortable strollers to meet every need and budget.

Warranties and Return Policies

Warranties and return policies are two more things you are going to want to check out. In the event your stroller malfunctions or breaks, a warranty will ensure you can have the stroller repaired, replaced or simply get your money back. Additionally know what the return policy is so you don't end up getting stuck with a stroller that you and/or baby aren't happy with.

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